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    2007 Hamer USA Standard Custom originally ordered by Wild West Guitars. The guitar sports a beautiful flamed maple top in transparent red finish with a matching flamed headstock. Seymour Duncan SH1N '59 Pickup in the neck and a Bare Knuckle Mule in the bridge. Includes original Welcome to Our Club card, Certificate of Authenticity, owner's manual, case key, adjustment tools, and original hard shell case.Guitar has seen little use and is in excellent condition. There is just a hint of fret wear at the cowboy chords.Weighs in at 9 lbs 6 oz; very well balanced using a strap. Very comfortable neck profile. It's approximately .87" deep at the first fret and .96" at the 12th fret.This guitar was featured in a full page ad in Vintage Guitar. I will include the VG magazine. $3300 shipped & insured to the contiguous states. $OLD.
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    That's Clarence White's old B-Bender Tele that Marty's playing.
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    Thanks for the replies, that pretty much made my mind up. Calling the shop now.
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    My buddy Dr. Jay Haskett walked into my shop in 1989 with Clarence's Vibrolux and maple neck sunburst Strat. Paid a ton for them, but the combo was incredible. He was Jay's hero, so we were given a short primer on all his cool licks and techniques. A truly underrated guitarist. Years later he bought White's Bell Coral Sitar too.
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    Bun E. wouldn't sign guitars nor pickguards after a certain point in the very early 2000s - maybe the late '90s. He told me that he didn't sign them because he wasn't a guitar player. He'd gladly sign a CT album, ticket stub, poster or whatever though. He made very limited exceptions when the band donated or auctioned off a guitar for a charity or something, but again that was an extremely rare occurrence.
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    I find it hilarious that the seller lists the condition as "mint".
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    Wowsers! Tom was such a beautiful lady in the 70s! He looks like Valerie Harper. 💔
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    She got some fretwork to eliminate problems with F2 ... see the highlighted lack of fret filings? F2 was low in height compared to those around it. And one bum fret is like one bad apple ... we put a kissing on all the bass side crowns. Liquidy and fleet under the hands now. ... and a polished-out unbleached bone nut ...
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    Ugh, what a hot fucking Sharpie mess. A higher end or one off high end guitar signed by a famous guitar player - perhaps. If its the right person that "makes sense" for that guitar AND signed in an inconspicuous place on that back of the head-stock or on a control plate cover - meh, OK. Its going to be pretty hard to get me to pay extra or see extra value for an autograph on a guitar unless its a perfect fit for that guitar. But a guitar autographed by the wrong person/people or signed all over the body by any random group, or ANY fucking "sports" team or athlete is an absolute deal breaker for me. And on a custom graphic?!?! Nope. No. Hell no. Refin it or its firewood. I know, I've become a picky fuck in my old age. Now, get off my lawn.
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    The quality will be the best you can get. Hamer quality continually improved.
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    https://ultimateclassicrock.com/def-leppard-1980-live-album/ I hope they eventually do a deluxe version of High n' Dry too, with extra cuts or a live disc from the era. HnD is by far my favorite Def Leppard album.
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    Tremendous player, of course, but one unique and impressive thing about Stuart is his historian facet. Has done extensive research on country music history, and imparts it very well on camera. It's not surprising Ken Burns used him a lot...but there might have been a bit of video payola on account Stuart got his own brief profile segement...but so what... Stuart's photo book Pilgrims is also well done, and has been in my office library for a long time.
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    I've spoken to him a few times in the last decade. He's officially retired, and apparently not taking commissions. If he was, I had one that I wanted him to finish for me a few years ago (which is why I reached out). Nobody does the snakeskin graphic as well as he did!
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    The autographs of the band members on the back make sense and are OK, still nothing I'd pay a premium for. The front is a straight--up dumpster fire. It would definitely need to go to someone talented to get a "front only" duplicate refin and then declare a ten foot radius around that MF as a Sharpie free zone.
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    Great record love the era , yeah high n’ dry would be very cool as well . Great time for that band my favorite time.
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    Looking forward to your NGD post and pics.
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    That's cool for you. I wasn't exactly feeling like I was supposed to be happy to meet him after the remark at the UFO reunion meet & greet at the beginning of the show. The whole meet/greet/get autograph, picture, swag thing and paying extra for early entry/soundcheck/backstage isn't my cup of tea. I'm just happy to see the concert with my friends, have a few drinks, enjoy the show, and leave.
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    I love the first two LPs so I am in when it is released.....
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    i propose confiscation all of rick Nielsen’s sharpies and replace them with dry erase markers. You can probably buff that out but no guarantee there’s no bleed thru. Guessing the hamer poly blend might be a little more resilient than vintage style nitro. Perfect example of how autos can reduce the value of your guitar. (Talking mostly about the bucs, boneheaded, must have been alcohol flowing somewhere). Heck I would tell Tom Brady to get the pen away from my guitar.
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    So, not so much on MY bench but some pretty f-ing exciting shit going down shortly! First- a quick update on the Burrito siblings. (yeah, I named them Burrito 1 and 2. I'm weird like that) Burrito 1 has left Shane's bench and is now in the talented hands of our own Stike and will be getting a beauteous SFG treatment. Burrito 2 is on Shane's bench getting a few exciting additions and modifications. I've been LED to believe that the changes will be most illuminating. In addition to some inlay changes, it will be getting new frets, and a better carve on the neck. Then it, too, is off to Stike for a different finish. And speaking of Shane, (I better get a f*cking holiday card or something for supporting his ass like this- 🤣) I've commissioned him for two new builds! One will be a slightly modified version of the balls-out, f*cking amazing Spitfire he built for me last year. This one will have a different head stock and a few additional features than the original SF and will feature a Warbird finish. If this maintains the playability of the first one, it promises to be a total incendiary stunt guitar! The second will be a Diablo-adjusted version of the Phantom A-5 that I call the Specter. Shout out to @murkat and @cmatthes for the Phantom body to use as a template to create the Specter. And a shout out to @Stike for the kick ass paint job he is certainly going to impart to it. Suffice it to say, this will check all of the boxes I need on my axes but it will pay homage to the Phantom in both build and finish. Stay tuned.
