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    Here's the thread... Took the strings off, found that with a little damp cloth with a drop of soap - and a LOT of polishing with a soft cloth - it cleaned up pretty nice. Swiped the fretboard with oil and dried it (it was pretty dry) and put new NYXL strings on. Truss rod was a wee bit overtightened. Got the wonky pickup straight, which took taking it out, as it had somehow been walloped hard enough to tuck the lip under the wood (sounds filthy). Action and intonation were easy to get right. The nut is cut or worn just a smidgen deep on the D string, as it faintly buzzes against the first fret when plucking it: with comfortable action and no other buzz on any string anywhere. I'll put a micro-drop of superglue in there tonight to build it up. The wear around the bottom strap button is weird, but eventually I'll wet sand it and then build up a couple layers of clear so at least the wood isn't bare. I'll be on vacation for ten days in October so that will be a good time to let it dry. There are I think six little dings in the top, all between pinhead and um... big pinhead sized. Back has some light jeans button wear and some shallow fine scratches into the clear. Turns out it fits my existing Mono case perfectly, so I'll juggle the other four guitars around so someone ends up in a cheap gig bag and the Monaco gets the Mono. Love love love the weight and the neck and the medium-tall frets. Sounds great unplugged and we'll have a rehearsal today plugged in. I think this is a pretty nice top even by Hamer standards. So $1150 for a dang nice-playing 2005 Hamer that needed cleaning, setup, a drop of superglue, and if I'm picky some finish work on a place no one ever looks. The other damage all falls inside "gigged" territory so I won't be nervous about playing it.
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    I figure GC coming from $1799 to $1150 is a moral victory. The neck was great, the bit around the strap button I can lightly sand and then shoot a few coats of clear lacquer, with wet sanding between. I've fixed worse, and it's kind of fun. I have a set of appropriate Dunlop strap buttons and I do all my own setups and repairs anyway. A local guy has agreed to sell me a new Mono Vertigo bag for $150, so I'm out $1300 plus $15 for lacquer and a few hours pleasant labor for a nice Hamer built in what I think was the absolute golden era. And I really prefer Monos to any hard case.
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    Just be sure to chain it to the canoe. You never know if some thief may actually want it.
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    Yeah, that kind of stuff doesn't get old.
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    Well, here is a goofy video I made in my new jam room. I also put up a green screen for some video fun. Warning!! this is not serious! ? Here is me and my band from the last 35 years playing some Zep. http://kirkpitts.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Good-Times-bad-times-iPhone.m4v
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    RIP JJ He proved that you don’t have to read a chart to make hits!!! Just a good ear and a melodic vibe!!
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    UPDATE I posted the above to the Guitar Center Corporate Mothership contact page, and politely told them this was an opportunity to help the staff deliver a better customer experience, and also to revisit their grade of "excellent" in condition. Four hours later I got a call from the store manager, apologizing for the experience I had. He said that the guitar had been listed as excellent with case, and shipped to a customer, who was pissed off at the condition and returned it to his local store. It was then shipped back to this store, but somehow not in the case. He agreed that the guitar had issues, and asked me what would make things right. I said that if he could come back with a price with case that he thought was fair given the condition, or with an allowance for a Mono Vertigo bag, I'd be happy to listen. He said he'd try to get the OSHC from the store that shipped it, and get back to me. Sometimes it plays to... not so much complain, but to tell management that you had a bad experience, and why it was bad. We'll see...
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    Kinda gives new meaning to the term 'hot wax', especially when they had to put a lamp close to the wax cylinders when recording to warm them. Funny thing is, is that Metal recorded fairly decently (compared to anything else) on this gear, because it was so loud: Recording acoustics on the same gear left a lot to be desired...the playback was pretty feeble, even when playing guitars practically against the openings of the recording horns. Makes sense that rhythm players back then often used banjos instead of acoustic guitars in order to be heard. IIRC, keep in mind that 'electronic' recording wasn't around earlier (except maybe in the experimental stage) until at least the late Teens or early Twenties: Wax cylinders could only record about two minutes of music (or anything else) each, so there was a lot of 'wax on, wax off' when listening to music on those way back when.
