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    Getting ready to put tab A into slot B
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    thumbnail fret markers... Shishkov-style. 😍 That ebony tho!
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    I’ve been the band boss in several bands owned a sound and lighting company and booking agency. It depends very much on the level the band seeks to achieve. With that said at every level everyone has to be all in. One slacker will ruin it for the rest. If your lead player is butting heads with the person who is attempting to get your band employment then you need to find someone that wants to work “for” the band. Not diminish it. If someone can’t be there to set up their pay is docked accordingly and that goes for every member. Someone has to become the leader!! And the rest need to respect that person as the leader. Bands are not democratic. It’s more so like a club with rules and a leader. So choose someone to be the boss!! I’ve hired and fired many musicians. Yes... fired!! If the where tearing the band down or apart they earned a trip back home. You’ve got a lot of people in your band. To me that means you have a lot of different personality’s. Someone has to manage all those personality’s!! My favorite band playing in was a 3 piece playing straight ahead balls out Rock. Everyone sang and where incredible musicians. I thought I was the weak link in that band, playing guitar and cover most of the vocal’s. Surprisingly talking to the other two years later they thought they where the weak link. And within that we had a smoking band that played every night with everything we had. No ego’s!
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    Hipshot makes an ultralight series of tuners they call just that. I'd recommend that and the heaviest tailpiece you can put your hands on to shift the center of balance. When I intonate guitars, I stand up with the guitar on a strap. Here's what I have in the shop for when I encounter neck-heavy SGs on my strap.
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    Bought here on HFC, if I recall correctly. Selling because I found my Van Nuys Schecters. Neck measures .91" just behind the first fret, and .93" at the 12th fret, for those interested (but strings are on so deduct what you see fit). If I recall it came in a non-original case which was junk so I got rid of it and have stored it in the old Hamer case you see in the photos. I am including this rather beat up but functional Hamer case (from 1980). I took a fair number of photos, but the limit on the site says .98MB, which is teensy. So the files I am attaching are dinky. I tried to get photos of all defects I could find, but as you can see, it actually looks pretty good from just a couple feet away. I cannot see a serial number so I included photos of the pots, that are Hamer and from 1980. Solder looks original to me. The signature was there when I got the guitar. I believe I paid 1350 for the guitar and non-Hamer case. So best guess all in is $1500 paypal'd, insured, and shipped to your door CONUS . I am guessing on that total cost, but essentially I am thinking $1350 for the guitar/case, plus shipping and PayPal fees. If it is significantly less to ship I will refund the difference. If it is more, I will bite it. If you are local or traveling through (Durham, NC), it is $350 cash for the guitar.... plus $1000 cash handling fee (or more PP, etc). If I did not mention anything or other photos are needed, feel free to message me.
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    I have bought a nice chunk of Ben Harpers catalog, but other than bits and pieces nothing has completely taken me over. Today after I listened to the WTF Podcast with Mavis Staples, I quickly looked up Mavis Staple/Ben Harper on Kimmel. Floored, so I looked up the album, Floored, purchased it and its OTW!
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    Let's take a minute and recall the youth of a Hall of Fame HFC-er.
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    I was lucky enough to buy this one about ten years ago. No balance problem that I'm aware of...
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    Yeah I miss those days, although scraping together $250 was a monumental feat back then I bought that one at Rockin' Robin guitars in Houston. I had received one of their flyers in the mail advertising a big blowout sale on Ric 4001s at $249/ea. When I made it there, they had a big "V" formation of them on stands in the back room. I played every one of em! 15 or so... It was between that mapleglo and a burgundyglo which I probably should have opted for... but the one I picked played better. This would have been around '87, when people wanted Ibanez Soundgears and stuff like that. If I could've afforded 'em, I still remember playing a wonderful Guild Starfire and a metric s***ton of Hofner 500/1s - all ridiculously cheap by today's standards.
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    Looks like a classier version of truck nuts.
