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  1. So, not so much on MY bench but some pretty f-ing exciting shit going down shortly! First- a quick update on the Burrito siblings. (yeah, I named them Burrito 1 and 2. I'm weird like that) Burrito 1 has left Shane's bench and is now in the talented hands of our own Stike and will be getting a beauteous SFG treatment. Burrito 2 is on Shane's bench getting a few exciting additions and modifications. I've been LED to believe that the changes will be most illuminating. In addition to some inlay changes, it will be getting new frets, and a better carve on the neck. Then it, too, is off
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  3. Mind blown. A Fender Duo-Sonic, exactly like my first "decent" guitar went for $10k, plus the $2800 in fees. I think I got it used, about 1968, for $65. Sold it to a bandmate for, probably $10 OR $20 more a year or two later. I am fine with having NOTHING shipped to me. ETA.....I also tossed out some bids on that Redwood. That model, esp with the korina body and neck, is incredible. But with a final price nearing $6k with fees and shipping, just WAY above "market". FWIW, I picked up mine, from a store, last year for something like $4400. Mint, a wee bit fancier. No regrets, as it is
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  4. Just started watching. Julien's site kinda sucks, and it's slow. But yeah, the guitars are bringing the bigger bucks. I can't believe some retards outbid my generous $750 for the Huber Redwood. ? ? Should be interesting to see what the 3 Hamers bring.
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