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  1. Wasn't he also (in)famous for playing 16-22-30-40-50-60 in standard pitch with the wound G? Telephone cables, man. Got to see him open for The Ventures and Junior Brown at that semi-annual Smithsonian guitar festival thingy they occasionally do, in DC back in the 90s. He made it look damn cool, and his tone thundered live. There is a lot to be said for a Strat through a loud clean Fender that can make your balls drop.
  2. Columbia House was a great mail order educator. Let's all admit it, for most of us, "13 Albums for a penny" is the only record deal that we, as musicians, ever signed. Also, we got a meaningful lesson in understanding the minutia of contract details with regards to the rider "Plus Shipping & Handling!" when that bill came later. Not to mention that "Selection of the Month" of Tito Fuente jazz covers you were on the hook for after you tossed the postcard with the important checkbox refusing automatic shipment. Did anyone ever get an automatic shipment they didn't want and then give it a spin, only to change their musical tastes forever? "I've been wrong all along about this Brill Building pop music bullshit. From here on out, it's Captain Beefheart for me!" Seriously though, I sometimes wonder if there are lawyers out there who chose their occupation because they got rat-fucked at 13 years old by a Columbia House perpetuity contract. I'd love to see the next John Grisham novel feature his requisite wet-behind-the-ears rookie lawyer telling the senior partner, over single malt scotches, that he fights the good fight because his family lost their homestead to the evil banksters under the onerous burden of KISS catalog 8-track tape debt coupled with an endless onslaught of Seal & Crofts Greatest Hits albums.
  3. Ha! Are you subscribed to the "Not Necessarily Stoned But Beautiful" 70s thread on FB? I got that one too. Fanny was authentic, no gimmick. Check this Marvin Gaye cover version: (Won't embed either)(Forward to 1:40) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imZUqkPlUaQ&list=RDZcb1HpH42N8&index=5
  4. I suggest anyone reading this thread follow up with the Wikipedia entry to study the awesomeness of the event that Marc speaks of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozark_Music_Festival The band lineup is a who's who of American Rock at the time. This party was so off the hook it elicited a Missouri Senate Committee investigation, which concluded: Senate Committee report[edit] The Missouri Senate met in October 1974 and discussed the events of the music festival in the committee report. The report states that, "The Ozark Music Festival can only be described as a disaster. It became a haven for drug pushers who were attracted from throughout the United States. The scene made the degradation of Sodom and Gomorrah appear mild. Natural and unnatural sex acts became a spectator sport. Frequently, nude women promoted drugs with advertisements on their bodies."[3] Bummed I missed it, but I was cooling my heels in Catholic School In Lake Forest, Illinois. I really could have used a headful of windowpane about that time, too. Sister Joanna was a ballbuster.
  5. Hey @hikarateboy, I'm not too crazy about some of these new board features. I mean, c'mon, how could this new software possibly know that? And anyway it's totally NOT true Call me a luddite, but I want the old board back STAT
  6. Looks to me like "dad" is teaching them the individual vagaries of performance evaluation and royalty economics, you know, the stuff that is later called "creative differences" when the whole thing implodes and little brother or big sister leaves to join a more appreciative family band
  7. Did you see all the new emojis?
  8. I never met Dion, but we talked back and forth over Facebook and on this forum. He's been around since some of the early iterations of this board. I recall some of our first conversations at least 15 years ago about his playing of a black FBIV in his church's worship band, which we both thought was incongruously glorious and rebellious. He had a great sense of humor. That's the image I always had of him, and it seems particularly appropriate now.
  9. Bring provisions and an indefatigable attitude. Your quest is noble, but futility will greet you, with scorning contempt, at every Guitar Center. In the form of a Stridex-dodging adolescent with a neck lanyard offering corporate affiliation yet inadequate credentials. Best advice is to get to know "scenesters" who already have too many LPs and lots of friends that kiss their ass and cycle through guitars (always looking for that one that will make them actually talented), Also, befriending luthiers or repair men that come into contact with that same clueless element. You know, that element that would buy a brand new guitar and then have it refretted with different wire because he heard that's what, say, John Sykes used it to record the first Whitesnake album. You want to send these repair guys gifts and give them lots of kudos on their Facebook pages. Love on them. Make flattering memes about them. Hint to them frequently what you are looking for, should it wander into their shop attached to a dissatisfied customer looking to "upgrade" to the latest thing. Keep capital reserves on hand. Be patient. Every good guitar has a great story. And if you can't play either, then at least you can tell the story to people fawning over your sweet LP. ...ot just get a Tokai like I did and have the headstock redone with a Gibson logo, because image is everything and I hate it when people get disillusioned that my gorgeous Slash Derrig lookalike is not actually authentic. Fuck them anyways, they need to grow up.
  10. I saw a pic of that guitar you did recently, I'm guessing Mondrian gives you and your roll of masking tape some harsh-assed PTSD
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