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  1. This is the cover of the Beatles' album 'Hey Jude.' The song Hey Jude was originally release as a single in '68 with Revolution on the 'B' side. Hey Jude was recorded originally during the White Album sessions, but never made it onto the album. The album Hey Jude is the result of the record label wanting to create an album with unreleased songs, and singles, that never made it on to US released final production LPs, and a promotional video was created for the Beatles to which Hey Jude is said to be the sound track of. Hey Jude, the LP album was released in 1970.
  2. I'll have to order a copy. Sounds like a great listen! Just watched 'Jaco' tonight; fantastic biography, very well done with tons of footage from Weather Report, Joni Mitchell, and every other act and project he touched. Loved that guy! He was buried a couple of miles from my old house in FL. its on NETFLIX BTW
  3. One of the most fun albums to come out of the '70s! Damn I love this record. Doug Fieger, R.I.P. Loved your music!
  4. Certainly not George Harrison's Beware of Darkness...
  5. Who's Next and Communiqué .... Bliss.
  6. Not if you forget your line; but once you find a couple of good hooks, it's great!
  7. The 'Nike-swooshes' are upside down!
  8. The fur on the back of my neck still stands on end every time I listen to El Dorado!
  9. One of my favorite albums is El Dorado; an absolutely beautiful album.
  10. Right now I'm having fun with ELO; perhaps I live in the past...
  11. Sorry to hear that! 70 years and still rocking with some very tasty chops! AND, he's a fantastic classical player too :-)
  12. Ducks, Bunnies & Kumbaya...

  13. Wow, Really love that. I never saw this record; going to order it.
  14. Great album! Can't wait for the new reunion release!
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