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    SOLD!! Pure Sixty-Four Low-powered Tweed Twin Head Pure Sixty-Four and Mark Giammattei's take on the Fender 5E8A 50's Low-power 40 watt Tweed Twin amp. Completely hand-wired head with the best-of-the-best components and tweaked to have more of a hot-rodded tone with a bit of extra gain on tap. The way we wished the original had! The listing is for just the head, no cab. I was running it with a single 12" Weber or a single Fane Alnico 12", both sounded sweet. This is a one-off with a Black Tweed cab. I custom-ordered it from Mark in a Black Tweed finish to match my speaker cab. Looks really great. I am the original owner. 100% original. Works perfectly - no issues. Probably less than 15 hrs on it. These sell new, direct from Pure-Sixty Four for $1,200. I tried 2 other Tweed Twins from other boutique builders and this one was just better overall. Much Tighter bottom end, not flabby at all! And a bigger, more open sounding midrange. The amp is as-new condition, barely used and kept in non-smoking home. I am only selling as I just bought one of Mark's 5E3 Tweed Deluxes. That fits my band better. The Tweed Twin is just a little too loud for me (My blues band only plays small places and doesn't play that loud) More info below and feel free to contact Mark at Pure Sixty four to authenticate that I am the original owner - Thx! SOLD! Thx, Ernie INFO FROM PURE SIXTY-FOUR: A head version of the circuit which is based on the 5E8A 50s Tweed Twin. You can have it stock or "Hot Rod" We suggest the "Hot Rod" Hot Rod was designed to bring more flexibility to the original because its a bit of a one trick pony. The amp retains all of the amazing greatness of an original TT but adds an element which makes it a perfect pedal board platform for any venue and almost any style of music. Experience endless "bell like" clean tones with your guitar volume down, step on it and the thing just sings for days...warm sweet or with a bite if you choose! The amp is shipped with 12AX7s in the pre-amp. All of the clips out there are done with the harder driving mu of the 12AX7. Make no mistake, change the pre-amp tubes to 12AY7 and the amp cleans up with a warmth and sing, with bell like highs you'll never want to stop playing! An ENTIRELY hand made amplifier...no circuit boards, custom transformers and hand made cabinet, loaded with Celestion speakers. An amp built this way, with the level of organic tone inside, this box is an absolute steal at this price! The amp stands right along side any "F" based amplifier in the world...regardless of the year or who's name is on it! Voiced by guitarists for guitarists.
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    These are great. I also have a v one (tkl I think), love it. the original dean case (20-30 lbs?) stays in storage.
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    Dang! That was kinda epic. Wish they would've finished the song, though. Seems like they were really locking in, and then it stopped.
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    The greatest of them all. Bow, mortals. Mid-80's compilation. Steve Hoffman did the remastering. All the hits, not much in the way of deep tracks, but couldn't resist for $7/2xlps.
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    Harmonica player? Start there.
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    Guitar players should always be paid more.
