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    I am still very much in the downsize mode. but sometimes you have to move on something special or regret it....... Ron Thorn has a real talent for guitar building, and a great touch for inlays. Part of a series of 5 created 6 months or so before he went with the Fender Custom Shop. Autumn Leaves theme. A great "sunset" burst really highlight the quilted top. Not to mention a solid Brazilian rosewood neck. And the ThroBak pickups work beautifully. Something about the wrap tail too.....
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    All these great guitars are popping up and depleting my resources. Just couldn't resist this...
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    Thanks for letting us know, Sue. It is greatly appreciated. Eric was an amazing, left-of-center guy. When he posted pictures of his stitches after his brain surgery, I told him his head looked like a baseball and it was on from there. There was no jab or barb we wouldn't inflict on one another, and the Wisconsin/Illionoise rivalry was always on the table. We had countless PMs and/or emails back and forth about gear or sports or Madison (he went to the UW here) and he always had the funniest stories - some of them hilariously out there - and never, ever failed to make me laugh. His perspective on the world was unique. I don't know if it was from the brain work or from living in flatland, but he could drive a nail from faaaaar left field with such effortlessness it was profound, scary and dead-on all at once. He had a love of golf and the movie Caddyshack. He will always be Noonan to me. I will forever kick myself for never meeting him in the flesh, as dangerous as that could have been. He will always be my friend, and I will always miss him. Rest easy, Noonan. We'll carry the bag from here.
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    So exactly two months ago, I bought a 1976 Sho-bud D10 pedal steel and set a goal to play it at a winery gig on August 17th (yesterday). Well it happened. Kinda scary. I guess I could equate it to setting a two month goal to do a show playing guitar left handed. I just played one tune and would give myself a B-. Tough part was the 16 bar solo. The crowd dug it. The venue, Benson Vineyards in Manson, Wa. My Sho-bud The rest of my quiver for the gig. Hamer Newport, Duesenberg Duocat 12, Gibson R8 and the Nash S63 that just showed up on Thursday. The Nash is cool. Has a big neck on it and Lollars.
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    thumbnail fret markers... Shishkov-style. 😍 That ebony tho!
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    For sale is my 1979 Sunburst. One piece neck. Straight as an arrow. All original with the possible exceptions of the pots. Plenty of age related crazing as this is a vintage 40 year old guitar. OHSC in great condition. Sounds, plays and looks amazing. I know I’ll kick myself. Lovely guitar, but needs must... £1850. UK only due to Cites (unless you know how to obtain this) https://reverb.com/item/22857307-hamer-sunburst-1979-stunning-top-ohsc?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share Thank you.
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    Getting ready to put tab A into slot B
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    With apologies to The Vapors. It seems to me that Korean stuff just hits the price/quality sweet spot for my low budget (but with standards) lifestyle. First, my DIY Schecter PT partscaster. I couldn't afford to the replace the "real" black PT I played back in the '80s, so I built a tribute to Townsend's "Live Aid" goldtop PT. The body is an MIK Schecter PT, which I married up to a maple Fender MIM neck. If I could only have one guitar, I'd keep this one. Is it custom shop quality? No, but it's good enough for me. Next up, my "Hamer" Sunburst. I never got around to buying a US Hamer back in my youthful, single days, and now that I'm older with house, cars, four kids (and a gig about every 2 years) I can't justify the $$$$. Enter my Slammer Series Sunburst, upgraded with Gravelin pickups, new guts in the control cavity, and some lightly used Schallers purchased here on the HFC. In my brain, I know real US Hamers are better guitars, but when I'm playing my MIK, my heart can't imagine how. The fun-to-$$$ ratio is off the scale. The same thing just happened again, this time with a car. I changed jobs and lost my company car, and needed something I could afford. Having just turned 60, I didn't want a tiny, tin-box piece of crap, but buying out my wife's Toyota Rav4 that is coming off a 3-year lease was just too much money. I looked at higher-mileage Rav4s but Toyotas hold their resale value to a ridiculous degree. Enter a Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundais do not hold resale value, though Consumer Reports rates their recent models nearly (but not quite) as good as Toyotas. Just like the guitars, it's in my sweet spot in terms of car/$$$. (Sorry, no pic. I'm out of town on business and can't pick it up until this Friday. It's silver.) Pretty soon, everything I own will be Korean.
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    Egad, it took them 12 before they realized it was a bad idea to begin with?
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    Let's take a minute and recall the youth of a Hall of Fame HFC-er.
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    if you like how it sounds & plays. Don't mess with it. if anything , give it a few months before ya change the configuration.
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    Well, I know that I can help with the latter and I wouldn't want to disappoint. Jerk-ol looks like he was attempting to adopt Greg Hawke's look, but failed miserably.
