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  1. No, it is a semi-hollow that looks like a Gibby and the Newport is a full hollow-body.
  2. Best one made IMO is the G-Lab PB-1, Voodoo PPWRs are very good though. EVH has been using one for years now.
  3. Doooood, after your last thread I’ll never believe you’ve got nothing to say
  4. Cool song, and nice production my friend; the audio production particularly is fantastic!
  5. I think some of the best bang for the buck acoustics are Simon and Patrick and Seagull out of Canada. Godin produced Seagull originally; Simon and Patrick at some point twenty + years ago were part of the same company. I don't know if they're still associated with each other, but I've owned both Seagull and Simon & Patrick and they are just fantastic sounding acoustics built in Canada. Check them out. They run from a few hundred dollars to a high end of around $1600 - ish?
  6. ....sounded more like a dog farted.
  7. At that price though, does it matter?
  8. @Ting Ho Dung, I liked it. I’m very surprised, no devil worshipping, no grapefruit-eating vampire rapper-girls covered in blood, no hoofed animals and no livestock. Word-up.
  9. I like them all! So much material over the years, and it’s always fresh to listen to.
  10. Dark clouds and lightning on a dark midnight blue, and a black strap with bright green polka dots.
  11. It’s a good cabinet and a great price, go for it.
  12. Funny words coming from the guy that was banging his 15 year old adopted daughter.
  13. it ain’t just the music we play that is heavy..... Us fattys got to stick together.
  14. My first was in ‘75. A friend had Apostrophe; I immediately zipped off to Sam Goody’s to grab mine. I’ve got a bunch too; it would’ve really hard to pick favorites, but if I had to, it would purely be sentimental because it was my introduction to Frank, I’d have to pick Apostrophe.
  15. Glad you found something that’s working well Tim. When you told me about your horrible ’net service I was worried you wouldn’t find a good solution. Watching game cameras is no replacement for Showtime After Hours or Days of Our Lives.
  16. Yes, this is true, however, the first volume was originally released as a single vinyl LP record and only six-thousand were ever produced.
  17. You have S/N 2 ...a little bonus I forgot to tell you about.
  18. That's a handsome guitar. I'll bet you do have some remorse there! Wow.
  19. Diggin' on some of Frank Zappa's classical music. Really entertaining, dynamic and keeps your attention. If you've never heard it before, even if you don't like classical music, it is a worthwhile listen. It's really a pretty amazing production considering that there was no record label budget for Mr. Zappa to hire the London Symphony Orchestra, and that Frank paid for it himself, only being able to afford a short time with them. The recording was basically a first take, flying by the seat of their 80 pairs of pants, with all of the orchestra musicians playing it for the first time reading the
  20. Glad to hear it was a break, I thought the it had termites. Welcome aboard the coolest board on the web!
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