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    Newport, 3-hole Duotone, Nik Huber Krauster II, Suhr Classic Tand AES1500.
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    Hot-rodded Bogner Goldfinger 45 1/2 stack.
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    Analogman Bi-chorus, Tube Screamer, Xotic Wah, FoxRox Octron, Rotovibe.

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    Tone, Hamers, Hubers, Bogners and Badassness.

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  1. You’re right. I made the edit. Standard original Grover tuners.
  2. SOLD - Hamer Newport Pro Aztec Gold Glad it’s staying in the HFC family. Here's the specs: Color: Aztec Gold Top: Spruce Fingerboard: Rosewood (super rich and dark) Scale: 24.750" Frets: twenty-two medium oval (.100" x .050") Pickups: Single-coil Phat Cats (Came with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover, but never seemed like the right selection for Newports IMHO). Tuners: Grover Bridge/Tailpiece: TonePros Here's the link to a photo gallery: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tvx87qa3B96ABmwu6
  3. Pandemic, climate change, election battles, Tiger King, @geoff_hartwellwithout 50 spare Duotones... what is this world coming to? 🍌🍌🍌
  4. I think the website was designed by someone on 5 hits of acid with an affinity for labyrinths.
  5. I've played a lot of the Hamers there, and they have some nice stuff. However, the prices were freaking outrageous. You'd better really, really want the guitar. In 2010, I went there specifically play and possibly purchase the earthen Tally, but left pretty disappointed with that one. I recall it had a lot of bass saturation. IMHO. I've owned a regular Tally and a Tally Pro, and I thought they were both much better sounding.
  6. Are you talking about the Newport 90 he scored? Ya, it's awesome. That color and P90s are perfect; great score indeed. Tonefiend
  7. I agree with coolfeel. The amp you are getting is badass. Enjoy it! Tonefiend
  8. I'm not too sure how many there are because they are prototypes. I did what you are thinking... I bought a regular version and searched for a prototype and found one within 30 days of searching. Lucky? Probably. I'm out of town due to the NAMM show, but when I get back next weekend, I'll send you my serial number. You can also tell because the foot switch controller is different. The other thing, there's no telling what custom specs a prototype might have. Mine seems to have all the options - expect the half power switch, so I had Bogner add it. Mine also has a deep switch, which adds some bottom end. Don't let the extra gain stop you from getting the amp. It's killer in it's own right. And if you want more gain, you can switch to the 80's mode, which is more JCM 800 like. Tonefiend
  9. Here's a Bogner video that shows both versions of the Goldfinger 45. My version is the red one. I've owned both, and both sound killer; however I like a little more gain sometimes (not metal, just snarl). The normal version sounds great, as seen in the video. It's very plexi sounding to me. It can nail vintage AC/DC spot on. And, the clean channel is sweet, with lush reverb. The 90-watt version is cool too; it sounds very Marshall JCM 800 (2203). I like the lower watt options and 6v6 vibe, which seem to produce a nice clean channel too - and lots of chime. If you like the sounds and style of the video above, you'll love the amp. And, it has a lot of configuration options and settings to dial in your sound. I played in a band with both of mine and received lots of compliments on the tone. I'm very picky about tone (hence Tonefiend) and swear by the GF45. I was at the NAMM show the past few days and played lots of top amps and it rates up there with the best amps made. To me, it's still my favorite. Playing a bunch of other amps just confirmed just how perfect my GF 45 is for me. One last thing, the white tolex looks sweet, very classy. Tonefiend
  10. My Bogner Goldfinger is the best sounding amp I've ever played and owned. I sold all other amps after buying it. Granted mine ihas a hot rodded circuit of the 90watt, but is still a 45, so it has more gain. Love the white tolex and flight cases. Here's a killer review of the Goldfinger 45 http://www.thegearpage.net/board/archive/index.php/t-823696.html Tonefiend
  11. Google translation link: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.marktplaats.nl%2Fa%2Fmuziek-en-instrumenten%2Fsnaarinstrumenten-gitaren-elektrisch%2Fm744120647-hamer-talladega-pro-incl-koffer-te-koop.html%3Fc%3Dbe2da871b0d84f75c3056cc6db858f31%26previousPage%3Dlr My translation: Badass guitar. Buy it, rock it.
  12. IMHO, Bogner Goldfingers are one of the best two-channel amps made. The reason I own a Bogner Goldfinger 45 was because of this post Steve Snider called: Bogner Goldfinger -- what a monster amp. So after all the rave reviews, I bought the current version of the Goldfinger 45. And, as many people have raved about, it's a great amp. That said, I wasn't hearing the real beefy, yet clear tone that Steve was getting, and I noticed he has a slightly different model - an early model. So, I started looking around for an early-model Goldfinger 45 and found one. Steve helped me verify it was an early version close in serial number to his, so I bought it online. As you see in the video below, I still have the two 2x12. As mentioned on this board, vintage 30's are not the best fit for the Goldfinger 45, so I just bought two 15watt Celection Blues, one 25watt Greenback, and a 30watt G12h 70th Anniversary to replace the vintage 30s, which is what I'm now using. So, here's my results on the Bogner Goldfinger 45 shootout. The early model 45 has significant increase in gain and clarity. Furthermore, the deep switch really does what it says; it add some beef to the tone (hence the "deep" switch name). To me, the early model 45 has more gain in the regular 69 mode than the current model 45 does in the 80 mode dimed with the FX gain boost dimed. I was quite surprised by the difference. I really don't like the 80's mode in the early model; it seems muddy compared to the Loud 69 mode; however, the Loud 69 mode sounds killer so there's no need for the 80's mode anyway. In addition, I found the boost level on the early model can be boosted much higher/louder. The clean channels sounded almost identical. When I A/B'd them, I couldn't tell much if any difference. Below is a shootout video between the new version and original version of the Bogner Goldfinger 45. Sorry for the non-pro mic'd shootout. I didn't bring the right cable to hookup my DI to my laptop, so I had to use my video camera. I have to agree with Steve on his analysis/opinion, that the original 45's Loud 69 mode is "worth the price of admission." So, I'm now using just the early-model 45. My perfect two-channel amp search is over. If you can find an early model 45, buy it and never....ever.... sell it. Tonefiend
  13. Fake stories, multiple listings, price changes, attitude... what next? I'm pretty sure this is the same guitar, and if it's not, bad timing and a case of mistaken identity surround this guitar. If it is the same guitar, I'm sure we'll see some traits of the first posts - oh wait, that already happened. Drama!
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