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    There is information on headstocks here. https://www.hamerfanclub.com/stand3.html The photo and words there are copied here. Examples of Headstocks form several Hamer Explorer-style instruments (from top to bottom) :- 1977 Standard with Grover machineheads and very small logo 1984 Standard with Schaller "mini" machines and small logo towards the end of the headstock 1995 Standard reissue with mid-headstock logo 1987 Blitz fitted with Floyd-Rose locking nut.
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    Couldn't resist this. This is, in my microcosm of mediocre guitar abuse, the holy grail of Hamers. Many thanks to sonic1974, who aided and abetted me in acquiring this! The HFC still is THE BEST forum ever.
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    2006 Standard Custom and 2002 MIK Standard
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    Some of these may have been seen before, but hafta show 'em again to answer the "motivation" part of the original post. I'd always wanted a two-pickup jazz box, and it was cool to get a legendary luthier like Dick Allen to make it. He threw in extras like bookmatched bird's-eye top and back. Seymour Duncan personally wound the pickups. That led to a sports-centric double-cut; green w/ gold hardware, also made by R.C. (Back the Pack; don't own this one anymore): Also wanted a pure acoustic w/ a floating pickup; R.C. made a prototype 18" model and surprised me w/ the fretboard inlay and other cosmetic amenities, like the quilted maple bookmatched back: I also ordered some solidbodies and semi-solids from Dave Wintz @ Robin. The Savoy is the only one that was ever made w/ a maple 'board. Ordered w/ "Mose markers" on accounta my vision problems, and parted with another Robin and a Metropolian 'coz I couldn't see the abalone markers on rosewood 'boards. The previous Savoy financed the order for this one. The Princess got a custom Robin Ranger in school colors for a graduation present, also w/ Mose markers: Yes, there is a bit of ego in custom-ordering instruments but I've supported smaller luthiers and companies when I have done so. May even part with these within a few years, as I sold the bulk of my collection about four years ago (noted on another recent thread)
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    It never gets old looking at that pair.
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    You've seen them 100 times before, but how often do you get to have your favorite guitar company use the parts you made?!? I mean at the time, the kids were small and money was tight and the timing was terrible. But it was a once-in-a-lifetime you-gotta-do-it thing. And something I will always be proud of (it was pretty f***in' cool). Plus, their names are on the headstocks, so I had to do it twice. It's funny because back then it didn't matter to them, but now when I play out, I better use both or I hear about it!
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    Do Partscasters count? I'm disqualified anyway, as I nearly always buy used or pre-made, so I'm actually owning somebody else's ideas. The flip side of that is that I've passed over a lot of other people's bad ideas.
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    I’d pick MusicMan if had to go with one. There’s enough variety and they are all great IMHO
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    ...and once a year there is an inofficial family meeting at the shop. Friends, family, current and ex-Scorpions members fly in from all over to have a concert in that (very) tiny shop. The whole city street is pumped up with those familiar sounds. Strange vibe, there...
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    Yeah that is true. The shop is owned by MJ.
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    There ya go...reminds me of that T-Model Ford club video, the one with the hoochie-coo dancer climbing all over him. I don't see Billie Eilish doing a 50th Anniversary tour whenever that 'milestone' happens. Of course, if that happens, I'll either be really dead, or really old.
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    Reviving this thread with another interesting MIJ guitar. This one, like the History above, is also built by Fujigen (obviously). From what I can tell, guitars with the full name Fujigen are sold out of their retail shop called the Custom House while guitars branded FGN are sold through other distributors around the world. From what I've seen, the guitars sold out of the Custom Shop tend to be on the upper end of the spectrum with highly figured woods and unique features. I'm not 100% certain that any of the above is true, it's conclusions formed through observation. Here we have a Fujigen Masterfield from a limited run they did back in 2008 called "Famous Woods". The top and back of this one is a 3 piece laminate of Hawaiian Koa and maple. They also made versions with Brazilian rosewood and bubinga. Like all Fujigen/FGN Masterfields, it has a semi-hollow construction with a 15" body width, in between a 335 (16.5") and a 339 (14.25"). The sides and solid center are carved from a single solid piece of mahogany. I find the tone to be crisp, a little more aggressive than a 335. Like all Fujigen built guitars I own and have owned, the quality, fit and finish is off the charts, as is the playability. The finish is an ultra thin satin urethane. No filler was used on the woods and the finish sinks into the grain, which I love. The neck with the satin finish is a joy to play.