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    Hi, I know Eric communicated with a lot of you on this site and enjoyed it very much. I wanted to let you know that Eric passed away last Wednesday. You all kept him very entertained for many years, especially during his illness. Should you need to contact me, please email me at suenor28@gmail.com. Thank you, SueN
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    I have bought a nice chunk of Ben Harpers catalog, but other than bits and pieces nothing has completely taken me over. Today after I listened to the WTF Podcast with Mavis Staples, I quickly looked up Mavis Staple/Ben Harper on Kimmel. Floored, so I looked up the album, Floored, purchased it and its OTW!
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    Speaking of Ace and Nite Bob: I did tech support at the AF/Ratt concert on July 3rd at the Westchester County Center in NY. I got to meet NiteBob who was mixing FOH for Ace and the opening act. We talked for a while about Hamers and he had a lot of road stories over the years. As far as I know, he's FOH engineer for the tour. Below is a Soundcraft Vi-3000 Console that NiteBob mixed the Frehley's Comet set on:
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    The inlays are off center.
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    Are you new here? Joe knows what pattern SS has carved out in his pubic patch.
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    I always remember Toby saying " if you want someone to obsess over the details get a Korean "
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    Too late for me, @ZR and @tobereeno, lol!
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    Yes to that. One conclusion is that he "sold out". I think not. Here is what I gather. Ron has been successful, even loved by a lot of owners. My limited interaction with him was amazing. What a nice guy! A friend who lives near him has has more direct experience and reports the same, times 3. Ron ran his own show for MANY years. Made a LOT of people very happy. But it is a grind running a business. Maybe even more so in SoCal. For a long time, he worked with his father. And, as good as Ron is with the inlays and such, apparently his father was better. Well, his father died a while ago, and things changed. The grind of running a business, meeting payroll (for a small number of employees) and actually HAVING A LIFE became more difficult. Maybe less fun. He had been doing a lot of work for the FCS, so this seemed like a natural progression to actually having a life. The downside to such as myself is that grabbing his "artistry" through FCS probably doubles the price.DAMN! BTW, the Artisan above just MIGHT be the second best Thorn, I have played. There was actually one followup to that series of 5, since he had enough of that spectacular finish left over for ONE more. As much as I love the "hifi" tone of that FAT BRW neck, the one with korina (black limba) body (chambered) and neck, one piece (You would not believe the depth!) quilt top and abalone reminiscent of the Artist Ultimate model. MIGHT be better than the one pictured above. I will just leave this by saying it MIGHT have the most luscious sustain of any guitar I have ever played..... .
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    Give it a couple of weeks and CITES may not be an issue. CITES is having their meeting right now (it was postponed from earlier in the year due to the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka). I believe one of the agenda items is excluding musical instruments from the rosewood restrictions that came online in 2017.
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    While I am fessin' up....I did not exactly buy this one. A buddy got this one,. but hankered for a certain high end guitar I had, so he shipped it and a fair amount of cash in trade. This one does not show up in Ron's gallery. Apparently it was "work in progress" when he signed on with FCS and completed shortly thereafter. Korina neck and the same ThroBak pickups as on the Artisan (above). But it is a whole different animal. Hard to imagine too much better of a (slightly) "downsized" semi-hollow. All the praise offered up here for the Grantura model is confirmed in spades. Color changes with the light! ETA.....This is G-031, where only those up to G-025 (and some other specials) show up on the Thorn site. There is at least one after this one (I have that from a good source) so maybe they are slightly less scarce than they appear. I am not sure if it is a long term keeper, only because.......
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    I understand that Jol turned people off with his "red is not available on this model" to a day later having be a standard color type behaviors, but in the end, he was the founder of Hamer and without him there would be nothing to talk about here. Many successful people are oddballs, it their uniqueness that allows them to have visions beyond the norm. By all accounts, Steve Jobs was a total asshole, including to his daughter and her mother.
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    The key to success in life is to have realistic expectations. I can only assume that you are a very successful person. As for the picture, I can only assume that the word "COCKHEAD" came off in the wash.
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    There are several here I bet Jol would piss on for free.
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    Not enough to bother with. Learn a new lick instead
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    Just when you think you've seen 'em all...
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    Oh.... I know the one you mean...
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    I was lucky enough to buy this one about ten years ago. No balance problem that I'm aware of...
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    Hipshot makes an ultralight series of tuners they call just that. I'd recommend that and the heaviest tailpiece you can put your hands on to shift the center of balance. When I intonate guitars, I stand up with the guitar on a strap. Here's what I have in the shop for when I encounter neck-heavy SGs on my strap.
