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  1. These guys were pretty popular in the Tri-State area. 102.7 WNEW FM used to play them a lot.
  2. Why? You're only going to want to buy it back in 180 days...
  3. Beautiful place! Used to go there a lot. The Cathedral is just stunning!
  4. But what did they think about Ibanez?
  5. Almost as good as Mr. Goodman's original! Love the Gibby!
  6. Not odd when you consider he probably knows it's cracked and his sole purpose is to make it someone else's problem.
  7. This is the sunset of Spirit's walk in the spotlight. Sorta wish I never heard of them. They suck.
  8. Yeah, indeed! Love that guitar! What a way to build a body; for the guy that just can't decide on a tone wood, just use them all! A real beaut!
  9. @bubs_42 Yo Buckaroo! Hey lookee here! I've never liked TS pedals. At best I liked their ability to push an amp without the TS gain in the sound. But if I'm being honest, I've loathed Tube Screamers over the years for making me buy them just to end up selling them. I read that Sean had a number of things about the TS design he did not like as well, and he said he eliminated the things he hated about a TS and made tonal corrections that were the things he wanted to hear in it, and the AMP808 is the result. I figured WTH, I've really liked most everything I've tried of his, so I snagged one. I s
  10. “Alchemy it was whispered; either way his luthier is in league with the devil...”
  11. Sheeeit. If the timing is right I just may be able to make this one!
  12. Journey and Foreigner are hitting your area in the summer. Those should be good shows, even without Steve Perry. His replacement doesn't look like him, but he sure can sing like him!
  13. Playing a peanut: Peanuts Playing:
  14. That, Sir, is what three and a half centuries without a proper humidifier will do to your Hamers...
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