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    I bought my tickets yesterday, and I'm seriously considering seeing them in DC on 11/11 also. They played at JMU (James Madison University before anyone asks) in '86 or '87 and I was on the "Concert Committee" which basically meant "free roadie" and helped set up their show along with many others. All their road cases and some other equipment were stenciled "AC/DC" which was cool because they were and still are my favorite band.
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    Kinda weird seeing acts of this stature in our little town in the middle of nowhere. A surreal moment happened when Alice Cooper appeared here on his world tour. Right after the first song, he said something like - "Wow, incredible tour. Last stop was London, before that Paris, now MOOSE JAW, SASKATCHEWAN!". We all kinda looked at one another and collectively thought, "I know, right?!"
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    That "Busted Backstage" pic posted here a couple of months ago was at a solo branch-off gig from their tour w/ the ZZs. Not to be name dropping, but Petersson was exuberant about the way the the lots-of-tone, lots-of-guitars billing was going. Doesn't hurt the Tricksters that the gigs are during ZZ's 50th anniversary annum. Gibbons turned 70 on Monday...
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    When I got interested in guitars, I was mostly interested in Fender and Gibson, because that was what most of the guitarists I listened to used. I always had an interest for the specs and learned that the parts often were made by other companies who produced for different brands (almost like in car manufacturing). So, when I read reviews of Hamer guitars, I learned that they also used hardware by Schaller (who, in the 80's and 90's made hardware for just anybody, including Fender and Gibson), Dimarzio, even had almost the same cases as Gibson. Fender's Strat and P and J Basses had a classic design, they were comfortable to play. The Strat tremolo design was just ingenious. Gibson had some cool designs (Explorer, Firebird, LP double cutaway, RD, L-5, Chet Atkins CE, Victory). Hamer was kind of inbetween with their guitars. I liked Kramer a lot in 1984/85, but they were kind of inconsistent in their specs, I didn't like the pointy headstock, their flashy colours. So, when Hamer had an ad with a cherry Prototype with Kahler, a Scarab Bass, two Scarab's, two Phantom A5's, a white Blitz with FR and something I really wanted by Gibson (they came close with the XPL Les Paul DC 400, but it had a Kahler, I started with a Kahler on a Fender Lead III, but felt uncomfortable with it fast and switched to a Kramer Focus 3000 with original FR), the Hamer Steve Stevens. While I also loved the FB II and the Chaparral, I became obsessed wanting a Steve Stevens. Got one in 1988. Hamer was the brand for me for the next few years. But when Fender took over the distribution for Floyd Rose I got interested in that brand again. Gibson I still followed a bit too, but they didn't get me with most of their stuff since the mid-90's, they got quite expensive too. My interest in Hamer guitars was refreshed when they could be had for low bids on ebay and I got one of each model I always wanted (FB II, Chaparral Max Bass, Elite Cali with maple body), a short time later I joined this group and it still keeps my interest in this brand high. Now, I am not somebody who can spend big money on guitars, nor am I a collector. And I am not a flashy player at all. Still like Hamer, even though this company is gone. I like some of the things Fender brings out, but often enough, it is the stuff that gets discontinued after a while (Fender Am Dlx Zone Bass, Am Std. Jaguar Bass, Elite Dimension HH), but most Fender stuff I like was made around 1998-2005 (and 1982-83), the Hamer stuff I enjoy is from around 1985-1995, the Gibson stuff I like is from around 1976-1986. That is most of the stuff I like. Either playing guitar or bass, it is one of these brands (Gibson not that much, and if so it is more their"unusual" models, Q80 Bass, RD Artist - guitar and bass, Chet Atkins CE).
