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  1. You have to, or at least had to (I don't know if it has changed), make a donation to the board in order to get access to the Outer Circle. This helped cover the costs for Ted to keep the server up and running and gave contributors a bonus. The outer circle is more of an anything goes type of place. However, I have no problem with member posts, that don't start flame wars, on the main board. In fact, I've always been in favor of them. That's one of the things I liked about the old, old board. If I post a question I need help with (like my cell phone question a while ago) I know I won't get nearly as many helpful responses on the OC because not as many people have access. Here's An Idea: Perhaps we should have another section for all members? (The mid circle, so to speak) One that is for all non-music posts, but does not allow nudity, political or potential flame war types of posts. Those types of posts made there could then be moved to the outer circle. This way everything is much more clear cut as to where to post. Music here. Non-music on the new section. Risky stuff on the Outer Circle. It's just an idea. I like things simple, and that seems simple enough. Anyone else?
  2. I can hear the pitch and tempo just fine on both of those and it sounds awful! I'd say that's how. It sounds like some kid who's been playing for a year cranking it up in a music store...
  3. Basically my system is this: I check it out to see if it sounds and plays great. Then regardless, I ultimately make my decison based on: 1. The cosmetic appearance of the guitar. 2. The brand name on the headstock 3. If it's all original (no solder points can have ever been touched, etc.) 4. How cool I think it will make me look 5. Who I'm sure it will make me sound like
  4. Is the componet quality of the Ceriatone stuff the same as the real amps? I particularly interested in the DC-30 kit they have.
  5. When he does overdubs, I'm going to make him play the guitar upside down.
  6. Bil, even the dreaminess of the mics used to capture Paults' sounds have increased!
  7. Actually, Paults is more of a "meedley meedley" guy. The proper mic placement really shows that.
  8. ROTFLMAO!!!! I say we just "sample" the original songs in their entirety!
  9. HAHAHA!!! SOme of the guys were in the control room when paults was tracking guitars and one of them said, "Aww, look at Paul he's so cute the way he holds his guitar!" and I replied, "Cute? No, he's dreamy! I have a Paul lunchbox with a matching thermos!" Suddenly the control room was filled with hysterical laughter. Apparently, he never told those guys about his fan club here, or our merchandise!
  10. These days I'm so busy I don't get much time to surf the net so some of you might have noticed I've been absent for some time (or then again maybe you didn't. lol!). Paults and the Reaganomics (or the ray-gun-omics, or regan-omics, or however they're deciding to spell it now ) have been in at my studio cutting their new promotional disc celebrating ten years of playing songs that are over twenty years old. Pault's was extremely happy to know that the guitar tone he heard on the tracks was due to "good mic placement" of a MD421 and SM57 and not a bunch of eq-ing or effects. Paults' is using his Silver Jubilee with a custom 2x12 cab with vintage 30's. He had a Phantom (Hamer content!) and a PRS (custom 22 or 24 I think?) that he used on the tracks. The PRS sat better in the mix so it will be heard on most of the songs. He and the guys have quite a collection of 80's tunes including a medley of Bon Jovi and a cover of Rebel Yell, which features Paults abusing his whammy bar. Yesterday we did some vocals in our B studio after a couple of days of tracking the music in Studio A. The guys will have yet another day or two of tracking, which promises to be fun. Fortunately for me, Paults was there at the sessions to tell me how to engineer properly! I don't know why I wasted the money on Full Sail and The Recording Workshop when I could have just signed up for private lessons with him? We're all having a good time and I'm looking forward to more of everyone verbally abusing everyone else (in a friendly manner of course). Although, the newer guys in the band that didn't know Paults and I knew each other before hand had priceless expressions on their faces when we first started in on each other. ("Can't you just put those two takes together like a real engineer?" "Well if you could play it right in the first place I wouldn't have to try to edit it together now would I?!!?" ) Just keep Paults away fromt he margarita mix. (kidding!)
  11. I thought the first album was cool and original sounding. Then everything else they did afterword sounded the same. I used to work at a record store and when one of their albums came out I would hand it to the customers who wanted it before they could ask for it. They always said "That's what i came here for! How'd you know that's what I wanted?" It's simple all DMB fans do at least 3 of the following, usually more: 1. Wear Khaki's 2. Wear baseball caps with the rim bent way too far 3. Wear button up shirt's with lots of small vertical stripes 4. Wear oversized shirts in ridiculous colors like bright orange (often under their vertical striped shirts in cold weather) 5. Wear sandles 6. Have facial hair that looks out of place, but is trimmed way too neat 7. Drive Honda Civics No one knows why they do these things, but whenever I mention this to people they all say, "Yeah! They do do that!!!!" DMB shares a similar characterisitc to Cold Play in everything they do sounds exactly the same (except Cold Play sounds much better I think). The other day a friend of mine and I were talking about Cold Play which went something like: Me: I like that Cold Play song Friend: Which one? Me: It doesn't matter, they're all the same. Friend: Yeah! They are! Me: It's a good song in small doses though... Friend: Yeah, but every album is like one epic song!!!