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    If you're on TGP, he seems to be responsive to posts and PMs there. ETA: Him being Sean, or MAGICboy there.
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    The Facebook page doesn’t have additional contact info, besides the same email address as the website. I could PM him for you on Facebook, if you shoot me a phone number or other contact info that you want him to use.
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    Possibly the guitar I’ve owned longer than any other. Super cool player that sounds great and was my rock-steady go-to main gig guitar for many years. Get your Keef on! I’ve listed this in the past and couldn't bring myself to sell it, but too much work and not enough gig time means stuff has to move. When Ingot it, it had a Duncan humbucking Tele pickup in the bridge that didn’t work for me so I put in a Barden clone that did. The original owner included the original pickup (and 1meg pot) with the guitar along with an extra bridge, which will also be included. Has been gigged, so has some chips and dings (most were present when I got it), but not abused. $1800 plus shipping in the Lower 48. For questions, etc. email me at “serialsteve79AThotmailDOTcom”
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    Fantastic guitar. Looks awesome. Congrats on the score and thanks for posting pics.
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    The magic happens for me In front of an engaged audience. The more crowded the room, the better.
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    Hey Man! Good deal on a great player, congrats!
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    Nice score for the $$$! They are really great guitars. Looks a lot like one of my two Superpros which was made the same year. Odd that someone took off the Dunlop Dual Design straplock buttons (that would have been stock on the guitar from Hamer) and put on the old style Dunlops??? Enjoy
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    Your guitar playing sounds good. The other guys though........
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    Just got this ESP in a local trade. A double bound tele has been on my bucket list for a while! It has a great V carve neck. The owner had bought it while he was stationed in Japan, and it apparently spent some time with him on a Naval sub
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    Spotify—-A.C. Rev—-Hamers on most every track...especially the album “Rock and Roll Still Gets Me High”.
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    Throw some 11 or 12s on it. You can really mess around with chunky strings on that super short scale!
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    P90s are always HOT....at least in tone if you are looking to grind in the bridge. Even low wound bridge P90s rock hard.
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    Just got this album from Ana that is just sensational! It’s a 2016 release that flew under (at least) my radar. Twenty-three tracks, half of which are chock full of grinding blues, with guests Joe B. and Robert Randolph on a couple of songs. The latter half is comprised of some real sweet, modern sounding R & B, and a lot of jazz and swing. The guitar playing on all tracks is extremely inspired and they pull you in hard. The production is first class, and be warned, if you have a hi-end stereo system, you’ll not want to stop listening. For Tidal: https://tidal.com/album/63326520 For some lo-fi YouToobin’ here’s the entire album:
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    Probably because P-90s are hot again, at least it seems so with my running buddies. Remember those vividly-colored LP Studio Gems from the mid- to late 90s? You couldn't give those away when they were new. I sold this one on consignment in my shop for a client, to another client, in 24 hours. I was enjoying it so much, I hated to see it move that fast.
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    Oh and I spotted this! I'll plug the hole and re-drill...
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    Frets are in but need the sides/bevels doing. As mentioned, I have bevel to around 15 degrees. This gives more fret width to play with...