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    In core, I’m on Hamer. Then there are my lovely Scheithauer Bo Diddleys and a Hoyer Explorer. If it were to name one brand, it certainly would have to be Scheithauer since they are my own design and ideas. I’m just watching them on the hangers next to me. Killing!
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    I have been a bit 'lost' lately, but you can add two more (the other one is a Tokai Anniversary) Now the 'normal' Talladega have different pickups (Benedetto A6+Bareknuckle Stormy Monday)
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    Music Man is definitely impressive, and my two are keepers. The Ball family is not going to let their quality go down. Sterling Ball really understands what a company reputation means. Sterling once told of a bad batch of cable that was used to make instrument cables that ended up failing and hurting the reputation of Ernie Ball cables for years. Sterling and Ernie Ball were never going to let that happen again. He keeps his guitar production lower than it needs to be just so he can be sure the quality remains high.
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    I have over the years (decades) always avoided Japanese guitars. I had it in my head that they were inferior quality and that the finishes were too thick and synthetic. Then about seven years ago, I bought a 1985 Takamine EN-20-12. I needed an acoustic 12 string and had been looking for a Taylor jumbo 12, but didn't really want to shell out the $1400.00 or more for a guitar that wouldn't get that much playing time. The Takamine is a great instrument. Huge sound, low action, excellent construction and wonderful pickup/preamp set-up. So then I started to keep an eye out for it's six string brother. Not a whole lot of them pop up. They only made this model for a few years in the mid 1980s. Finally found one on Reverb about six months ago and overpaid for it because it was advertised as "excellent condition" and I had been looking for so long for a clean one. I spent $600 on the 12 string but $950 for the 6 string. Was shocked when I received it. The guitar looks literally brand new. As in never played, even though it's a 1986. Still has the "Made in Japan" sticker on the back of the headstock. Just like the 12 string, huge sound, low action and superb construction. All solid woods, cedar top. They even have a compensated two-piece bridge saddle. Just killer. Like playing a grand piano. It has become my #1 when I do my acoustic shows. My trusty old Taylor 410 has been relegated to open G tuning that I use on a couple of tunes. My prejudice against Japanese guitars has been dissolved.
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    My next MIJ guitar is a rare one. And while it has the body shape of a typical LP, I stop short of calling this one a clone as I certainly have not seen anything like it. History is a brand for Shimamura, a very large music store in Japan. The brand has been around since 1996, but since around 2001 all of the guitars are made at the Fujigen guitar factory. Fujigen has their own brands (FGN and Fujigen) and many of the History models overlap, but not this one. In 2005 Shimimura commissioned a special History model to commemorate the store's 35th anniversary. The 35th Anniversary AH-LC. I believe only 35 were made. I know this isn't for everyone and I typically don't care for super blinged out guitars, but this one really caught my eye and when one came up for sale earlier this year (the only one I've ever come across), I jumped. You can see from the pictures that it has a spalted flame maple cap and carved back (the back is at least 1/4" thick, not just a veneer) with an amber burst finish. The body is Honduras mahogany and the neck is 5 piece with Bubinga and flame maple. The fretboard is Brazilian RW with abalone block inlays. Beyond it's blinged out look, it plays incredibly well (as well as anything I've had). With all the maple, the tone is on the bright side, but not harsh. The pickups are also splittable with push/pull pots.
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    Bought this one, here, a few months ago.
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    They're coming back to the US. Anyone going to mach schau in in 2020? I'm on the ticket site for the show at NorVa and have a couch available for any HFC'rs Steve
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    That Sir is a stunner. Merry Christmas to you!! If it plays as good as it looks...
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    Yes, the amber burst is more orange across the top with brown back and sides, where the 59 burst fades more to a red along the edge with a maroon back and sides. Those pictures above look like they were taken buy Willcutt Guitar's. They know how to photograph.
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    Has to end sometime. Rush is done because one of their members can't cut it physically anymore. Did they "fizzle out" or did things just run their course for a group of men in their 60s?
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    If no Shish is available, why not the „Gold Standard“ itself? This 79 4-digit popped up lately in a trustworthy Munich shop: https://reverb.com/item/30727719-hamer-standard-1979-sunburst
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    @donner Congrats. You probably know this but there's no need to fall for paypal's ridiculous conversion rate as you can always switch to your credit card and your bank's conversion rate (it's an "option" with your paypal account) which is always, and I mean always, cheaper. Great guitar!
