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  1. Bought these awhile back for an amp project that never happened. they're brand new and need to be used $60.00 shipped 4x- F & T 50/50uf 500VDC Can Caps 2- Sprague Atom 10uf 150VDC
  2. Well...to be honest..I've always used these because it doesn't take a Phd to program them..lol!
  3. Looks to have the original owners name on the headstock?
  4. Kurt, what amps are you looking for....? I have an awesome Mesa TA15 and a Lil Dawg Blonde Bassman Clone....I don’t know that I can part with the Dawg tho....I have a Badcat Unleash thatcould tame the 1987....

  5. kurtsstuff


  6. Hello,

    got a schalker Floyd rose with nut and all parts. 

    What are you willing to pay?

    cheers Will

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    2. Will1965


      No, Chrome 

    3. kurtsstuff


      Sorry for all your trouble..I forgot to mention I need it in black..updated my post.. DOH!

    4. Will1965
  7. Did it at one time have a strap button on the lower bout and played as a lefty??
  8. Umm.....I'm pretty sure I'd lock up the whole forum due to bandwidth shortage... But seriously...yeah...I've had/have a few amps..
  9. Yup..thats the guitar! I quit using and sold off every cameron I had...I get the same and better tones out of any marshall or marshall type amp and some type of dirt provider..
  10. Thats a Custom build JMP Clone. Ceriatone chassis all else hand picked parts and pieces and a Voodoo platinum modded JMP-1 with my trusty Alesis Quadraverb All I've ever played is Cali's and have had a bunch of them over the years And the "mutt" you see in the video is my #1 go to...It's a conglomeration of Cali parts that just works..And works well...Even with the EMG's!! Sorry - my jokes mostly aren't funny. You're the first person I think of when I think 'Cali.' Don't let that freak you out in some sort of weird stalker way though. Now amps, though, I have a bit of trouble nailing down for you... (<--ok, see, that's another joke ) LOL!!! Oh...I get it!! damn I'm gettin dense as I get old..
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