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    IIRC the Who's version of "We're Not Gonna Take It" on the original Woodstock soundtrack was edited; the full version was on the The Kids Are Alright soundtrack. Like KIzanski, I wouldn't mind hearing their whole set, and comparing it to their Isle of Wight set from the next annum...which I've heard, and it wasn't too inspiring. Wouldn't mind hearing Mountain, for that matter. FWMOW they were always a better listen live than their studio material. YMMV Heard Joe Cocker and Santana live in Atlanta two months after Woodstock, along w/ the Chicago Transit Authority (who headlined) + an opening local band called the Georgia Power Company. Highlight for me at that show was Cocker's "Let's Go Get Stoned"...
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    Yep...I can buy that theory.
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    That box set is sold out, and there is one on eBay right now that has been bid up to $1776 so far. For all the goodies that are included, they could have put it some kind of replica of green or blue acid, but no brown, of course.
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    In light of owning 0006 I’d happily buy and own that shirt.
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    The market place has told Gibson time and time again, "we don't want change, we want improved quality", are they deaf or stupid? The money spent on research and development could be going into QC.
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    FS: Pure Sixty-Four Low-powered Tweed Twin Head Pure Sixty-Four and Mark Giammattei's take on the Fender 5E8A 50's Low-power 40 watt Tweed Twin amp. Completely hand-wired head with the best-of-the-best components and tweaked to have more of a hot-rodded tone with a bit of extra gain on tap. The way we wished the original had! The listing is for just the head, no cab. I was running it with a single 12" Weber or a single Fane Alnico 12", both sounded sweet. This is a one-off with a Black Tweed cab. I custom-ordered it from Mark in a Black Tweed finish to match my speaker cab. Looks really great. I am the original owner. 100% original. Works perfectly - no issues. Probably less than 15 hrs on it. These sell new, direct from Pure-Sixty Four for $1,200. I tried 2 other Tweed Twins from other boutique builders and this one was just better overall. Much Tighter bottom end, not flabby at all! And a bigger, more open sounding midrange. The amp is as-new condition, barely used and kept in non-smoking home. I am only selling as I just bought one of Mark's 5E3 Tweed Deluxes. That fits my band better. The Tweed Twin is just a little too loud for me (My blues band only plays small places and doesn't play that loud) More info below and feel free to contact Mark at Pure Sixty four to authenticate that I am the original owner - Thx! $850. Shipped/Paypal'd. (A PPGift would be nice if you know me) Thx, Ernie INFO FROM PURE SIXTY-FOUR: A head version of the circuit which is based on the 5E8A 50s Tweed Twin. You can have it stock or "Hot Rod" We suggest the "Hot Rod" Hot Rod was designed to bring more flexibility to the original because its a bit of a one trick pony. The amp retains all of the amazing greatness of an original TT but adds an element which makes it a perfect pedal board platform for any venue and almost any style of music. Experience endless "bell like" clean tones with your guitar volume down, step on it and the thing just sings for days...warm sweet or with a bite if you choose! The amp is shipped with 12AX7s in the pre-amp. All of the clips out there are done with the harder driving mu of the 12AX7. Make no mistake, change the pre-amp tubes to 12AY7 and the amp cleans up with a warmth and sing, with bell like highs you'll never want to stop playing! An ENTIRELY hand made amplifier...no circuit boards, custom transformers and hand made cabinet, loaded with Celestion speakers. An amp built this way, with the level of organic tone inside, this box is an absolute steal at this price! The amp stands right along side any "F" based amplifier in the world...regardless of the year or who's name is on it! Voiced by guitarists for guitarists.
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    My preference is for the John Cipollina pickguard style. It really complimented the shape of the body's horns and bevels.
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    So sorry to hear this. He will be very much missed on this board, as well as all the lives he touched in person. RIP, Mr. Otten, and just remember:
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    I have the 16 inch aluminium ones (from Guitars and Woods, Portugal). In fact, I just realised I did not have a 14 inch radius so I just ordered one today. I already have 7.25 / 9.5 / 10 / 12 / 16 inch ones (heck knows why I got a 16 inch radius as it's never been used lol). They cost around £53 GBP each delivered (that's around $65 US). I have my old wooden ones which I rarely use. My aluminium ones are 16 inch length and I only use them for radiusing boards and clamping new frets down. I still do my fret levelling with a flat beam... I'm gonna do this guitar justice...
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    The 24th fret natural harmonic point for pickup location is only at that location for open strings. Once you fret a note the harmonic point shifts toward the bridge. It looks like the SG's pole pieces are located at the harmonic of 2nd or 3rd fret.
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    Well, the problem is that with an SG, the pickup isn't right next to the fretboard on the 22 fret models. I actually doubt that the pickup is a different distance from the nut. Note this picture of a 24 Fret SG supreme next to a 22 Fret SG Standard: Also, Thundersteel picked one up a while back, and was not really impressed:
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    Well-to-do former hippies everywhere will recapture their youth by cranking their iPhones while sitting in the middle of a muddy field. And it will be beautiful.
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    SG's should only exist in cherry, antique white or Pelham blue. The cherry can fade to natural...
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