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  1. A movie that fit the times like a wet tuxedo...
  2. Glad you were able to get it. It’s a beauty!
  3. Sweet! Great combination. Tophats are great!
  4. That works...AND, if you talk about multitudes of “I’m selling “X” so I can buy “Y”, when new stuff hits, she may ask is that one “Y”, I thought that came last week; your reply of course would be “Y”came two weeks ago, last week “L” came after I sold “C”, this one is”P” from the sale of “Q”..she’ll be so confused it won’t be questioned any longer.
  5. How do you like that stand Sir? I’ve not seen one in person yet. The new one from PRS?
  6. The following is arguably the finest tv performance EVER. Performed on the Rolling Stones’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus. Watch this ALL the way through!
  7. “....a plush yellow toilet seat cover embossed with the Rolling Stones’ tongue logo. It sold for $1,142, another world record, this one for most expensive toilet seat cover.” Someone’s been tracking sales of toilet seat covers? Who knew?
  8. Me too. He always had a nice selection. Didn’t Ron have a brother that opened a second store somewhere? Is that one still around?
  9. Doood! Stones get a pass; I mean they’re, you know, Jagger & Richard! Nothing Mick and Keef do is uncool.
  10. Found this in an old box when I was sorting and packing up my house a couple of months ago. Thought of you and snapped the pic.
  11. You’re sorry? I have that album. How sorry is that?
  12. Outstanding! Great to hear such a happy ending!
  13. Kansas- Carry On My Wayward Son & Dust in the Bin Bob Seger - Everything. Manfred Mann - Blinded By The Light Bad Company - Everything AC/DC - All of the album Back in Black; Walmart put the nails in the coffin of the album’s namesake song. Shit. Thanksgiving is only two months away, means we’ll start hearing it on TV tomorrow. The Doors - The Doors Yes, five Pink Floyd tunes. One from one of my favorite bands - Who Are You? I blame CSI not Cox Communications or iHeart... George Thorogood - yes. Def
  14. I didn’t know Bob Griese played a Hamer. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Next time tell her you’re buying two Hamers. When she asks what you think you’re doing, tell her you’re buying a pair like a “his and hers” set, so she can have one to learn on and you think it would be a great way to spend more time together. She’ll either ask you how stupid do you really think she is, or will be so stumped (or swooned) by the gesture you’ll be in her good graces for a week. Either way you score two more Hamers.
  16. Tim, I think Jeff May be onto something. But also, the popping has my attention. I think something else is possibly going on. When you listen to the popping noises, when you rev the engine, listen to hear if the popping noise modulates to a higher pitch when the engines rpms increase. If it does, it means you have a lifted ground somewhere, and I’d check the grounds on the battery and generator first, and then work your way back.
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