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  1. Neither will apparently be appearing in the popular video game Guitar Hero ("dad, real guitars are for old people!" -South Park). In fact EVH's son, Wolfy, will be playing bass in the game on the classic hits, which will apparently exclude all of the Van Hagar songs. I thought this was interesting. Maybe Chicken Foot will have some tunes out on Rock Band. Ha! I've only played GH once and I hated it, but thought the VH news was interesting.
  2. I've had a few of both, but the Cali's were the best. Man, I miss my holoflake cali elite!!!
  3. I raise both a bomb pop and a pop tart to you sir!
  4. Couldn't make it out. In fact I'm still in a recording session. Back to work...
  5. Hmmm, or I could have one of every model by Bogner, Diezel, Egnater, Demeter, etc. with matching 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 cabs and still have enough money left over to buy a NEW car. Hmmm.... what should I do....
  6. It's nice to put a face with the coffee mug!
  7. I think I found this place in '99 when I was working in the college computer lab spending most of my time surfing when not helping people figure out their email or how to change fonts on their term papers. Basically they paid me to surf, flirt with girls and snack. lol! (Man, I've got to get that job back!!!!) Back then there was a lot of talk about bomb pops and pop tarts. I used to photoshop pancakes, rabbits and earlier mentioned all over BCRGreg and his car too. lol! I think I lost the pictures though...
  8. I doubt it. Standards are part of the bread and butter of the company. Their Vectors are iconic too. Now you'll probably be able to get bolt-ons made in the fender custom shop stamped with Hamer on the strat/tele shaped headstock. lol!
  9. I'm not aware of any changes in the production of Jackson guitars since Fender bought them (granted I haven't worked at a dealer in 3 years). But I was working at a dealer during the change. The production plant was the same with the same staff and the guitars were the same quality (And I've owned a lot of USA custom shop Jacksons). If anything, they just brought back strat headstock shaped charvels. I doubt they'll change much, if anything, about the American Hamers. This is interesting to read about though.
  10. Vintage 30's are my favorites. They come in many of the highest end clean and high gain amps. Extremely versitle. The Vintage 30/Greenback combo sounds amazing. Check out a Matchless DC30 for further proof. Some of the coolest guitar tones I've ever recorded.
  11. Happy B-day fellas! Tom, you should come by the studio sometime!
  12. Here's me acting like my usual dumb ass self... Kicking the night off: With the teeth: Behind the head:
  13. They're better than Andersons. Super nice guitars! I love 'em!
  14. There was a really great Clapton performance a while back where he played through a Soldano. He played his signature strat on one tune and a 335 on another. He sounded really great. It's a shame he never sounded that good on most of his live DVD's. The Notting Hillbillies were awesome when they were on.
  15. That's mean. Does that mean you suck? Could you use makeup/special effects to help the guy? Yes, yes and yes. But not any meaner than anything on SNL. Actually, the line in my signature comes from several of my clients. One in particular said to me, "I'm not paying you to make me sound like I always do. I'm paying you to make me sound way better so I can actually sell some of thes damn things [cd's]!" (many people say similar things though). We (the engineers) always get a good laugh when people tell us things like that. As a client yesterday said, "Wow! Autotune is awesome!!!!" I just smiled and said, "Yes. Yes, it is." He was grinning ear to ear. God bless the digital recording world. I'll never miss cutting tape again. I threw out all my grease pencils. Edited (I think) because I just got home from work and it's almost 6:00am and I'm not sure if I'm awake or asleep...
  16. Remind me to challenge Cobert to a green screen guitar duel. I can't look worse than that Decemberist's guitarist!
  17. Well I was the youngest guy here at one time. (has been 8 years? where does th etime go) and I'll Amen that! Don't feel bad. My Dad is 57, plays a Hamer (I bought it for him) and still plays with his friends (some former high school and college band mates!) and they have gigs playing the music they love like Cream, Santana, etc. I jam with them whenever I'm in town during a rehearsal. Hell I listen to the music they play all the time. I never listen to the covers I do (Weezer, My Chemical Romance, whatever's hot this month, etc.). If they can do it, so can you!
  18. That Still of THe Night Video is dead on! I've always said I would actually kill someone if it would allow me to sing like Coverdale. Great voice!
  19. Not married (dodged that bullet!) and everything I buy is a tax write off!! Whoo-hoo!
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