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    misunderstanding!! I am old, but I am no dentist or lawyer so I can not afford an original 52 Tele!!! Only a "preowned" Telecaster 52 from US Vintage series!!!! ☺️
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    I have looked for a T51 but couldn´t find one as fast as I hoped to... Now I have to confess: I´ve buyed an 52 Fender Vintage Tele and even its no Hamer: I am "in love" with it! I hope I can stay here anyway :-)
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    Flew into Louisville to take my son to the Bourbon & Beyond Festival this weekend, primarily, because he’s a HUGE Foo fan, but also because, well, Bourbon. Had the great pleasure of finally meeting Greg (Currypowder) in person. Glad we were finally able to catch up, and next time, we’ll bring Shishkovs to the party! I did really dig the Malcolm Young Gretsch too!
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    RIP Ray, you were one of my favorite HFC'er and friends. We had an instant connection, a shared passion for knowledge of how things work. I will never forget how your voice sounded on the other end of the line when you call me with a deal or just to see how things were going. I am deeply saddened about your passing and I will miss you.
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    So, now there is an EIGHT knob version with, apparently, the White combined with a "Zen II" unit that replicates the original that had a preamp tube in the circuit. The demo sounds great. Damn.....I need to clean out the box of drive pedals that somehow seldom get used.......Not get tempted by yet another.....
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    I can't really say records, since I got them because that's where the music is, innit? If I were to unload the mountain o' guitars, I'd likely go to work expanding/completing my collection of WW II battle rifles. If I really had my druthers and the money, I'd collect those cantankerous unreliable and yet somehow appealing little English sports cars from the 1960s. A Jag or a big Healy would be nice but I'm drawn to the MG's, Triumphs and such that you had to blow up the tires because the wire wheel spokes worked loose and punctured the inner tubes, the electrics are a completely non-functional mystery and you have to steer them with your butt. I reckon 3 or 4 of those qualifies as a collection. A Sunbeam Tiger would be the crown jewel for me.
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    Prayers for his fam and May he RIP. We swapped some gear o er the years and I loved his posts.
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    That's sad, prayers for his family. He was a good guy.
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    Surprise drummer for “Black Coffee In Bed”?
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    Dave Grohl does not look impressed by Mr. Tillbrook’s choice of stage attire, despite the afternoon heat... However, Squeeze is great live, so he may just get a pass?
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    I like the one in the hd400
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    When I was a kid I collected rocks. When I got older guns. Then guitars. Now dust.
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    Hey all, I'm selling an extremely clean, all original 1956 Guild Aristocrat M75. Details in the Reverb link below, and many a pic available for interested folks. https://reverb.com/item/27490304-vintage-1956-guild-aristocrat A portion of proceeds from the sale will go to support community programs in the Lawrence KS area (as with any sale from my shop) should you be looking for any extra motivation No Hamers yet, but I'm always on the lookout. Thanks for the consideration, and feel free to reach out with any questions. Case
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    He’s going to have to put the hoodie out again before he gets any more pedal money from me.
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    I bought one when they 1st came out. Given the same option today I would probably buy the Reverb Deluxe.
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    FINALLY got this built-out with custom pups, an original Sustainblock, and Wiggins knobs. Long-gone is the Kahler top-mount, the EMGs, and the hazy candy-apple finish from the 1980s. Really, REALLY happy with it.
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    I never really collected comic books. But I bought a ton of them and kept most. They went missing after I went into the air force in '69. My folks moved. I never thought about it much. Years later, while back in Michigan on a visit, my nephew was bragging up his comic collection. While looking through it, I couldn't help notice how many of his comics were just like the ones I had owned. I can't prove it or even say that I really care. After all, I did pretty much abandon everything I left when I left. But I doubt I'll ever get passed the thought that my brother, who never spent a dime on comic books and laughed at me because I did, may have snuck off with a couple hundred books and never admitted to it.
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    Comic books most likely. But more and more, I'm in a downsizing/jettison mind frame. Everything including a few of my prized guitars is fodder for clearing out. Actually, I kinda do/did. I saved just about every comic book I bought from the early-mid 1970's on. Amassed a sizeable collection. The problem is, I didn't buy comics to collect back then- they got read and re-read and most are in pretty non-collectable condition. Once I realized that you could actually make money with, and that collecting was a legit thing to do with 'em (I almost spat out my beer when I saw how much some of the Silver Age books- in mint condition- I owned were commanding), I started to bag and back 'em and catalog them but I still couldn't move away from not reading 'em. It just doesn't compute to buy a book and not read it. I don't think I have a single issue or series that is mint/never been read. Still trying to determine what, if any, $ my current assortment might command.
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    I can't say I collect, but I have a collection of fountain pens that I use regularly. The same is true for watches - I have several that I wear. There are several more I'd like to acquire if/when the budget permits. It's easier to justify a purchase if I say this is something that I will use regularly. That was also my justification for having more than one guitar!