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    OK so: super nice guy and cool dude! Nearly all of the gear he had was bass stuff with only a few guitars: 2 old single pickup Checkmate guitars (one of which he decided he didn't want to sell) and a Teisco Tulip. The bass gear was pretty cool however: Kustom 200 Bass head with matching 18" and 15" cab, an Acoustic folded horn 15" cab, some super old Peaveys (one of which is a 250 and I like those! may purchase next week), a 50w Checkmate all-tube head with matching 2-15" cab (guitar and bass sounded great through it but that cab is a beast, a transistor Univox bass combo w/ a 15" and a horn ...and a really nice collection of 60's and 70's stereo equipment: amplifiers, receivers, turntables, speakers- pretty cool! He also showed me a super cherry Datsun 300 Convertible in his garage: pelham blue, chromed out, pristine interior - if money only grew on trees. The Cimar is mine and I'm pleased with it. I polished the frets, new strings, straightened the neck out, cleaned the electronics, got an "in the ballpark" intonation/setup going but I want to wait for the truss rod adjustments to settle in before I take it further. Nice neck! A modern F-style with a slight V to it. Zero fret wear. The pickup is as I suspected: a Maxon Distortion. These are almost identical in the mechanical build to the DiMarzio Super D but wound to around 11.8k which is pretty bright and the upper mids are grainy, spitty, and just unpleasant. Easy to change that! The trem is a vintage type USA Fender strat style, massive steel block, brass saddles - arm was missing but a USA Fender one fits perfectly. It's fun to play, lighter side of medium in weight, comfy sitting or standing, and looks pretty nifty! A Floyd Rose, yes. Or maybe just locking tuners and make sure I keep the nut slippery? Something to think on. It's also routed for a neck position humbucker under the pickguard and I'm thinking a set with my buffed raw nickel silver covers on them would look great - or double whites! New pots, a good cap, new output jack while I'm in there too. A fun project/player and with the case included for 2 bills? I had to have it.
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    I tried that with my Guitar Center, but when that didn't work, I resorted to being an ass.
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    Have my friend Tom Kelley in Santa Barbara make you one. This one is mahogany, chambered with a maple top. Since he lives right down the road from Seymour he had the custom shop wind him custom pickups.
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    Sounds like Saturday Night Live (when you go get a snack hoping the next skit will improve).
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    Sounds familiar. My boycotting GC now seems more justifiable.
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    Checked it out. This GC is a bit shabby compared to the big Atlanta one. There’s a teenager in a GC shirt texting. I get his attention and ask about the used Hamer Monaco on the website because it’s not in the used section. He walks over and says he doesn’t see it. I agree it’s not visible, but could he check if it was sold. He looks it up on their computer and says he’ll look around. Ten minutes pass and he says he found it in a hallway but maybe it’s sold, so ask the other guy. Bearded, 30ish. He finishes talking to someone and I ask him if the Hamer Monaco is sold. He stares at me and says “I don’t know what that is.” I stare back. “It’s a guitar. You list it for sale but this guy seems to have found it but doesn’t know if it’s been sold.” The kid explains it’s in the hall, the beard says to bring it out and if it’s still listed in inventory it’s for sale. Kid brings it out. No case. A little dirty. Light weight. It’s listed as “Excellent” but it has several dings in the top, a good bit of buckle worming on the back, the bridge pickup has been knocked at about a 30 degree angle in the surrounding plastic and won’t push back down. There’s a lot of wear around both (non original) strap buttons, and it’s through the finish and into the wood on the lower button, like someone used a really abrasive cable. Neck is straight though, it’s light, frets have light wear. Plays okay on dead strings, and I don’t bother plugging in, as it’s not worth $1500 and that pickup is wack. I ask if has a case and the beard says no. I point out that it’s listed as having a case. He looks in their system and says yes but he doesn’t think that’s right. These guys. Hilarious. I ask him to please check. Twenty minutes later he comes back triumphantly, waving a gig bag that offers all the protection of plastic wrap, and starts trying to stuff the Hamer inside. It doesn’t fit. “Don’t worry about it,” I say. “Not interested.” if anyone feels like offering $1100, go for it!
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    Was gonna say that you need this one!
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    It took some time to get these back together. Thanks goes out to Snake Sabo, Scotti Hill of Skid Row. Our own Peter Fung. And Jon Maye I have a few more from SR to dig out.
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    Ah, the requisite dogshit GC photos. Gotta love 'em.
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    So true....never gets old. Thanks for sharing these updates.
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    My Double Bound, matching the pickguard, MIJ 50th anniversary Telecaster..
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    That's one of my favorite Tele style guitars
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