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    I agree with this and will go further. I think bands work best as benevolent dictatorships. That doesn't mean a whole lot can't be democratic - songs to play, and so on. Hell, my first band that looked like it was going somewhere even broke our copyrights up evenly regardless of who wrote the song because we made a conscious decision of wanting everyone to share equally in any success we (never actually) had. But at the end of the day, someone has to steer the ship, and usually every band has a person or two that emerges as the person to do that. The key is whether or not that person actually gives a shit about everyone's input and can be the decision maker while still making everyone thing their input was valued. In my experience, if everyone has an equal say, nothing ends up getting done because everyone is working on different things if at all. I'm in a group of six, and me and the singer tend to be the final say so. That isn't to say we don't discuss things and take everyone's input seriously. And some of us have deal breakers for completely personal reasons, myself included, that are respected. But when there is a decision to made where the band can't seem to come to some consensus, either me or the other guy usually just makes the call. There is enough respect there that the other guys are down to go with it. Maybe in a power trio, it could be more democratic, but with six people, I don't think we'd get half of what we get done actually done without there being one or two people who will just make a decision and get everyone else in line at the end of the day. We also do a lot of delegation to various skill sets within the band and don't second guess the person who does whatever it is. For instance, our drummer does graphic design and marketing for a living, and when it comes to shirts, the website, and so on, we just let him handle it. We do make suggestions initially, and he usually pitches a couple of ideas. But if there is a stalemate, he's the guy that does this for real, so we generally go with what he thinks is best. I guess to be a little less cynical sounding, I think what you really need is a band that is honest enough to play to the strengths other than music that each member brings to the band. Some people are naturally better at leading a group. Some people are better at the visual creative side. Maybe someone is better at marketing the band. Maybe someone else is good at organizing the setlist. For instance, in my band, I am way better at professional emails and so on than anyone else but am not the best at talking in person to bookers and so on. Zak, our singer, is awful at the professional communication stuff, but he's a monster people person. Due to that, I handle all of the written communication, and he does the face-to-face stuff 90% of the time, and we try to stay out of each other's way with that. If everyone respects everyone else, having one person who actually steers the ship when someone really needs to be at the wheel while everyone else gets a real voice in what they do well outside of playing, it seems to me that you end up with a more productive band on all fronts.
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    Can the guitarist. Plenty more where he came from. The universe shits out lead guitarists like stardust.
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    A band I know gives whoever books a gig 10% right off the top, then they split the rest equally. This of course incentivizes everyone to try to find places to play, and negotiate a good fee. I've tried to get several bands I've been in to use this plan and not one would ever do it. Care to guess why? That's right, I was the only person actively trying to "sell" the band. Occasionally someone else would have a gig fall in their laps, but nobody else every went out looking for them.
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    Steves doesn't have a number, and there is a prototype he rejected floating out there as well, so in practice mine is #3 even though it is marked #1.
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    I've set up our Floyd tribute ( 9 pieces ) like a production of a play, I have people cast in roles and I use subs at every position. In your case I would replace lead player
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    Use your name in the bands name. The Rugby1970 group. They will get the message.
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    If you've got #1, I'm pretty sure they made it for you... Steve just helped them market it to you.
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    Just checked... it’s only a 14 hour drive to Barkhamsted from my house... wondering when it’s time if anyone wants to meet for a beer on a Saturday when #0123 is complete...
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    While definitely more stable, that would totally kill the magic of the SG.
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    Did I sell that to you? No, but seriously I had a blue one that I sold in the late 80s for 200 bucks. That was so dumb. I have wanted another one for years. But ad a zero to what I sold it for, to get a new one.
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    In the summer of '73 I went to the Kool-sponsored "Jazz" Festival at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium. The Staples Singers performed "Respect Yourself", and when Mavis took the lead vocal (about at 1:59 in), it seemed like the whole stadium stood up and danced. Disclaimer: This is a different performance--different stadium, different year (1972 instead of 1973), but the vibe is near identical.
