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    New to me guitar day!!! Hamer Studio from Srvwannab. Quick Shipping and the guitar Is EXCELLENT!!! I let it warm up, tuned it up and it ROCKS!!! Thank you Joe!!! Great deal too!!! He has several other beautiful guitars for sale here, no fear, you’ll get a great deal and a sweet guitar!!!
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    We'd have to shut down the internet if it were to be scrubbed of jokes that weren't original, timely or funny. Said internet has essentially given the entire population an equal and public voice. The vast majority of those people are insipid morons.
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    The only similar rule we have here is that anybody who posts that "...No, First a Gibson, Then a Fender..." meme gets instabanned. WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!!
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    A rare nugget of wisdom on The Rear Page: "I think it's actually incredibly sexist to assume a woman can't handle a joke."
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    Is it too late to order a Pussy Melter pedal?
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    Next they'll start banning people for making snarky remarks about drummers.
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    Hole has been filled with correct Honduras mahogany, cured and sanded flat. The big problem is finding a piece of actual Honduras mahogany with the correct dimensions, grain, color to fit the job. A piece the has to be at least 19"x5"x 1/8 thick, and at least three pieces to choose from. Not easy find. The piece photo'd "could work", but, I am not totally sold on it. It is big and thick enough, but the color and grain are not. BUT! I just got word that I am being shipped 3 pieces to choose from for the task and assured that will meet the requirements! I'm pretty excited.
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    What DOESN'T become an intergalactic flame war on The Rear Page? And I don't think locking this thread down is the answer to political correctness running amok. In my opinion, it supports it.
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    To be expected from the drama queens, panderers and man-children over there. Part of the HFC's appeal is our higher tolerance for adult discussions that don't involve the Big 2 Taboo Topics.
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    Nigel: "What's wrong with be'n' sexy?" Ian: "Sex-IST"
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    cool pickup locally... facebook no less. drove down 128 in rush hour (the tech highway outside of Boston that's a pita even in nice weather) but well worth the trip. great seller. really clean, light, haven't weighed it but feels like 6 lbs... plays great, nice ebony board. pickups sound nice, had toyed with the idea of going Dimarzio zebra SD's but going to give these Dean pickups a shot for now... got the original dean case which is HUGE... and an SKB hard bag which is awesome. not quite as refined as the time capsule series, but still nicely built. pics
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    Facebook has bred the biggest bunch of pussies I have ever seen. I let me wife buy her own purses.
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    I never lusted after a Newport until I saw this one, Selling that Les Paul hurt, but I'm sure it'll be worth it. Thanks, Cam!
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    a couple of years ago I accompanied a friend to GC when he was on the hunt for a new Epiphone SG; he wanted an SG but his budget couldn't justify a Gibson. He played through several Epiphones and settled on one of the ones with the coil-tap (I don't recall that ever being a desired feature, but ah ok). I played his choice, but also tried a used black Epi SG that has a chunky neck and played well for half the price ($199). Played great sounded good even with the stock pickups, so I grabbed it figuring I could always upgrade the pickups and electronics if I needed to. For as much as I 'need' an SG it's more than good enough. Guitars are all one-offs in terms of the wood, components, fit and finish. I've played great cheap guitars and lousy expensive guitars - I think higher end generally buys you a higher likelihood of a 'better' instrument but it's still a bit of a crapshoot imho due to other variables (especially when 'better' is subjective by what you want/like/can deal with in a guitar). It's like shoes; some fit you right and some just don't work for you (but Butcher always has the coolest ones of all lol).
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    Okay, I'll play. I'll just say that Wampler could have written, "Guys, I know you're half-joking with the 'gotta buy the little woman a purse' stuff, but out of respect for our sisters here who have had to endure some sexist s**t in order to play in what's historically been Boy's World, try to tone it down, or at least say that you and your boo have an agreemeont on your gear stuff? A lot of women like guitars more than shoes. Peace out."
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    "What it is" depends on the woman. My wife totally gets the guitar/handbag and guitar/shoes comparisons. I'm sure plenty of other women who are involved with guitar nerds, if not the majority, get it too. As for the lying about purchases or the "you got that so I get this" dynamic, once again, those are manifestations of issues within particular relationships, not indictments of male-female relationships as a whole.
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    When I first opened the link I thought 'I didn't need to see that'. I was right. It's not as dark in person as Dave's pictures: ...and more reddish/less orangeish than my picture: It's a sweet darker burst and in really nice shape. Case is, too. Neck is maybe a tick to the bigger side of a medium C, with minimal fret wear. The new Dave's in Madison is a nice place with some really great guitars. The staff is a bunch of longtime old school Madison-area musicians with a lot of knowledge and experience. My stupid drummer was with me and started yapping with one of them that he knew from the old days and I didn't think we'd ever leave. But it was awesome - real musicians with real-world experience giving useful information without the BS. God it was nice to be in a REAL music store again. Thank you for the heads-up, Mr. Crunchee sir. I love you, my wife hates you. Now to finally plug it in......
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    What a wussy. I knew there was a reason why I don’t like his pedals. Facebook sucks.
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    Pro tip, and this applies to all modelers: do NOT expect patches dialed in via headphones or at low volume to work at live band volume. That's a recipe for misery. You have to tweak live presets at live volume. Google Fletcher-Munson if you want to know why, or just trust me on this.
