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  1. well... as grandma used to say "%$#@&(*&&^%#$%@!@* why didn't I buy it???" nice sleuthing, everybody. not sure who sold it - or who among us got it - but appears real & one hell of a deal.
  2. as close as I can find: https://www.tuneyoursound.com/collection/hamer-standard-2008-rick-nielsen
  3. could be real deal - it just sure looks like somebody did their own headstock decals. that configuration - and apparent fuzziness - look off.
  4. My guess is Korean model with homemade paint job. Every "USA" headstock decal I've ever seen has a period between each letter. this does not.
  5. ok, I'll bite... what the heck is it?? is that a homemade paint job? I've never seen headstock printing like that. sure isn't like the second photo...
  6. you and me both, brother. anyone with keys to Jack Blades' basement, let me know...
  7. donplob

    Checkerboard Blitz

    those are really beautiful.
  8. donplob

    Checkerboard Blitz

    whoa. that's sick.
  9. 1988 Blitz. All original parts and OHSC. I know there have been many “tributes” over the years – curious how many are actually Hamers.
  10. donplob


  11. hey fan club -- I'm looking for a Studio... opinions on a fair/good deal price these days?