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    Mesa/Boogie Royal Atlantic RA-100 Amplifier Head In excellent condition, includes 2-button foot switch and power cable. Can be run at 50 or 100 watts (via switch) and runs either EL34 (in the amp now) or 6L6 power tubes (not included). Has a unique Multi-Soak feature on each channel that allows you to dial-down the volume but keep the power tubes working hard as if the amp was dimed. Eliminates the need for an external power attenuator. Recently retubed with (2) Ruby EL34’s in the 50-watt position (outside tube slots). Not interested in any trades. If the ad is up, the amp is still available. $1300 shipped in the CONUS. The flagship of the TransAtlantic fleet, Mesa/Boogie's incredible Royal Atlantic RA-100 head gives you 100 watts of EL-34-fueled power and a distinctive British voice. In addition, the Royal Atlantic RA-100 gives you channel-assignable Power Soaks, so you're in total command of both your tone and your volume levels (you get two channels and three modes). Imagine: you can dial up your ideal preamp settings and add just the right amount of power amp saturation - on each channel. Want a more American amp sound? You can flip the Bias Select switch and run with 6L6 power tubes! The Royal Atlantic RA-100 is perfect for small stages, big venues, and even studio recording. Mesa/Boogie Royal Atlantic RA-100 Two-channel Amplifier Head Features: Color: Black Taurus with gray/black grille Class A/B Custom designed and handcrafted in Petaluma, California All-tube amplifier - 4 x EL-34 (or 6L6s), 7x12AX7 Proprietary Multi-Soak channel-assignable power attenuator (3 watts to 100 watts) Multi-Soak includes 5-position power attenuation switch (-16dB, -12dB, -8dB, -4dB, and 0dB) Bias Select switch (6L6/EL34) Fixed bias for consistent, maintenance-free performance 2 channels, 3 footswitchable modes Each mode with Independent Channel Master & Multi-Soak Power Controls (Multi-Soak Controls on back panel) Channel 1 (Clean) features: Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master, and Multi-Soak (on back panel) Channel 2 (footswitchable Vintage Lo-Gain and Vintage Hi-Gain modes) features: Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master-Lo, Master-Hi, Multi-Soak Lo & Multi-Soak Hi (on back panel) All-tube, long-spring reverb with auto reverb defeat switch Reverb Hard-Bypass switch removes entire reverb circuit from amp (all modes) Fully buffered effects loop w/Automatic Hard-Bypass (which completely removes itself when not in use) Slave Out w/level control External switching jacks for Vintage Low/Hi (Clean is default) 22" aluminum chassis 2-button footswitch (Clean, Vintage Low/Hi)
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    "To dream... the impossible dream..." It seems like someone posts looking for one of the larger Hamer cases every few months, but if anybody has one they're keeping it! Good luck anyway. One day someone will post that they're looking at just the right time that someone decides to let one go.
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    Tendinitis is acting up again -- had to go to lighter strings. Did a quick tone test to see what I'm losing...
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    Are you new here? Joe knows what pattern SS has carved out in his pubic patch.
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    SG's should only exist in cherry, antique white or Pelham blue. The cherry can fade to natural...
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    15 Tallies so far. 13 pics. 2 Tally Pros
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    That sounds familiar. I looked for a business card but couldn't find one. Thinking back about it, I think I went to two shops that were in converted houses while I was there. I think the owner of the one I was thinking of that was so small also had a tax preparation business that he operated out of a side room just during tax season each year. He had one guitar in a glass case that belonged to one of the guys in the Wombles.
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    It's an amazing guitar.
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    Just got confirmation of my place in line and the number assigned. I was hoping for a cool number and I think this fits the bill. #0123 edited the title of the thread to reflect this...
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    We were front row for Mavis’ show opening for Joe Jackson a few years back. Most amazingly, Stephen Colbert was on bass... 😆
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    LOL!!! Thank you everyone.
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    Thanks. Roxy Roca has tour dates all around my area, one within 15 miles. It should be a fun show and a chance to say hello.
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    "...a scaled-down Strat-style body With the feel of a Les Paul Deep cutaways, no pickguard And a couple of chromebuckers: Full shred! Stiff neck, brass nut and an ebony fingerboard Ball's deluxe!"
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    I blame Jol. He ruined everything.
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    Any solo by Neil Young..... 😄 The perfect pop guitar solo is the solo in Tears for Fears Everybody wants to rule the world. Solo played by Neil Martin Taylor. So is Robert Quines playing and soloing with Lloyd Cole: examples: Don't look back, No blue skies, What do you know about love etc I don't know who plays the solos on Big stars No#1 record, Chris Bell or Alex Chilton, but a lot of pretty damn great solos on that album. Weird but great solos, always, by Televisions Tom Verlaine and Richard Loyd. I think they often lift the songs. And, for us Hamer guys, let us not forget Steve Stevens. A lot of his solos on the first three Billy Idol albums are just on it, to build the song. Hard rock solos: almost any Warren De Martini solo on Out of the Cellar and Invasion...
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