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    if you like how it sounds & plays. Don't mess with it. if anything , give it a few months before ya change the configuration.
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    The 24th fret natural harmonic point for pickup location is only at that location for open strings. Once you fret a note the harmonic point shifts toward the bridge. It looks like the SG's pole pieces are located at the harmonic of 2nd or 3rd fret.
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    Well, the problem is that with an SG, the pickup isn't right next to the fretboard on the 22 fret models. I actually doubt that the pickup is a different distance from the nut. Note this picture of a 24 Fret SG supreme next to a 22 Fret SG Standard: Also, Thundersteel picked one up a while back, and was not really impressed:
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    sorry kids, game over
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    In case you were unaware, Knaggs is now making Steve his first signature acoustic guitar (serial # 1 shown).
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    “Our best selling model ever, the hard rock/heavy metal guitar epitomized (Young, Tipton, Iommi, etc), we should change it up!”
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    IIRC the Who's version of "We're Not Gonna Take It" on the original Woodstock soundtrack was edited; the full version was on the The Kids Are Alright soundtrack. Like KIzanski, I wouldn't mind hearing their whole set, and comparing it to their Isle of Wight set from the next annum...which I've heard, and it wasn't too inspiring. Wouldn't mind hearing Mountain, for that matter. FWMOW they were always a better listen live than their studio material. YMMV Heard Joe Cocker and Santana live in Atlanta two months after Woodstock, along w/ the Chicago Transit Authority (who headlined) + an opening local band called the Georgia Power Company. Highlight for me at that show was Cocker's "Let's Go Get Stoned"...
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    The market place has told Gibson time and time again, "we don't want change, we want improved quality", are they deaf or stupid? The money spent on research and development could be going into QC.
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    SG's should only exist in cherry, antique white or Pelham blue. The cherry can fade to natural...
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    Here's the latest incarnation of the homemade board I've been using for the last 25 years or so. The top is 12” x 18”, pegboard painted with Rustoleum hammertone paint. There's a Voodoo PedalPower 2+ under the deck. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Just for fun, I also have this board, set up for surf rock. It's made out of an old skim board my kids outgrew. With this one, I can get away with a simple OneSpot supply and a daisy chain.
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    I have bought a nice chunk of Ben Harpers catalog, but other than bits and pieces nothing has completely taken me over. Today after I listened to the WTF Podcast with Mavis Staples, I quickly looked up Mavis Staple/Ben Harper on Kimmel. Floored, so I looked up the album, Floored, purchased it and its OTW!
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    Well, I took the plunge. This morning I put down a deposit towards my very first Shishkov... The excitement and anticipation grows from here...
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    It looks like the neck-through Gibson SG does already exist —or did exist: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-limited-run-sg-neck-thru-electric-guitar However, I can only find pictures of a 12-string, which makes me think the ad above might be incomplete. Here’s a link to the 12-stringer: https://www.long-mcquade.com/74129/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Gibson/2016-Ltd-Edn-SG-Neck-Through-12-String---Heritage-Cherry.htm
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    In the summer of '73 I went to the Kool-sponsored "Jazz" Festival at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium. The Staples Singers performed "Respect Yourself", and when Mavis took the lead vocal (about at 1:59 in), it seemed like the whole stadium stood up and danced. Disclaimer: This is a different performance--different stadium, different year (1972 instead of 1973), but the vibe is near identical.
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    "To dream... the impossible dream..." It seems like someone posts looking for one of the larger Hamer cases every few months, but if anybody has one they're keeping it! Good luck anyway. One day someone will post that they're looking at just the right time that someone decides to let one go.
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    I used to not care for SGs, until I picked one up and it felt simple in a good way. In fact, for some reason SGs strike me as a Gibson version of a Tele; a flat slab of wood that works precisely because it's simple. Sure, it has buckers and isn't exactly twangy, but it's the simplicity that gives me that vibe...though I prefer a Tele.
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    So, in my quest to go back to analog, I started with a cheap solid state amp and built a homemade cabinet. But... that just didn't cut it. So, I bought a cheap but nice tube amp, some new speakers and upgraded my cabinet. Along the way I bought some cheap pedals to add to my original Crybaby Wah and Ibanez Phaze tone II. I had some arion pedals I loved but they bit the biscuit. So, I needed a pedal board to keep it all together. Remember, I am a cheap ass. So, I started making my own. Who else built their own? I know other threads were about pedal boards but don't remember if they were mainly about homemade. (too lazy to look right now) Here is a couple of early build pictures of mine. Hope to finish in a day or so. Wah on one side with the full size and mini pedals moving to the left.