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    Used Alesis SR-16 or HR-16? I think they were running in the $100 range the last I looked. If you can go to $150-ish, you can go to EZ Drummer2 on a computer. It comes with a lot of grooves, and it's just drag and drop to build up a song.
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    The only midi that I understand has to do with the length of women's skirts. $400 is out of my price range.
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    That one is fairly new @sonic1974, . Not a lot of reviews yet.
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    Glenn's wardrobe selection notwithstanding, the Squeeze set was outstanding. I only wish they were in a later, longer slot as they only had 45 minutes. Except for the opener, Hourglass, they stuck to the earlier hits (every song was included on Singles 45's and Under) and had the crowd into it. Dave Grohl stepping in was a fun touch. My pictures aren't any better then what Chris posted above, so I won't bore you with them.
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    Oh man, so sad to hear. Rest Easy, Ray, and thanks.
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    I got to meet him in 2010. He really was a nice guy.
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    I like Squeeze a lot. I still have the copy of ARGYBARGY I bought when it came out, one of my favorite albums. Definitely a “desert island” album pick.
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    He was a great guy to talk with. I met him at Bruce’s place back in 2010. He fought a similar cancer to the one I had and we chatted a few times about it in recent years. RIP Ray.
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    Only if you let us borrow your Tele from time to time.
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    Chris, That is odd as well...I have that pedal and several COT50 variants and all are quiet
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    I'm at the festival for day 2. I expect it to be a short one. Although I loved seeing the Foo Fighters for the first time and John Fogerty was sensational, I'm seriously geeking out to see Squeeze for the first time.
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    I have two Tele's. I think you're safe (as long as you post PHOTOS!).
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    It's always awesome to connect with HFC members, I'm glad Chris and his family let me hang with them for a while. BTW, I also fondled that MY Gretsch and agree, it was by far the coolest guitar in the music tent. This was my HFC week, as I was travelling and got to hang with RobB over a few beers on Tuesday in CA.
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    Damnit, that is what I didn't like about the Zen, the compression.
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    At the moment it would be my Triple Threat
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    That pedal is the best of the Zens IMO. Clear and less compressed but still that Zen sound. Works with all my guitars and all my amps. So far I am in for a Pickle Vibe and the Hi-Volt.
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    My 6G2 Brownie and tweeds thank you - exactly the kind of bad influence - I mean endorsement - I needed! Just pulled the trigger!
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    Got a Babyface incoming. Couldn't resist.
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    "White Zendrive - Vanilla Mojo" Now there's something I need less of.
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    I was just able to make a connection with Ray's daughter on Facebook. They are planning Ray's funeral service, and I asked if would be OK to post details here. She said yes, so I will relay any information I hear.
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    Jerry: "Was that a shot?" George: "Oh, it was a shot, Jerry! It was DEFinitely a shot!"
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    I believe the Keeley Memphis Sun may be just what you're looking for.
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    Interesting article on NPR The Time Ric Ocasek Helped My Band Make Its First Record
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    Saddened to hear this. A fellow Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes fan. R.I.P. Ray.
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    Substitution Mass Confusion/Clouds inside your head Involving all my energies/Until your fears are dead If you ever want to know what he is talking about here, date a chick in Alcoholics Anonymous. Like many people, I always loved the way Ric and Ben described the neurotic (and hence interesting) women they chased after. I think it actually affected the bullshit I was willing to tolerate throughout my 20s, until I learned that sometimes "quirky" is just a gentler way of saying "fucking nuts". Which, to me, was the big reveal in the song & video for "Drive". So instead of looking at his legacy like, "Ric Ocasek gave hope to millions of nerds that they could date a supermodel" I see it as "Ric Ocasek gave hope to millions of unmitigated crazy bitches that their aberrant behavior was desirable".
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    I collect guitars. I collected comic books as a kid. Both took all my justifiable disposable income. I mowed yards as a kid. In Florida, that can be very lucrative. The comic collection went for 26K about fifteen years ago. All Marvel. The guitars will go one by one. I'm guessing arthritis or somebody in the band dying will trigger that purge. As a senior citizen, I'm going to collect nothing. Just run out the clock.
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    I ended up with a collection of vintage Kaywoodie pipes and vintage typewriters, but it's only because I was buying and selling them on eBay and I ended up with a lot that I never sold. I'll eventually sell them if/when I get the time. However, the only thing I consciously collect because they're a source of inspiration and professional reference in my work are art books. I have a large library of art books, children's books, and fiction from the golden age of pulp. I have a lot of comics I bought as a kid, but I'll eventually get around to selling a lot of them. If I could collect anything I wanted (assuming money were not an issue), it'd probably be vintage cars, though I'd only get them if I could drive them. I see no point in collecting things just to sit around collecting dust.
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    Space history memorabilia, if I could afford it. I do have a lot of unused publicity stickers from the Apollo, Skylab, and Apollo-Soyuz days. Come to think of it, they're around the same age as the two unused stickers I have from Dark Side of the Moon. The key word for affluent collectors in this niche is "flown."
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    I have an International Scout and a 68 IH Pickup. I really fight the urge to collect, that is why I purge so much.
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