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  1. Made 2 pick guards today. think I’m gonna rock the tortoise for now
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  2. And initial assembly Not a pro finish by any means. But it’ll do for now. Missed a few grain spots. Also I need to refine my sanding technique. A few scratches from the coarser grits can be seen under really bright light but disappear in most lighting.
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  3. Well after initial setup I would rate this as Badass. It has tons of sustain and plugged in it has a lot clarity to individual notes. Of course that could be the Gravelin’s. Even on the made to order options they only offer one neck carve for this model and it’s called a 59 profile. I actually prefer necks on the thinner side than most here, but even though it’s thicker it has nice profile that doesn’t feel too big to me. This next week I’m going to make a couple pick guards and see which I like best on it, white/black/white or tortoiseshell. A few more glamour shots along with requisite funky blanket.
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  4. Not the best photos but a couple of pictures after polishing
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  5. The Limba on this guitar is nice enough I contacted Stike about finishing it. Stike is Very busy and not taking on new orders until September. I almost thought about waiting, but I have the materials already so I decided to press forward. Got to start some time. built me a little temporary spray booth on the back porch. (Righ next to my garage door so easy to get the hose and gun in there. did some spray testing then decided to give it a go. Initial impression, Guns are way easier than a can so far. We will see after the wash costs go on , how much amber I need to add to the clear.
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  6. Or, you may want to talk to Josh about a pair of his Gravitrons. Just a thought.
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