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  1. Here is a custom order I had the Hamer guys do up for me. Stunningly beautiful 2002 Hamer Mahogany Vector in Surf Green. Featured in “The Book”, this is absolutely a one-of-a-kind. In great shape. Unfortunately, work and other things keep me from gigging or playing at all (a main reason that I can rarely get on here anymore), so I will be putting a few things up that I haven’t played in years. With OHSC, $2800 plus shipping in the Lower 48. Email me at “serialsteve79AThotmailDOTcom” for questions, etc.
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  2. Talk to the boss about that - oh, wait...
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  3. The irony of life. We go from having lots of free time and no money, to no free time and more money.
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  4. Ahh... a mahogany vector with the PROPER headstock... love it! Someone gonna get a killer guitar there. GLWTS
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  5. Since I moved up to boss-man at work in January 2018, I have very little free time, so FB is about the extent of my online life anymore... The image I had of just the Vector wouldn’t upload-I have crap cell service in my new office-the other guitars are not included in the sale!
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  6. Burrito Brothers reunited! So, the younger, more brash brother of the Burrito 1 (shown a few posts back) has made it's way home! For the uninitiated, Meatbomb of Addict Guitars built me a 2nd Burrito after the first one was decommissioned because of some trem and other issues it had incurred. The second differed from the first with a standard 24 fret neck w/ bouncing inlays and a Fernandes sustainer unit. Unfortunately, the clear cracked noticeably and the band stopped gigging right as Meatbomb's attentions turned to metalsmithing. Fast forward 9 months, after a gracious refund and copio
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