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    ...and my law firm is Howard, Fine & Howard...
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    Our little buddy Jamie had a very serious medical scare last week, and we nearly lost him. He's doing better, resting comfortably, pinching nurses, still doesn't look like Brad Pitt. He'll fill in the details when he's back up and running again, which hopefully will be very soon. Some very scary close-call sh!t. If you praying-types would, I'm sure he'd take them. And if you non-praying types would give him a thought, I know he'd appreciate that, too.
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    I'd honestly forgotten that C.T. has an album called Busted, so the tagline came off as an unintended pun. Jeezus, I hate gettin' old. Got appointments next week w/ my chiropractor and a hernia surgeon.
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    Thanks for letting us know, hamerhead! Best wishes and thoughts sent from here to there.
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    And describe the acoustic voice!
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    I love a guitarist who makes every note count.
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    Coupla observations: Family got into Meet & Greet, then we were taken on an unexpected private tour of the backstage set by Rick and Tom, bless their hearts. I couldn't really respond to most of our conversation back there, on accounta it's hard to talk when your mandible has abruptly dropped to the floor. Couldn't believe the collectibles that Rick, to his credit, takes on the road (he's always had some strong opinions about 'colleciting' vs. 'hoarding', and rightly so, IMO). Tom showed me the details of his new signature Gretsch 12-string bass, somewhat like his White Falcon basses, but based on a Chet Atkins solidbody. Note the 'G' brand and bookmatched pine top (including knot holes). Has a bookmatched flame maple back and the rims have leather tooling (seen in another concert shot hereon). Only instrument he used the whole evening. Got an obviously-unusual-sounding solo in, which segued into a Lou Reed medley, of all things. Zander got a great rhythm sound outta his Rickenbacker and his Tele, and his son seemed to favor one-pickup instruments. Enjoy the photos. Your comments invited. \
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    The topic inspired me to pull this out of retirement...
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    Yeah, but I think someone of Rick's stature would employ Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.
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    Busted was OK, but not my favorite Cheap Trick album. Lap Of Luxury came out before it, and Woke Up With A Monster came after it. Both of those were better albums.
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    Oh yes, and let us know on the pickups and neck width(s).
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    A cool guitar for sure...but...couldn’t they have at least come closer on matching the 2 piece hog body..?
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    Here's something you don't see listed everyday Hamer Firebird II 1986 Black https://reverb.com/item/28677720-hamer-firebird-ii-1986-black?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share Dude also has a reasonably priced black Gibson Les Paul Custom Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony 1988 Black Beauty https://reverb.com/item/28388175-gibson-les-paul-custom-ebony-1988-black-beauty?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share
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    I caught the Jordan plays Jimi show at Infinity Hall tonight. Stanley Jordan has never really been on my radar. I was anticipating a jazz fusion take on Jimi. I was dead wrong. He came out in full costume and played the part. He played behind his head, with his teeth, had a lot of Jimi’s moves down. I was shocked and pleased. It was a not a note for note tribute but I can’t think of a reason a Hendrix fan would be disappointed. Check it out if it comes near you.
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    Yes, I do like to enable, but I also have a decent memory of what gear and/or players and/or topics get mentioned here on the HFC; Gary Moore is a favorite of a few people here from what I've seen, and as good of an example that I can think of at the moment, enabler-wise. If I could find a vintage/used guitar shop that sells gear at relatively reasonable prices, and with a constantly changing selection and wide variety of gear as DGS has/gets, that isn't DGS, I'd go to them, too.
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    Willcutt ordered the Special K and Ecstacys.
