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    I am still very much in the downsize mode. but sometimes you have to move on something special or regret it....... Ron Thorn has a real talent for guitar building, and a great touch for inlays. Part of a series of 5 created 6 months or so before he went with the Fender Custom Shop. Autumn Leaves theme. A great "sunset" burst really highlight the quilted top. Not to mention a solid Brazilian rosewood neck. And the ThroBak pickups work beautifully. Something about the wrap tail too.....
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    Egad, it took them 12 before they realized it was a bad idea to begin with?
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    For sale is my 1979 Sunburst. One piece neck. Straight as an arrow. All original with the possible exceptions of the pots. Plenty of age related crazing as this is a vintage 40 year old guitar. OHSC in great condition. Sounds, plays and looks amazing. I know I’ll kick myself. Lovely guitar, but needs must... £1850. UK only due to Cites (unless you know how to obtain this) https://reverb.com/item/22857307-hamer-sunburst-1979-stunning-top-ohsc?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share Thank you.
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    So exactly two months ago, I bought a 1976 Sho-bud D10 pedal steel and set a goal to play it at a winery gig on August 17th (yesterday). Well it happened. Kinda scary. I guess I could equate it to setting a two month goal to do a show playing guitar left handed. I just played one tune and would give myself a B-. Tough part was the 16 bar solo. The crowd dug it. The venue, Benson Vineyards in Manson, Wa. My Sho-bud The rest of my quiver for the gig. Hamer Newport, Duesenberg Duocat 12, Gibson R8 and the Nash S63 that just showed up on Thursday. The Nash is cool. Has a big neck on it and Lollars.
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    Yes to that. One conclusion is that he "sold out". I think not. Here is what I gather. Ron has been successful, even loved by a lot of owners. My limited interaction with him was amazing. What a nice guy! A friend who lives near him has has more direct experience and reports the same, times 3. Ron ran his own show for MANY years. Made a LOT of people very happy. But it is a grind running a business. Maybe even more so in SoCal. For a long time, he worked with his father. And, as good as Ron is with the inlays and such, apparently his father was better. Well, his father died a while ago, and things changed. The grind of running a business, meeting payroll (for a small number of employees) and actually HAVING A LIFE became more difficult. Maybe less fun. He had been doing a lot of work for the FCS, so this seemed like a natural progression to actually having a life. The downside to such as myself is that grabbing his "artistry" through FCS probably doubles the price.DAMN! BTW, the Artisan above just MIGHT be the second best Thorn, I have played. There was actually one followup to that series of 5, since he had enough of that spectacular finish left over for ONE more. As much as I love the "hifi" tone of that FAT BRW neck, the one with korina (black limba) body (chambered) and neck, one piece (You would not believe the depth!) quilt top and abalone reminiscent of the Artist Ultimate model. MIGHT be better than the one pictured above. I will just leave this by saying it MIGHT have the most luscious sustain of any guitar I have ever played..... .
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    There are several here I bet Jol would piss on for free.
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    Not enough to bother with. Learn a new lick instead
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    Give it a couple of weeks and CITES may not be an issue. CITES is having their meeting right now (it was postponed from earlier in the year due to the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka). I believe one of the agenda items is excluding musical instruments from the rosewood restrictions that came online in 2017.
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    Oh.... I know the one you mean...
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    thumbnail fret markers... Shishkov-style. 😍 That ebony tho!
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    Just when you think you've seen 'em all...
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    While I am fessin' up....I did not exactly buy this one. A buddy got this one,. but hankered for a certain high end guitar I had, so he shipped it and a fair amount of cash in trade. This one does not show up in Ron's gallery. Apparently it was "work in progress" when he signed on with FCS and completed shortly thereafter. Korina neck and the same ThroBak pickups as on the Artisan (above). But it is a whole different animal. Hard to imagine too much better of a (slightly) "downsized" semi-hollow. All the praise offered up here for the Grantura model is confirmed in spades. Color changes with the light! ETA.....This is G-031, where only those up to G-025 (and some other specials) show up on the Thorn site. There is at least one after this one (I have that from a good source) so maybe they are slightly less scarce than they appear. I am not sure if it is a long term keeper, only because.......