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    I've tried some here and there. I liked a model called the P-90 core. Basically like a LP type. They're older stuff had a real emphasis on ergonomics, which on one hand is good, but a lot of the body shapes in my opinion were pretty fugly. The last 4 or 5 years they've put out more traditional bodies. They don't have a lot of cachet that's for sure, I've heard resale is horrible. Popular in the jazz world. They also do a lot of innovative things with some models with pickup switching with a lot of options. They're Canadian.
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    I'd like to hear The Who's complete set. Jimi's complete Woodstock set was released years ago. At least I think it was the complete set. And fuck Janie Hendrix. ...and Shannon Lee for that matter.
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    That box set is sold out, and there is one on eBay right now that has been bid up to $1776 so far. For all the goodies that are included, they could have put it some kind of replica of green or blue acid, but no brown, of course.
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    Well-to-do former hippies everywhere will recapture their youth by cranking their iPhones while sitting in the middle of a muddy field. And it will be beautiful.
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    Was Keith Scott playing the Trainwreck amps? He always has a killer tone.
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    Having a problem with one guy doesn't make you a douche. Being a douche makes you a douche. My point is there would be no Jol without Paul. You can't talk about "but in the end" without "in the beginning" and the beginning was Paul.
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    An in depth review... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnJPWey2Vig Looks like the maple cap is substantial. The body seems a little thicker. 22 v 24 - the neck pup sounds pretty good to me. Any time you move the pick up closer or farther from the bridge you're going to get a different tone. The question is - do you like it? I'm not a purist on colors or tops. I'm not upset that it doesn't have a vibrola either.
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    I understand that Jol turned people off with his "red is not available on this model" to a day later having be a standard color type behaviors, but in the end, he was the founder of Hamer and without him there would be nothing to talk about here. Many successful people are oddballs, it their uniqueness that allows them to have visions beyond the norm. By all accounts, Steve Jobs was a total asshole, including to his daughter and her mother.
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    The key to success in life is to have realistic expectations. I can only assume that you are a very successful person. As for the picture, I can only assume that the word "COCKHEAD" came off in the wash.
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    On the contrary...BEST ad copy ever! 😜
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    That’s funny, I saw Nels Cline and Julian Lage from the front row at UT’s Cactus Cafe. Less than 5 feet away from both of them. I got to speak with Cline afterward and he asked me if I enjoyed the show. I told him “I’m not sure. I was lost the entire night!” It was an honest answer. Half the time if you’d have asked me the key or time signature, I would not have been certain of either! Those guys were out there... I did enjoy listening to something outside my norms and challenging myself a little. I also enjoy the Nels Cline Singers, but I think he’s perfect for Wilco. The whole band is great but he pushes things in weird directions, and I mean that as a huge compliment. Jeff Tweedy is a great songwriter and a solid guitarist. I like the way he and Cline mesh, but still leave room for the rest of the band to excel. Love Glenn Kotche’s drumming, too!
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    ...from 2010 (didn't realize it had been out that long). The entire film, which clocks in at almost two hours, is up on Youtube. Talk about "whatcha see is whatcha get," including an apartment clogged up by hoarding. Jeezus. No sanctimony, pretensions or stereotypical rock star bull****. Believe it or leave it. Underlined by endorsements of a Who's Who of hard rock/metal stars, but the recollections from Rockin' Vickers and Hawkwind members as well as Lemmy's son add to the validity. For players, Lemmy's, er, instructional segment is unforgettable: He differentiates between playing standard bass (he plunks root-five, root-five with a sarcastic smirk on his face) and his own style (dials up the "Murder One" Marshall head and pounds the **** out of three strings at one time). Seems to be an appropriate doc for the profile subject. YMMV P.S.: Anybody ever read White Line Fever?
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    I have a slew of Lovepedals now and the OD11 is such a nice transparent OD....and the COT side of the Amp11 s also very good but very different. 3 great usable tones in that pedal.
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    Found another old one of Serial and me playing a show at a local mall. It WAS the ‘80s! 😆
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    1970-75 Gibson serial numbers are rather annoying, as Jeff explained. The nitro gets all melty sometimes on them too. I had a 1980 Dean Z that the number was rapidly disappearing from, and that was in 2000. I'm confident wherever that guitar is now, it's totally unreadable. If you really want to know the number, one thing you may want to try before trudging off to the jeweler or pawn shop is getting a few pics on a digital camera, with and without flash, fairly close and at a few different angles. Blow them up on your computer screen and sometimes magic happens. Sometimes not. Then you're off to the jeweler or pawn shop.
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    I've been building these boards for years using materials bought at Home Depot. Aluminum U channel cut to fit the lumber and held in place with rivets then covered the whole thing in velcro. Circular miter saw with a little wax on the blade makes these cuts easy. When monocase started making pedalboard cases I built new boards to fit. The larger one was the guitar pedalboard and the smaller was the bass pedalboard. The aluminum boxes on the guitar board were custom patchbays and re-housed power supplies I built. Did the same thing on the bass board but the patchbays and power supplies are smaller & hidden under the shelf.
