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    Oh, here's our song list: You have to click on the "Youtube" link to see the whole list of songs. Obviously, nothing challenging in the soloing realm. But you know, who cares? People dance to the songs, that's the important part.
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    The snakeskin and holloskulls are also by Jim.
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    We are going to place the guitar on a wall with pictures of Randy around it! Our way of celebrating him and his life! Maybe take it down every once in to fill the room with its sweet sound. And again, thank you all and special thanks to Hamer-on, whose generosity made this happen!
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    Sometimes you seem 95% younger.
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    Because I don't need another guitar and already have a koa Mirage and I like the 25.5 scale double cuts and that top was too much to resist and gin martini and what the heck, why not?
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    That's because they're a bunch of entitled asshats who haven't gotten the memo that their profiteering days are over.
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    I absolutely concur with everything you just posted. I have a hand-wired White Dragon as well which is similar yet different, but the Black Glass just kills on its own. I LOVE the treble booster side with buckers and my Firebird buckers. Single coils work great in the Fuzz Face side and the pedal cleans right up to a sparkling chimney clean with low-output singles and even my vintage wound Firebirds. You can go from sparkling clean to full on fuzz with everything between too.I haven’t tried it as a clean boost yet but will today. I did adjust the internal trimmer to the sweet spot for me...it is a bias trimmer so you can tailor the fuzz to your ears. Everything from gated spitty fuzz to a loud smoother fuzz. Another Lovepedal winner and this one truly is special. I agree with @gtrdaddy 100%!
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    https://newjersey.craigslist.org/msg/d/towaco-hamer-newport-pro-baritone/7047884390.html In excellent condition, PM or reply via CL ad.
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    Pure Sixty-Four “Soul Maker” 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Head. Mint condition - not a mark on it anywhere. Works perfectly – no issues. All hand-wired. Custom Transformers. This is the "Hot Rod" version with a little bit more gain. Two 6V6 power - 20 watts. I’m the original owner. Kept in my non-smoking home. I custom-ordered it Black Tweed to match my speaker cabs. 2 channels, Normal and Bright (Great to blend them with a patch cable like you do with vintage Marshalls. Has the optional tone-shaping switches on both inputs for added guitar pickup matching flexibility. If you crave that Tweed Deluxe tone, they don’t get any better than Mark’s amps. $450. Shipped/PayPal. (A Paypal Gift would nice if you know me) Let me know if you have any questions - Thx Ernie
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    Keep digging! What else is in there?
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    ....and we have another winner. This is the most natural reverb pedal I have ever, ever heard. I have 3 other Lovepedal verbs...all different...but this is the most natural and the best. It just sounds like a spring reverb tank in an amp. I have had a bunch of other verbs too and they never sound natural...with a couple exceptions. But this was only $75 during the BF sale. I will commit to this verb when I record when I need verb on a track. It’s that good.
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    It would have to have a massive inflation to have Hamers sell in that range IMO.
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    If anybody is interested, my chrome LE version is available...
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    I had a checkup in Mountain View this morning. After the vet extricated her wristwatch from my arse, I hobbled over to Gryphon and took a look at the Goldtop. Here a pic of the 'separation' noted in the listing. And another one of the binding below the horn. It seemed a bit rough compared to the rest of the binding. There are two tiny finish divots on the back edge of the lower bout. They look like damage from a guitar stand based on the locations. Overall the finish was really good other than the clams I photographed. Now, the neck. It's not slim at all. I have pretty big paws (good for bass) but this neck was not uncomfortable at all. If i was shopping for a P90 guitar it might have come home with me. Overall a very solid instrument, in really good condition (finish, frets, etc.). I did NOT plug it in because a) I suck on guitar, and b) I was afraid I'd like it.
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    My jaw is on the floor. This guy is freakin' un-real. Check out the way he plays and frets behind the slide (Like Sonny Landreth, no relation) Give the tune a bit to get going, 4:00-on is out-of-this world slide playing. I'm a big fan of Sonny and Derek Trucks, but OMG. One more:
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    DR Blues on G scale length guitars - .010s. EBs pure nickels on F scale length - .009s. D'Addario's are always good. Why the differences? I dunno. Probably whatever I had lying around at the time. Some more food for thought... https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/String_Myths_Part_1
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    All of the Lovepedal Delays sit great in front of the amp. I used them in front of the overdrives and they work great.
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    I really have come to like this a lot. Don’t need to run it in the loop. Sets up in front of the amp and doesn’t get crazy taking over the sound like many delays.
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    SRV was a big man with large fingers. His tone was also the result of running several different amplifiers maxed out.
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    I do believe what @joshoowah and I posted pretty much tells you that we already have 😉 Also, we ought to play what we like. Don’t let some cheesy bar chord wankery on a lackluster video influence your decision on what to play. I’m pretty sure if SRV hadn’t been forced by tendinitis to drop from .013s to .011s he wouldn’t have changed. Them mentioning his going to .011s prior to his death is by no means relevant to their summation of their video.
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    It’s a probable probability...