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    All these great guitars are popping up and depleting my resources. Just couldn't resist this...
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    Silverburst on the 'verb, no affiliation: https://reverb.com/item/27049307-vintage-hamer-violin-bass-usa-silverburst-extremely-rare-1-of-1
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    Speaking of Ace and Nite Bob: I did tech support at the AF/Ratt concert on July 3rd at the Westchester County Center in NY. I got to meet NiteBob who was mixing FOH for Ace and the opening act. We talked for a while about Hamers and he had a lot of road stories over the years. As far as I know, he's FOH engineer for the tour. Below is a Soundcraft Vi-3000 Console that NiteBob mixed the Frehley's Comet set on:
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    He already did, including several who traveled a great distance to express their appreciation for his brand and business.
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    The inlays are off center.
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    Learning a new lick is always good, but I swapped out a tapered pot metal block for a Guitarfetish steel block on a guitar for a friend at work. The new block was a noticeable improvement in tone. https://www.guitarfetish.com/Upgrade-Steel-and-Brass-Tremolo-Blocks_c_219.html Steel is $21.95, brass is $24.95.
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    As usual HHB cuts through the mix and lays down a thick dose of truth. Much appreciated compadre....
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    Yes, I have not messed around with the C6 neck yet. The E9 neck has three pedals and five knee levers and the C6 neck has five pedals and no knee levers. I guess that's a pretty standard set up. Over the last two months, I have made an effort to play it every day. It's set up in my music room plugged in and ready to go. To learn the one tune that I performed on Saturday, I recorded the rhythm track on my looper and just played over and over and ........ voila, it worked. I looped it at a slightly faster tempo than we play it live so that it felt easier on stage. Also the steel finger picks felt so foreign that I am just using a thumb pick and my fingernails (which I keep longer and manicured on my right hand). It was a lot easier. Now to set new goal and learn a few more tunes on it. I am not in any country bands so, I am going more for the feel that Skunk Baxter with Steely Dan or Ben Keith with Neil Young had. I am for sure still a raw novice, but man does it sound cool. Give a listen to what it adds to this track:
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    Great...now I have an excuse to buy another one.
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    And you can bet the feeling is mutual.
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    I don't think Jol would piss on you for $12,000 these days.
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    Offer him $350 so you have some headroom for repair.
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    I had one for awhile, but it didn't have the tone I was looking for. It's not for hard/classic rock.
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    Fifty is the new sixteen...
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    Let's take a minute and recall the youth of a Hall of Fame HFC-er.
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    Whatever it is, I don’t want it.
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    I makes me question the guitar industry when a guy as talented with a multi year backlog of work goes to work for the corporate giant.
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    Hi Would you ship this baby to France? Thanks Alex
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    I didn't know I needed to justify it to you.
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    I knew when you went it would be all in! Have not played any other Thorn beside my Grantura. If that id any indication than the Artisan has to be incredibly good! gratuitous pic https://i.imgur.com/bm8Whlh.jpg
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    Nice Baker. You probably don't need that ugly, old one. I can help you with that.
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    Maybe made by you but that was one of my shots of Rick from Jannus Landing here in St. Pete maybe '98 or 2000. Big Happy Happys Poe!!!
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    holy shit that looks nice
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    Seriously. Where have these been all my life. As Rafa, the Draftsman I used to work with would say, "is much more better."
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    15 Tallies so far. 13 pics. 2 Tally Pros
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    My “Irma” Talladega also has a bound neck. Sounds great with the Kinman P90-buckers (But also with the DD’s) And the rosewood fingerboard is so dark, it looks like ebony Gabe 😀 Serial no. 755756
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    Still have one, first one that came to Europe.
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    I don’t think the soon to be owner of this beauty is on the HFC, and it’s too cool looking not to share -it’s an amazing chunk of maple and man, the flame really popped on it. I can’t wait to get a couple of clear coats on and get it buffed -it’s gonna be one killer looking axe 😎
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