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  1. Hello,

    got a schalker Floyd rose with nut and all parts. 

    What are you willing to pay?

    cheers Will

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Will1965


      No, Chrome 

    3. kurtsstuff


      Sorry for all your trouble..I forgot to mention I need it in black..updated my post.. DOH!

    4. Will1965
  2. That's the problem I'm thinking of bying a special with no serial number (refinished?).
  3. What would be the sleeve of the wires? Braided?
  4. Hello, How can I check if the pickups of an early Hamer are the original ones? Thanks, Will
  5. Hi, Great guitar, my budget is limited to $1000 incl. shipping (to the Netherlands it will be approx. $80). If you agree on that, I'm interested. Cheers Will
  6. Hi, I'm lookin' for a hamer usa goldtop guitar with P90's. I live in the Netherlands (europe). Thanks, Will
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