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    I come from a stupid family. My father worked in a bank. They caught him stealing pens.
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    My doctor told me that I need to watch my drinking. So now I drink in front of a mirror.
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    When I’m dead, I hope my doctors will look upon my grave and say “He paid off my mortgage.”
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    I came from a rough neighborhood. Every time I closed a window I got somebody’s fingers.
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    "Let's get out there and do it to them, before they do it to us."
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    Sorry for dragging my tail. Here are pictures of the case in all its dusty two part glory. I also found hinges from an old saxophone case (see pics) that appear to be the same size. I'm going to cut them from the boards (you'll have to uninstall them) and include them in the case. Then you can find someone to do the repair or tackle it yourself. I have not yet found a shipping carton, so it will be near the end of next week before this ships. I'll let you know the cost of shipping once I have one. My guess is in the $40-$60 range, maybe a bit higher.
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    Hey when do you plan on getting on hwy 65 on the Branson trip? I am in Sedalia, MO...
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    Hi Chromium, Would you consider selling the Korina Jr. to a Canadian? I could get you to ship it to a US address near the border (Oroville, Washington State) and I will take care of the rest.. Of course I would pay you in US funds. If so, can you give me a description of condition and some more photos. I have bought 1 guitar from a US member of this website so if you need a reference I can give you one, of course once I get permission from said member to give his name as a reference. Is it all original? I am assuming being an 05, it would have the Vintage Carve neck. Looking forward to your reply. Cheers. My real name is Dana (and I am a dude).
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    Hi Cornelius, check mal die schwarze 81 Sunburst bei eBay. Scheint bei mir in der Nähe zu sein und preislich ein Schnapper. Ich könnte das Teil für Dich abholen und für Dich lagern, falls Du Interesse hast. Schönen Gruß, Thorsten
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    It got to be a great day!
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