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    For Sale USA Bluesboy , sonic blue #1 neck factory pleked 8.75 # on my digital bathroom scale. G&G OHSC some scuffs in tolex but otherwise excellent. medium jumbo frets in excellent condition. Guitar itself has light player swirling etc , No dings Have COA and case candy. asking $ 1000 PP gift plus shipping offers considered Gibson Advanced Jumbo Rosewood back and sides Sitka top. Old Logo MOP inlays. This guitar sounds great with finger picking or strumming 25.5" scale. Chosen from many examples of AJ and J45 at the Music Zoo. Sadly the neck is giving me cramps when I play. Have all case candy warranty card and OHSC asking $2000 PP gift + shipping offers considered RedPlate BlackVerb update to current specs hand wired 6l6 goodness can run 6v6's as well. To my knowledge this is the only one ever done in Marshall cosmetics 1x12 cabinet loaded with WGS Retro speaker footswitch included mixture of old and new glass. BTW old glass did not make a significant difference in tone in this amp. Amp has never been moved from my smoke free home close to new as you could get, if you could get one Asking $2400 for amp and cab PP gift + shipping would rather not ship of course https://www.redplateamps.com/blackverb.html More pics available on request Conus only due to CITES considerations
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    OK here it is, my Hamer Electraglide SMG is up for sale for 5K which is substantially less than I paid. If it were not an emergency it would be the last to go. 5K takes it. Shipped FedEx insured. CONUS ONLY - PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY - NO TRADES PLEASE
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    Yep, @Nathan of Brainfertilizer Fame and I put them in his B-Way. Funny, but my opinion is the opposite of hamerhead's and sixesandsevens's. IMHO the P-90 settings sound fantastic and very familiar if you're used to the P-90s Hamer used. The HB settings also sound great, very fat and warm. The rail settings were my least favorite but still useful when you need a Swiss Army knife-type of guitar. It's important to note that we installed them reversed (i.e. rails-out). They way I look at it the rails are gravy on their own but essential for the HB tones. Here's a clip I recorded where I run through the settings:
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    As a rule I prefer irregularities. This is how we know these things are made out of wood. This is a conversation I had with Mike Shishkov when he called me to get my thumbs up on the body for Ultimate #0009. It seems that when he did the final sanding, pre-paint, two mineral streaks appeared and he wanted to know if I still wanted to go Au Natural vs. a cherry (like a Les Paul back), a solid color, or a different body altogether. "Whatever you want," he told me. A testament to his standards of build and visual QC. Here are the pix he sent me: Of course, I gave that the green light. Uniformity and perfection bores me.
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    Damn, who knew that a short scale bass could have so much thump. Picked this up on a trade at a local shop recently. This is the Contemporary series, so MIC but in the only licensed Hofner factory outside of Germany, very well made, center block, German Staple pickups, flats, and lightweight. And what a tone, definitely not a slab bass.
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    I don't post here often but this is an issue which I've actually learned a lot about in the past year or so. If you think about it, when these US companies are subcontracting the production of their US guitars, they are basically handing over their blueprints to the sub-contractor. Sure, they can withhold some trade secrets but they are at least trying to visually imply that it's the same guitar (Les Paul, SG, Strat, etc). Many of these overseas companies have often already made their mark by forging copies of famous models and selling domestically, so they aren't starting from scratch! And with modern construction techniques - well, it doesn't take long for Asia to learn how to use a CNC machine. The one edge that a company like Gibson might have is in using cheaper hardware and electronics on their imports, but the foreign builders are conquering that problem as well. Gibson can't exactly tell them to keep using bad hardware, it just makes the product inferior when compared to other import lines like PRS' SE series. We are pretty much in a space right now where China is sitting about where Ibanez did in 1976. Close enough in quality to convince some buyers to forego the US model. Personally, if there is a guitar I really, really want to own and play.....let's say, a US Les Paul Standard, then there's no way I'm going to go for the Epiphone. I would just shop until I found a nice Standard that meets my expectations (and that might be a 15 year old Standard, the way things are going in terms of wood and craftsmanship with current Gibson). On the other hand, if there is a guitar that I just thought would be fun to play, or look good hanging on the wall, or setup as an emergency backup - let's say, a 3-pickup SG Custom - then, with current import quality, if I can snag that at $500-600, then I'm sure not gonna pay $3k for one. I have a friend who used to run a small US guitar company, and he did source an import line to basically help fund the US side of his custom builds. He was stunned not only by the quality of what came in, but the price points that were offered by the import manufacturers. If you go look on Ebay at the forged Gibsons (or "Chibsons") for sale, and the low, low price they will sell them for - just keep in mind that Gibson is getting a better price than that by contracting in bulk for the same guitar - just a slightly altered headstock and different logo! So retail is easily triple what they are paying to build and ship the guitars. My buddy did point out that he would have to invest time into setups, nut corrections, or fret leveling to get the imports to his expectation, but small price to pay when there is a lot of room for markup. I don't get the sense Gibson spends any time on correcting any build flaws on Epiphones. And with the improved craftmanship on these instruments, they almost don't need to worry about it. I have heard PRS does some QC work on SE's after they ship to the US but before they get to the shop. The forgery companies certainly have no ethics, I won't defend them - but they seem to be a lot more interested in delivering custom builds, with a la carte options, which is something that US companies won't consider without asking astronomical prices. We live in interesting times.