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    Hamer Standard Rick Nielson custom https://reverb.com/item/28942775-hamer-standard-rick-nielson-custom?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share cool graphic. I wonder how hard it would be to remove the Bucs signatures.
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    I do still have it and have no intent to sell. It is a wonderful guitar, I how ever did not care much for the Blue One that was the same model. The finishes on the three that I had in my hands were sunken into the grain. The weight on all of them vary, I have a really lite one.
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    Mind blown. A Fender Duo-Sonic, exactly like my first "decent" guitar went for $10k, plus the $2800 in fees. I think I got it used, about 1968, for $65. Sold it to a bandmate for, probably $10 OR $20 more a year or two later. I am fine with having NOTHING shipped to me. ETA.....I also tossed out some bids on that Redwood. That model, esp with the korina body and neck, is incredible. But with a final price nearing $6k with fees and shipping, just WAY above "market". FWIW, I picked up mine, from a store, last year for something like $4400. Mint, a wee bit fancier. No regrets, as it is one of my two favorites of all time.
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    Just started watching. Julien's site kinda sucks, and it's slow. But yeah, the guitars are bringing the bigger bucks. I can't believe some retards outbid my generous $750 for the Huber Redwood. 🤬 🤑 Should be interesting to see what the 3 Hamers bring.
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    What Steve said. They were at the top of their game at the end.
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    Very cool, I love Marty's playing and I love his band's name, "The Fabulous Superlatives", lol. IIRC, at least one of them was playing glittery countrified RS Guitarworks teles, also very cool.
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    I have a P90 Korina and a Humbucker Artist’s. That’s pretty much all I play due to the weight!! They both sound awesome. The p90 has Lollar vintage wounds in it and the Humbucker model has custom wound pup’s by Josh that kick ass!!
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    Sending best wishes from the UK for a safe and speedy recovery.
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    Because its value has been ruined and it looks like shit. On a side note: I find it hilarious that the Cheap Trick logo has the, "registered trademark, 'R.'" That HAD to be Nielsen's idea.
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    New Old Pacifica Day! Out for Delivery from my Preferred Luthier(c) In Baton Rouge... '90s Yamaha Pacifica 512 in Reddishy Red. Same body shape as the 312, thinner and wider neck, just perfect IMHO. After years of "huuge necks are the shizznit", this is welcome relief. G&L Alnico single coils (6.3k, 6.5k) and a High Order Maximus (A5, 9.88k). I like very much. Youcantoo!
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    IIRC, it's kinda rare to get a Bun E. autograph on CT stuff, even when they were playing together, isn't it?
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    Rick is holding a photo of himself with a Standard.
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    Live recordings from the time are out there, so we may be getting a better sourced version of an existing bootleg. It does not matter. 1980 is a perfect time for Def Leppard.
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    Pretty hard to beat a USA Artist.
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    Big Black Crowes fan here. There is no Crowes for me without Gorman. He is one of my favourite drummers. And it should also be Sven Pipien on bass, or Johnny Colt. I think The Magpie Salute are a good subsitute for the Crows. I rather go see them than a "Crows" gig without Gorman. It would only be about the money. Chris Robinson Brotherhood are to weird for me. I hate that bloody organplayer who never shuts up. It's like Lord of the damn Rings every time he plays his jolly licks. Really, really irritating sound on that damn thing he plays. I picture myself that he is wearing a jester hat on stage, and boots that has curls by the toes. edit, found this. Gorman does not seem up for it. Sad. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/steve-gorman-black-crowes-2019/
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    I don't like most compressors; went from a being settled on Bearfoot Pale Green to picking up a Thorpy Fat General. I don't know that I'd find my preferred kind of compressor in a multi at all. Still, your preferred type could be. Have you considered looking for the best compressor by a company that makes multi-FX, and getting that company's multi-fx? E.g. if you like Keeley compressors, they often have one in their combined boxes.
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    I've seen Dave's Ultimate in person. It is soooooo much better than the picture. Breathtaking, really.
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    Thanks for all of your kind words and support guys! It means a lot to me. I have a genetic blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden Mutation, which makes me prone to clot unnecessarily, a dangerous condition. I almost died five years ago from it. I had a bi-lateral pulmonary emboli with dozens of clots in each lung. I take warfarin (blood thinner) as a prophylactic. I come off of the warfarin five days prior to any procedures and take another drug as a bridge before and after procedures. I had an upper-endoscopy and colonoscopy done to remove a few polyps last week. There was a problem with the bridge med and two days after the procedure I began hemorrhaging internally. I didn’t know until I’d already been bleeding for two days. I woke up one morning, stood up to walk to the bathroom and fainted. I passed out every time I stood up. I had a movement that was black and tarry and I knew immediately I was bleeding internally. Off to the hospital I went, I wound up needing a blood transfusion. I’m home now, but on bed rest, being monitored and will hopefully be back to normal by next week. Right now I just feel like hammered shit. It’s the oddest feeling of fatigue I’ve ever experienced after losing a lot of blood. I don’t recommend it. I have to say, seeing this thread and everyone’s good-wishes really warms the heart. I just love you guys! HFC RULES!
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