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    Robin and Billy are both members of Kings of Chaos, this pairing probably isn’t unrelated to that fact.
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    You're growing Super Pros in the garden behind the house? Tasteful farmer you are!
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    This is my 2002. Assuming it's amberburst, though it has no certificate. I really like it, as it's not too orange, and lets the wood "pop".
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    I saw him on G3 back in 1997 when it was him, Vai, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. They jammed "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama" and "Going Down" at the end. What was illuminating to me as a budding shredder was that Shepherd was somewhat lost on the Zappa stuff, but Vai was equally lost doing Freddie King. Satch just fit in and did whatever great, even rhythm guitar. Blues? Sure. Zappa weirdness? Yep! It was impressive.
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    I've lived in the Apple ecosystem since 1983. My take is somewhat different, to whit.... When Steve Jobs emerged from exile to resume leading Apple one of the first things he did was get rid of much of the after-sales service system and, in its place, constructed AppleCare. To me that's one of the things Jobs got right-est. I tell others that AppleCare is the product, the hardware is free. During my touring life I wrote more than 1100 arrangements for show bands, chamber ensembles, pop acts and big (swing) bands. After a security gent in the Madrid airport grabbed my laptop and threw it onto the moving belt. the computer, under warranty, began behaving erratically. I took it to an Apple reseller in Helsinki. (Back then, Helsinki did not yet host an Apple Store.) The staff there arranged for the laptop to be repaired and returned to me two days later . . . in Stockholm. And I was billed exactly nada, nought, not a farthing. Any wonder I've purchased AppleCare for more than a dozen Macs since then?
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    I'm kinda migrating towards 90s Yamaha strats myself. Respond well to modding. Make happy gearhead noises while at it. Look at this beauty! <--clicky
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    That’s impressive discipline. Let’s see how that pans out.... 😉
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    When I started in the early 80s I bought a Hondo JR copy, then an Ibanez SG with a bolt on neck, then I had a nice strat that I ruined with a Kahler.After that I bought my first Hamer. A pink SS1. Then traded that one for a Centaura. 10 years later, or so, I found this place and the Hamer craze started. Only Hamer's since I bought my first pink SS1. Until three years ago when I felt like I needed to have a Les Paul, at least once in my lifetime. So I bought a great LP too. It's a keeper for now.But still I have a bunch of Hamer's, and only one LP. And most likely that is the way It will stay.
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    Thanks, Crunchee! It's a family member, now. My 1st transatlantic purchase, again, after CITES 's finally given up. Hopefully, the Super should arrive hre around the 1st week of January. Happy New Year – to you, too 😉 In case you were one of the other 6 bidders: I'll not get it as dirt cheap as it looks. Ebay Global shipment, paypal xchange rates and, finally, import tax/fees add up to a good 2/3 upon the buying price...
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    Sweet. I’ll love jr styled double cuts. It’s what brought me to being such a Hamer fan. That looks wonderful. How does it balance on a strap?
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    Lateset stats: 5 Tally Pros 23 Tallies I think there are at least a few more in the HFC.
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    Here is what we have so far: 23 different guitars in these pics from the HFC. I have a feeling there are quite a few missing. Who wound up with the Aqua Tally...Beuller?
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    Neck, outer coils, N/B, inner coils, & bridge. There are resistors in the 2 & 4 positions so the coils “see” 250k pots.
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    Oops, I forgot to come back and post a pic. Here's mine...
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    My “Irma” Talladega also has a bound neck. Sounds great with the Kinman P90-buckers (But also with the DD’s) And the rosewood fingerboard is so dark, it looks like ebony Gabe 😀 Serial no. 755756
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    Great guitars. I too was playing mine last night. Wish all of my guitars had this neck profile.
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    I've got this one: LOVE this guitar. It's got WCR Cherrybuckers in it at the moment, but I'm hanging onto the DD's that it came with as well. Only one that I've seen in "Vintage Orange"
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