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    4 real? Very cool if it is. https://www.nme.com/news/music/phonocut-machine-means-you-can-make-own-vinyl-records-2556107 https://phonocut.com
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    I'm not affiliated with the seller on this forum, but as an owner of both a Reverend Goblin 5/15 1x10 combo amp (currently housed in a custom Mojotone 1x12 combo amp cab with a Jensen Neo 12-100 speaker in it) and a Reverend Kingsnake 1x12 combo amp, I wanted to say that these amps as a clean pedal platform have a great clean tube amp tone and is currently in my gig amp lineup for its tone/portability/wattage. The overdrive when the Schizo switch is switched Lo-Fi or UK has a good quality sounding overdrive that's useful if you want to drive the amp more for a blues or classic rock type of tone. The tube driven reverb is good, but not as lush as on a Fender black face/silver face amp due to the reverb tank/combo cabinet size. The 20/60 watt switch is a nice option for small or large size rooms. I use the Kingsnake amp set to 20 watts about 90% of the time in the venues that I play at. I have yet to use it in the 60 watt setting. The Jensen Neo 12-100 100 watt speaker is lightweight, has a balanced tone whether the amp is played clean or overdriven. The other Jensen speakers that I've played on vintage Fender amps I've always found to be harsh sounding with a biting trebly tone, IMHO. The Neo 12-100 is more smooth sounding and has a pleasant tone when played clean or overdriven. The amp that I own out of the 300 Kingsnake 1x12 combo amp/amp heads made by Reverend Guitars was made by Joe Naylor himself, has no issues yet, and sounds quite good to me. The Reverend amps are an under the radar amp for the working guitarist who desires a good quality sounding/portable tube amp without resorting to a solid state amp. I wanted to give the seller a bump and good luck with the sale boost. Guitar George
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    Some of the first songs I learned as a boy and they where always bar favorites. Love Steve’s tone on that clip!! Sounds like musician/guitar/cable/amp!! Tone to the bone!!
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    A TAD 7025 Mullard style TAD tube now is in V1. The amp sounds nice and clean. I will see if it removed the noise finally. However, the swap was already worth it. The VAC25 sounds very balanced, clear and warm now. Definitely an overall improvement. It's a shame the amps are not produced anymore. They are just great! #https://www.tubeampdoctor.com/7025-s-premium-selected-mullard-style-tad-tubes
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    Will try to post concert photos and maybe a coupla remarks RE the show later today. Petersson only used one bass, but it was an unreal retro-style item. Stay tuned.
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    Thought given...get well soon!
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    https://www.oakhurstporchfest.org/map-and-schedule It's usually around 200 acts, from American Idol finalists to middle-school kids playing AC/DC covers, cover bands to experimental modular synth drone stuff. Absolutely free all over the historic Oakhurst neighborhood... the biggest challenge is to try to see the acts you want over six hours! Naturally we'll be there, playing mostly new stuff from the album we're currently tracking for a February 2020 release. Hope ya'll will stop by!
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    I’ll be playing the notorious Guitar Center Monaco SuperPro :) . It cleaned up real nice... just a pleasure to play.
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    Thanks @Travis! Actually, mine is in constant use. Often by family members.
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    Yup. Those are the ones I buy. Couldn't remember the manufacturer. But the GI in the Vintage Chrome sounds killer. That's the demo versus the wall wart adaptor. Playing a big gig next Friday. I'll have a Dollar General cheapie in the tweed suitcase, just in case.
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    I buy mine a Dollar General...
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    This. Most of the time a V1 swap will drop it a lot. Haven't followed tubes in a while, but if you end up needing a new one, imagine a TAD ECC83 would be worth a look. One thing I can't remember is the class for the VAC25. If its AB, then the V4 is most likely the phase inverter with the 2 triodes balanced, which would be best to remain as the V4.
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    Two. no, now three things here. That is a cool, cool guitar. Crunchee at the very least, there has to be at DGS headquarters, a patron saint of no afil with your picture!! The HFC Enabler!
