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  1. These three are very talented! The guitarist has a Robben Ford thing kinda going on, but with that finger-style picking he makes it all his own. The bass player sorta has a Jaco thing happening, it he was fretless, he'd be right there, and the drummer! That guy's channeling Buddy Rich! WAY COOL! Thanks for posting! Really enjoyed it. Will be following these guys in the future.
  2. That acronym is unsanctioned here.
  3. Holy Cow! I love how great the condition is on that. That's a keeper, so cool looking and I'm certain it sounds incredible. Great score on a cool fiddle!
  4. THAT, is really cool. I had no idea there was one playable left! It sounds incredible. I really love the tone of nylon string guitars. That one is obviously way special. Sweet.
  5. @Pieman Glad you had a great time. I think JB rocks! He's a fantastic performer and a stellar player!
  6. That's pretty sweet. Nice playing, great job!
  7. The crack in the second picture looks like a finish crack, the first one though, that is an awfully long crack in a neck pocket; usually a lone- finish crack on a neck pocket isn't that long in my experience. I would insist on pulling the neck to have a better look, or you can try and flex the neck while looking closely at the crack.
  8. Those are indeed cool. You owe it to yourself to try an AMP808 ?
  9. Indeed! The AMP808, the Black Glass and Vintage Modern are my favs! The AMP 808 has a really sweet version of the COT on the right side. Honestly I haven’t played without the AMP808 plugged in for the past three weeks, it’s amazing!
  10. I had a Zen 2 about 11-12 years ago. It works great for the EJ sound, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.
  11. I wonder if potatoes cure anal warts?
  12. Just playin', I have a twisted sense of humor!
  13. Man, does Setzer SMOKE! I dig everything he's done. His orchestra was way fun!
  14. Super Sonics are KILLER! You're gonna be a happy man!
  15. @kizanski I think you may have to kill @bubs_42 to get to the front of the line.
  16. That's the ugliest effin' Tele I've ever seen in my entire life.
  17. Yeah the trapeze tailpieces seem to make just about any guitar much more resonant. Big fan. I had a semi hollow that I installed a trapeze on and it made it way louder than it was before and enhanced the plugged-in sound like no pickup change ever did.
  18. I’ve played a couple of Eastmans, they seemed really nice. How do your Ibanez compare?
  19. I’ve had two of theirs. They both were causing hum. They’re also not built near as well as the G-Lab. The G-Lab is very pricey, but you really are getting top shelf product. Extremely well engineered and built in Europe.
  20. Truth. I had one years ago. Best guitar I’ve ever owned from the Orient!
  21. They’re actually pretty phenomenal. I used to use Voodoo. The G-Lab PB-1 is better with noise isolation and supplies 2000mw of PWR, and any output can provide 450 mw of power as long as any one bank doesn’t surpass 1000mw (two banks 4 outputs each).So you can run big power hogs on it. Also has recessed buttons to invert to inside pin (+) on two outputs so you don’t need a reversed cable. Runs 9V, 12V, 15V and 18V. https://glab.com.pl/product/pb-1/
  22. There are some Echotones that are pretty nice playing and sounding. I wouldn’t buy one without trying it first.
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