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  1. Probably been posted before, but I had never noticed this one. I think I've sold two of those here in the last few years. Should have not have done that.
  2. We'll it has been about a year since I had it in central TX. Looks like it got as far as Tempe/Phoenix. Needs to keep moving. Who is next?
  3. What a great ride this is. Thanks everyone!!! Life IS Good! Dude, Dwight Y. is one of the few country artists that make sense to me. And yes the video sucks based on the "set the phone somewhere to get a shot" production strategy. But a few key points. You rock. Your singer is great. And, we need to work on some gig swapping. Not sure how that works as I have no talent and play in an indie/pop rock band and you have talent and play in a country band. But hell, these are not the droids you're looking for. Fantastic lusculla. Rock on and pass it to some more Austin area HFCers. And us Texas
  4. Far cry from his original $3,000 listing. Told him then it was an 1985 and he told me I don't know what I'm talking about. Yes, you should bone up on your SS knowledge.
  5. Though the trem on it says Jackson so I doubt that is original - not that that matters maybe.
  6. Looks like someone is going to be in luck. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-Hamer-USA-1984-BLACK-STEVE-STEVENS-WITH-ORIGINAL-CASE-PAPERS-/131423866660?pt=Guitar&hash=item1e99790f24 Not mine. But will be sold for market value more or less.
  7. I've got one that I don't play currently. So, I was about to offer it. But as starting thinking about it, I'm not read to let it go. They are getting pretty rare. Besides, mines pretty beat up so you probably wouldn't want it.
  8. Yes, go pro in the waterproof housing. I guess I need a different "case" for doing audio.
  9. The Wyldbil has made its way to Austin, TX.
  10. Fellow HFCers. Linked below is a short video of my evening with the Wyldbil Pirate Special. That was my first attempt at recording guitar and band with a GoPro - curious. The sound you hear on the video is not the sound in the room. The GoPro picks up a lot of audio/vibrations from whatever it is clamped to. At one point, I tune and there is no audible guitar in the room, but the GoPro picked it up loud and clear (it was clamped to the headstock). The video gets better at the 30 second mark or so if you are getting bored fast. I still have the Wyldbil and am working on getting it to the next
  11. I've never played an AXE FX. I use tube amps 'cause the guys over on TGP said they were better. I do like my tube amps. I have my fingers crossed for a NAD soon.
  12. Can someone tell me the PU in the special? Is it active?
  13. I've also go a Dec. 13 show in the "greater" Houston area.
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