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  1. Looks to have the original owners name on the headstock?
  2. Trade me sumthin? https://reverb.com/item/26035254-nsi-leviton-package-deal
  3. No affiliation : https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/msg/d/usa-hamer-chaparral-standard/6740978892.html
  4. I had a 3DR in Firecrackle (I think thats what it's called?) finish. Was my main guitar for about 2-3 years of course, This is before I "stumbled" into Hamer Californians and they've been my go to guitars ever since.
  5. I "used" to get them on the cheap too..I worked this one down a bit...not much but..oh you know..lol!
  6. So..The guitar landed here yesterday and all I can say is.."Wow"...it is very clean. Has a neck that feels wonderful! Of course, I'll be yanking out the pickups and installing EMG's so..Anybody need OG Hamer pickups..let me know! This is truly a great guitar!!
  7. That's everything in a guitar I like..only change would be I'd like is a rosewood board..other than that..perfection!
  8. Ya know for some reason I just started thinking that...it's crazy to buy a guitar over the internet with all the variables in builds and what not but, Every Hamer I've ever owned (And that's a hell of alot of them..lol!)..I've purchased online via just pictures. I've never once regretted any Hamer purchase and all were stellar!
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