  12. Some of the best sounding guitars I've ever heard have been Koa. I'll bet that thing sounds amazing!
  13. I'm going to have to second this recommendation. The active I-beams sound incredible (listen to the demo!). A friend of mine has one and it blows my mind. It's not good for acoustic amps, but sounds amazing through a PA. Edited to Add: I know there are a lot of ovation fans here, but I've NEVER heard one that didn't soud like a plastic guitar even with the electronics going. I can always spot them in reocordings as wella s they just don't sound "like a real guitar." Granted most eletronics on regular acoustics sound a little funky, but I don't think the ovations are any better. Also the top WILL crack eventually. It might take two years it might take 10 or 15, but plastic won't expand and contract with wood and that's a problem for those guitars. If I had a dollar for every ovation brought in to see of the top could be fixed, I'd be a rich man.
  14. When I started playing guitar I was into stuff like R.E.M. who were a great band for someone learning the guitar. My dad was into all the classic players like Joe Walsh, Clapton, Hendrix, etc. The frst thing I remember really blowing my mind was Gary Hoey's video when he did Hocus Pocus (where he's in that video camera contraption with the monkey crawling on his guitar and sholders). I only saw it once, but I never forgot it. Then it started to get a bunch of radio air play. Some short time after I asked a friend of mine for some Van Halen tunes, since he was really into him. I wanted to see what the guy was all about, and all I knew was I didn't really like DLR's vocals so I never really listed to the band (though I did like Sammy's voice). He gave me a mixed tape of various VH tunes that I thought was pretty cool. He also gave me another tape that he said "I don't know if you'll like this but check it out." Now I was not a "metal guy" at all at the time so VH was already pretty heavy by my standards and I didn't dig bands like Metallica. I looked at the tape and it was "Rust In Peace" by Megadeth. Now if you don't like heavy metal that's a pretty evi soundig band that I knew by some vague bit of their reputation only. Severa days went by listening to VH and being impressed. Finally put in the Megadeth album (I remember exactly where I was standing and everything). When Holy Wars came on I was like "WTF?!?" It was so angry sounding and I wasn't sure what the hell was going on with the vocals, but it wasn't normal to be sure. Then "Hangar 18" came on and nearly fell over!!! Holy mother of God, everything was like Hoey's Hocus Pocus on crack!!! From that moment on I became a metal head/shred fan. I eventually wore out 3 copies of that album on cassette, before I bought it on CD (when CD players were becoming more common in cars, etc). A fe months after that I bought "Surfing with the Alien" on cassette fom a friend (non-guitarist) for a $1.00 who said i might like it. I'd read this Satriani guy's name in a few guitar magazines here and there. Again, Holy Crap!!!!! Between those two records, and somehere between them, the discovery of Randy Rhoad's I was forever changed. Edited to add: Rhoads and Megadeth's use of modes and scales clicked with me immediately (probably the reason I loved Hocus Pocus so much). It took me a few years to really appreciate EVH , probably necause his stuff had a bluesier vibe, which I didn't like as much. I later came to love Van Halen, especially the early stuff. Interesting how our tastes change. I used to dislike brussel sprouts too. Now I eat them whenever they're offered.
  15. I probably would have bought on if it hadn't been for the 25.5" scale length on every guitar.
  16. I'm not married (dodged that bullet once or twice!), but I can relate this: I had a very serious girlfriend who felt that when we were together by playing guitar I was "ignoring her"!?!? She always said she loved to hear me play, but had this need to have my full devoted attention all the time. In other words uber high maintenance. My last serious girlfriend was also a musician. She was always pissed that all the songs I wrote did not have any elements of shred or difficult passages in them (it's not like I'm the next Steve Vai or anything...). She seemed to think I was "wasting my talent" because I like writing pop songs. Go figure. Of course it was the pop songs that sparked interest from the record company, which proceeded to make her more jealous. More of the story, don't date musicians. That's one too many people who like something that's totally opinionated and causes conflicts that serve absolutely not purpose (it's like arguing over ice cream flavors). Now my parents on the other hand are both musical, but Dad was a guitarist in bands (mom is a singer, but not a rock musician, more classical/church based). I remember growing up and hearing my Mom tell everyone how good Dad was (and he is good). Mom's always encouraged him to play. He still gets together with friends and they play a lot of classic rock and old country. I liek to make it down and jam with them whne I get a chance. It's been a good bonding experiance since I started playing. Plus, growing up my dad was cool, he played guitar!
  17. Very, very cool site! Edited to add: Don't shoot your dog!!!
  18. Love the opening banter... HAHAHA!!! Especially the joke about the aardvark!!! Crazy japanese kids... Impressive chops. Not sure that it works, but there's some good shred in there. "You got me bro-win', bro-win' my mind..." :angry: I like Lynch's comment "That's the Hendrix version where he totlly forgot the song." Then again, not that i think of it most live Hendrix live stuff sounds like he forgot the song. :angry:
  19. Of course everyone here kne I was going to chime in on this one! In fact I almost posted this topic last night! There's some killer guitar on the new one! Not as raw as the last disc, but it still sounds like them! You can preview the album for free here: The Darkness on MySpace.com Though you can't skip around on the tracks. You have to just listen to it straight through. You gotta love the album title!
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