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    Biggest homemade pedalboard I ever had was a Rickenbacker 360 series double-stitched guitar case. Circa early 2000s, Cajun Boy and I tore the foam and fur out, put thin slats and velcro all in it, and put detachable hinges on it. The case lid was the bottom, the "dish" bottom of the case was the removable lid. That case had an A/B/Y amp switching box, a ton of stomboxes in separate effects chains for each amp, two or three bricks powering it all, power strips ... sucker weighed more than the amps. I need to find a pic of it. The board I use now is a homemade aircraft-grade aluminum job, done by old timer HFC'er Mindseye about 10 years ago. It was as big as a door when I got it, huge and my neighbor and I cut it in half with a grinder of some sort. I added a back riser for more shit. Here's a shot I found of it about a year or two ago in one of my rewiring incarnations.
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    Yep. The speaker punches waaay above it's pay grade too.
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    Hey guys! Rob from Ottawa here. After a bit of a hiatus (still I was lurking, ha) I've reset my account ready to post again. Thanks for Chris for the quick help getting me up and running! The Shiskov stuff has been amazing to look at, and you guys still crack me up with your grumpy wit and deep guitar knowledge. Plus weird snake related/smoking up stories. What's new with me? I'm married! I can't remember if I was posting much by the time I got married, which was 2 years ago now. Happy to report that we've made it that far and have not killed each other. (not that she hasn't wanted to). Music wise: I'm still playing with the indie-rock band. We recorded a 6 song ep last year, and we're finishing up another batch of 6. You can check it out here if interested: https://thesonicdefense.bandcamp.com/ Folks that like "rawk" probably won't be into it too much, but if 90s style indie-rock is up your alley you might like it. Kind of a Tragically Hip meets REM vibe. Gear wise I'm still rocking the silver Hamer all mahogany studio I bought from Toadroller, love that baby! I've put some additional natural relicing at it, dropped it a few times and shows and still rocking. I crossed over to the dark side of solid state: Boss Katana 100. I'll admit the clean is not the 100% best I've heard, but it gets the job done. The overdrive sounds with pedals is awesome, any pedal sounds great through it. Currently for dirt using a Barber Tone Pump EQ, goosing it with a DS-1. Sometimes EHX nano fuzz. Also just recently picked up a Vox Delaylab, really wacky stuff, but really solid "normal" delay sounds as well. Happy to be back!
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    While perusing Reverb over the weekend this beautiful green Phantom A5 caught my eye. I've always had a soft spot for the 6 in-line headstock version, and I'd pretty much decided I had to have it, but as I began to read the listing's description I realized this was an old friends guitar. He passed away a few years ago, and not long after his window sold a number of his guitars to help cover lingering medical expenses. Unfortunately, I had moved away around the same time and missed that opportunity to help. I'm happy to finally have this not only for sentimental reasons, but because it's a badass Phantom. It's just as it was ordered it in '84. That's a Dimarzio MegaDrive in the bridge position, and an extra mini coil split switch for it. This pickup just works like charm in this guitar. Plus, that green! I do find it odd that it has the Hamerlock tuners with the Kahler locking nut as well.
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    One of the coolest concert shots I've ever been fortunate enough to snap (caveat---I'd rather have the two HB hardtail variant, w/ a maple 'board).:
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    I had one for a couple years. Sort of a "Swiss Army Knife" guitar with the switching system. Real comfortable with the compact body and solid rosewood neck. When I beat this cancer I will definitely try to buy it back.
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    Welcome back Rob! I just thought you weren‘t gone.
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    The human nose was vastly superior fifty years ago. Particularly in the male of the species. - Cliff Clavin
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    Best Gibson Ive ever owned was a 92 SG w a bigsby. Gave it to number 1 son as a college graduation gift. He really really always wanted it and it continues to be an amazing electric guitar. Batwing guard too
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    I know this is petty, but I tend to think an SG needs that burgundy/wine kind of color with a black pickguard the way I think all Teles need to be on the natural/blond/butterscotch color scheme with a black pickguard, or the way I want all 6120s to be that Gretsch orange. It's as if some models were just made to be certain colors (I also can't imagine a Brain May model any other color other than that dark cherry/red/wine or whatever color that is.) I guess it's about what we've become accustomed to.
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    Mavis said "I think this is my last album, I don't think I can top this one." I really think she meant it.
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    Kev explained to us here that wrist problems forced him to quit playing. At the same time Andy Sneap got the opportunity to join Judas Priest. Hell is no more.
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