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  1. The Tidal library I read last year is the largest of all streamers. I’ve found a lot of albums on tidal that haven’t been available in cd or vinyl format for years. They also allow for downloads. Tidal was started by musicians; read this: https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/203055651-TIDAL-Owners I haven’t used Spotify or Amazon in a couple of years. Tidal is vastly superior.
  2. I have the app on my Mind2 streamer, but haven’t used it yet. I plan on it. I’ve been using my Tidal Hi-Fi subscription and have really enjoyed it. Tidal Masters MQA is quite astonishing; many of the MQA albums are unfolding at 192k!!!! All I can say is holy shit wow! Some of those recordings are otherworldly.
  3. Joe, was that design your idea? Stike did an amazing job! That looks just incredible. It's without a doubt one of the coolest finishes I've ever seen. LOVE IT.
  4. Isn't it some sort of strain that bats carry, that wound up in Chinese livestock, and then got transmitted to people dealing with the livestock?
  5. Welcome to the HFC. Try a variety; in the end you’ll use whatever feels and sounds best to you.
  6. I was reading the thread and thought I was crazy at first... Prolly am a bit anyways!
  7. Mr. Zevon is one of the greats. He passed way too young.
  8. Check out some of the Mobile Fidelity masters (Mofi) offerings. Pricey, but their mixes and pressings are top notch!
  9. I believes you gots the right answer señor; I think this was what you were looking for, no?
  10. That sure looks sweet! Maybe @hamerhead can run over and give us all a tone report?
  11. Apology accepted. Going forward, try to remember this isn't The Rear Page.
  12. Original message; nothing more than a helpful suggestion to a majority of people reading it: You Son, are a choad.
  13. Firstly, no one here is a mind reader. I'm far from the only one on this board who looked at your picture and can easily see there is a lot more adjustment travel available on that bridge before it will fall off. If it's aesthetics you don't like, we aren't mind readers; it doesn't change the fact that you can still make a hell of a lot more of an adjustment on it so you don't need to flip your saddles. Secondly, you want to curse at me for making a helpful suggestion? Thirdly, condescension, braggadocious and childish behavior have no place on this board. If you knew who you were t
  14. You do realize there are Allen screws on both sides of the bridge so you can move the entire bridge, either side independently, forwards and backwards so that you can avoid reversing the saddles?
  15. The 3 Monkeys wire and connectors look great!
  16. Don't know buddy, she gave me an antler...
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