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  1. He's selling the Hamer case for 1/4 of what he's asking for the Gibson Explorer. Sounds about right after you read through his ALL CAPS CARNIVAL BARKER DESCRIPTION of the guitar. Read through it and see if you can figure out if there is anything left on the Explorer that was original, including the woodgrain. Everything about that auction reads "Fucky McFuckface needs money for crack"
  2. El Cajon: We Love Our Military Surplus Stores Klan-tee and Lakeside are no hotbeds of surf culture either, and I guarantee you, lots o' boot wearing, goat ropin' and kit-shicking to Florida Georgia Line goes on there. Ramona for the win though. The watermelon capital of Northern San Diego/Southern Bakersfield! Yee haw!
  3. Ever been to El Centro or Apple Valley?
  4. Please, zen-master Spidey, demonstrate to all of us philistines your vast knowledge of the way of the never-been-banned-from-any-message-board peaceful warrior
  5. Substitution Mass Confusion/Clouds inside your head Involving all my energies/Until your fears are dead If you ever want to know what he is talking about here, date a chick in Alcoholics Anonymous. Like many people, I always loved the way Ric and Ben described the neurotic (and hence interesting) women they chased after. I think it actually affected the bullshit I was willing to tolerate throughout my 20s, until I learned that sometimes "quirky" is just a gentler way of saying "fucking nuts". Which, to me, was the big reveal in the song & video for "Drive". So instead of looking at his legacy like, "Ric Ocasek gave hope to millions of nerds that they could date a supermodel" I see it as "Ric Ocasek gave hope to millions of unmitigated crazy bitches that their aberrant behavior was desirable".
  6. Her working nickname was "Cokie" and she made her bones during the veritable Bolivian Blizzard that was snow blowing the 70 & 80s entertainment industry. I'd say, she had plenty of hits. I think she also played the fuzzy guitar intro and choruses on Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" too (She was also 75 years old when she sloughed off her mortal coil, too, and I looked at her bio---no evidence that she ever nailed any supermodels)
  7. Elliot Easton once told me, by way of talking about the Beatles massive successes at such a young age, that he himself had recorded both the Car's debut album AND Candy O by the time he was 25 years old. (WHich is fucking incredible, if you know the talented hooks all over those two records) Seems tenuous that Rick was 10 years older than Elliot when they hooked up. HowEVER..., that means that RIc was 21 years older than Paulina Porizkova when they met, and much fuss was made in the music press when they got married about Ric having a child older than his new wife. Elliot hasn't issued a statement yet, but I bet he will set the record straight. Most of the attention-paying world is talking about this right now, TMZ will surely handle that age issue by the end of the day.
  8. And if anyone wants to know what that perspective actually looked like to Steve, I have recreated it for you
  9. He sure can be. By way of introduction, ask him if he recognizes this guitar, and the difference history makes between a Saturday afternoon and a Tuesday morning... ...and if he knows he douche-ly participated in one of the most notorious rare Hamer acquisition stories in all of HFC history (I dare say).
  10. Is he on carrier pigeon? Keep us informed Rob, this thread is a kettle boiler
  11. The new Greta Van Fleet "dropped" this morning, and is predictably lackluster
  12. I dunno tho, having the Vector without having the Firebird is like having Park Place w/o Boardwalk, just saying. GLWTS regardless!
  13. Agreed. That College Park location next to U of Md always had cool stuff lying literally on the floor with other guitars stacked on top. That place had a cool vibe, like a junk yard full of old muscle cars. Even in the growing age of internet price verification, they seemingly had NO idea about the value of some of the instruments. I walked out of there with more than one beat-to-shit Jacksons a couple of times, then over to Terrapin Taco House for the ritualistic celebratory gut bomb to keep me humble lest I start gloating about my neo-vintage purchasing savvy. Did you ever go to Zavarelli's in Crystal City? Same vibe. Watched a salesman there knock a black beauty LP Custom off the wall once while trying to retrieve it, and he just laughed and muttered "Well, knock a hundred off THAT one..."
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