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    No affiliation. Posting this as more of an FYI item, in case no one's ever seen old-growth, nearly straight-grained Brazilian Rosewood, not only on the back but the sides too. IMO, it kinda puts 'recent' Brazilian Rosewood guitars with wild/wavy/streaky/knotty grain to shame: https://davesguitar.com/products/martin/d-28-58-madison-608-405-8770/
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    a little history of the one on the right: sorry for the delay in getting back to you with a little more info on the Schecter. I think I may have told you already, but in case I didn't, I believe it was made in 1980 or possibly 1979. The guitar was purchased in May of 1981, but as I recall, the owner of the store had told me it had been in the store for about a year. This is why he sold it to me at a reduced price. I think the original price had been $1,399. As I mentioned when we met, there have been quite a few guitarists that have played this guitar at some point. This typically occurred in my shop or home during the course of building or modifying other instruments for these players. Anyway, here is the list of those I can recall. Chris Cornell - Soundgarden Mike McCready - Pearl Jam Mike Lull - Maker of fabulous bass guitars Jerry Cantrell - Alice In Chains Neal Schon - Journey Ross Valory - Journey Ronnie Wood - Rolling Stones Robin Trower Chris DeGarmo - Queensryche Nancy Wilson - Heart John Waite - Babys, Bad English Roger Fisher - Heart Stedge - big fan of The Who I would have to say my fondest memory of this guitar was in the early 90's while my brother and I were helping build Roger Fisher's MARS recording studio. We were discussing the merits of mass in getting longer sustain so I brought the guitar to the studio the next day. I got to listen to Roger play the guitar for over an hour. He went through several Heart songs (most notably, Barracuda) as well as playing some Led Zeppelin and Kinks. When he finished, he told me how much he liked the guitar and asked me what her name was. I told him she didn't have a name. He then informed me that every great guitar needs a name. As he put her back in the case, he told me her name would be "Guenevere". I hope this info will be of interest/amusement to you and that you enjoy "Guenevere" for many years. Feel free to contact me with any questions that may come up in the future. I'll do my best to answer. So, her name is Guenevere. I think these old Schecters are cool and given the ties to modern boutiques, kind of the beginning of it all. The wood is lovely.
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    Eric Johnson loves the old RayOVac silver ones. But I'm not going to try to find those. Just the old Duracell.
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    Here are some simple numbers and facts for you to think about.... We have 28 people on the road, three trucks, four buses. Fuel and permits for said vehicles. Hotels for each person on many days, ( on back to back shows I sleep on the bus and shower backstage), flights to and from various states and countries. Work permits for international dates. Shipping gear all over the world with cargo companies so fans can see and hear the same show at the same level of quality. Full sound system and lighting rental. We rent all the venues ourselves, do all the advertising ourselves, and pay all the venue people ourselves. There is no advance money from a promotor or agents. There is also insurance so if we or a fan get injured things can be taken care of. There is no record company advance money. Everything is all in house, generated by 28 people working 200 plus days a year on the road. I haven’t even mentioned the office staff. That is another whole operation and expense. If you want to pay $10 then go down to the Dew Drop Inn and see the Johnny Fingers Blues Band dressed like they just got out of work playing their Squier Strat through a Peavey Classic amp. This is just to give you all some perspective on what goes on out here. I personally understand that some pricing may be out of reach for some people. This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, including the OP. This isn’t some magic rock star fantasy land you read about. it is so easy to sit behind a computer and rule the world with conjecture and vitriol. And if I ever sell my Hamers they will not be $350...
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    Sean, the builder, goes so far as to say that some of his pedals sound best with a plain cheap carbon battery, not the alkalines or anything fancy.
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    Here's a pic of Ray. I haven't done a deep dive through my photo archive yet, but this is the earliest I've seen, from August 2009. Hawaiian shirt and a Mirage.
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    I'm a big fan too, and am saddened by this news. I've seen her twice here in the Twin Cities with the Muffs, once over 15 years ago and then again two years ago. A couple of my groups have covered That Awful Man over the years. We'll have to play it at our next gathering. She was a true rock star in my book. Although this is not her song, I always loved the energy of the performers in this video, and of course the song. This is Derrick Anderson, featuring Kim Shattuck and Debbi and Vicki Peterson of the Bangles.
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    "Under Pressure" gets me sometimes. But the my ultimate tear jerker song is "Cats in the Cradle", Harry Chapin. I lost my little brother Brian in July. Was only 42. I can't imagine how my dad feels now if and when he hears this song. -Bobby
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