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    My impressions of Red Moon Tchula. First, I don’t really use distortion pedals, I prefer Boogie preamp distortion. However, the Tchula is quite different. Basic operation is left side is mild overdrive, responsive to the guitar volume control and picking attack. No settings, just on or off. The right side is another of the same, stacked on top. The knob gives you more saturation, not so much more output. Still responsive to volume knob and picking. Somewhere around noon is where you really start hearing a difference. Fairly transparent as far as changing the basic tone, but has what I would call a slight shift to upper mid-range. Lows still come through. Sort of juicy distortion and very fun to play. Very interactive with my MKIIA. Tone and response changes with Vol 1, pull-shift (mid-boost) and treble. With an early switching amp, I now have 3 to 5 tones. If just using clean, 3. If using distortion channel there are 6 but gets to be too much gain unless you dial back the distortion channel gain. One pedal = multiple distortion tones. Depending on the amp input level, the Red Moon doesn’t really give an overall volume boost. You can use old-school guitar knob control, a boost pedal (up front or in a loop) or a volume pedal.if you want to slam your amp front end hard, you need something else. I’m looking forward to getting it out to a gig and seeing how the added tones work. I may be able to have a cleaner clean and still have a good high gain with added options between them.
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    Just wanted to say that there is no worry in buying just the body, I bought a cabinet from him and he packed that thing to survive a nuclear blast. I’m tempted myself but I bought 5 guitars (4 teles and an Eclipse) since Thanksgiving. Wifey hasn’t said a word...she’s a keeper...
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    My EPH from black Friday finally showed up this past Saturday.
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    Cannot accurately convey how much this rules...
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    I think getting those odd times to work unnoticeably is largely about the drummer. My first band wrote a lot in 7 and 5 and even had a few polyrhythms here and there. Folks never noticed because our drummer had such fluid cymbal and snare work that his patterns never seemed to be "interrupted" by the 1 coming somewhere you didn't expect. A lot of folks who'd watch us said they never noticed this or that song was in 7/8 or 5/4 until they tried to bob their head to it. He left for a few months, and replacing him was hell. We even had the "best" drummer in our local rock circle in Murfreesboro come audition, and we went from sounding like a balls out rock band to Rush. Dude never could play an odd time without making it feel odd. Thankfully, our original drummer moved back to Nashville and stayed until the band finally fell apart a couple of years later. Love or hate this song, you have to admit that's a pretty smooth 7/8.
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    I’m in the same camp. There’s just something about the all nickel strings I prefer! I like the tone and for me the just feel more comfortable! I use a blend in a pinch but Pure nickel wound EB 10-46’s are my fave’s!!
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    I was going to say that my goal is to get around to congratulating at least half of the New Gear Day posts here. However, that Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander has me thinking about how it would let me use more of my stuff more often... And it begins.
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    That’s a presumable presumption.
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    I used Beta 57 and 58’s for years until I sang into a Sennheiser e935. I liked how it sounded on my voice. And that is an important thing to look at with vocal mic’s. Different “colors” sound better with certain voices. If I could afford to do a front line with Beta 87’s I’d do it in a heartbeat. That mic sounds good on everybody’s voice!! They’re durable too!! For now I’m diggin my e935’s !!!
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    It’s funny: I guess Django49 is a financial advisor, so I hope he’d agree, but this talk of doubt about instruments’ investment value is funny because an investment is a bet placed because of risk. Without risk, you’re not paid a reward. If instrument prices tank because the prevailing wisdom is that guitars are dead, the people buying them prior to a new wave of guitar music dominating popular music will be seen as geniuses. And if no such wave appears and the market vanishes entirely, they’ll be seen as fools.
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    Wish I could... I’ve lived vicariously throughout the years.
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    Steve Stevens is buying a Falbo baritone according to this video. You might want to call dibs if Steve sells it.
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    They have nicer bits (Lollar, Faber, etc.) than their Gibson counterparts. Seems like a good value.
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    That’s a great Idea!! I’m gonna try it!!
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    YouTube clip from NAMM. TGP rumors of $1300-$1400 (MRSP?). Good marketing to generate buzz, the set final
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    I was very skeptical of the hype, that the amp is BETTER after the proprietor retired. But Jim Marshall wasn't wiring every amp right?
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    Wins; Pedals - Strymon Flint, JHS AT+, AND - not a pedal but an awesome book about - Pedal Crush Amps - Allen Old Flame (Allen built) head with 2x12, REVV D20 Guitars - G&L Doheny - So in love. I love the colour (Emerald Green Metallic), matching headstock, competition stripe, the MFD pickups are very versatile (Roll back that Treble pot a bit), I found the tone controls to be different than expected, but very functional (Bass and Treble cuts) especially for this guitar, pretty bright fully open. Oh and the G&L trem is so good! Misc - Mono M80 guitar bag. Came free with a Tick 2.0. Never thought I'd love a gigbag so much. But I really do. Fails - Strymon Riverside. My second attempt with one. Not enough lead boost for my needs. Tried to replace a couple of drive pedals and lead boost with just the one. Nope. Drive sounds are great, but the pedal is large and takes up too much real estate to just add a separate boost at the end. 1979 Hamer Sunburst. Kinda fell into my lap. Traded straight up for a 2018 SG Standard. So that's a win. Just didn't connect with it. Sold it for a good profit, bought that G&L mentioned above and a set of winter tires (wheee!!!). Not a total fail, but the guitar to me was. If you like it, the dude who bought it is listing it for 5k now. Was $8500.
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    He’s a monster drummer, his work with DT was phenomenal. I also like his playing with the Winery Dogs a bunch.
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    Mike Portnoy going full fanboy and air drumming behind Dave is pretty great too.
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    Stike has a couple things cooking for me that I've been itchin' to get together...a few other projects getting wrapped up, but I want to spend more time playing (and playing out) in 2020.
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    I only have the od11 bones for $50, but it sounds amazing! For the comparison of quality @$50 I won’t complain at this point.
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    Got to spend a little time with the Bullitt Mustang and it’s owner back in October. Really excited to see how much it’s going to go for this week.
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    Thus speaks a wart... No, you're right BUT enough has occurred on here that underscores the special nature of this place that I stand by my initial assertion.
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