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  1. I say this is one of the best concert openings of all time, sends shivers up my spine. The rotisseries are in evidence here too.
  2. That is a killer rig for sure. Nice toybox in the foreground too. Tear it up @LucSulla!
  3. Didn't Alex have chicken rotisseries as his backline? That'd been hilarious if he threw roasted birds into the audience What tour was that, remind me?
  4. I LOVE that Kustom tuck n roll look. I'm never been sure about the quality or tone of those amps, but I've always thought they looked cool since I was a kid and saw the cover of CCR's "Cosmos Factory". Then there was this garage band of hippies on the block I was growing up on in San Diego back in the early 70s, I would go sneak over to watch them, and they had all Kustoms too. Those things give off an odor of polyurethane, I can still smell it in my head. Made an impression. First live band I ever watched. These guys were so kind to let me just sit there, as 7 year old kid, awestruck. I was their biggest fan. If I was putting a band image together, I'd get everything looking tuck n rolled, different colors all over the stage of course, then just run sims into direct. But the appearance would be rad. As has been mentioned on this board before, @cmatthes and I caught Cheap Trick in a beach town in MD back in the mid 90s, and the opening band was Flipp. They were gimmicky, but very entertaining. They had Kustoms stacked to the ceiling. What is the story on these things from you veterans? Solid state, right? I heard somewhere they didn't hold up very well., and sounded muddy.
  5. No acknowledgement of Jay Osmond throwing down some Jimmy Page-esque Bigsby-whammy on that weathered telecaster? Man, you guys are jaded
  6. So you're denying that THIS doesn't tear in new asshole in the sky because of the whiteboy Motown dancing? To @hamerhead; To quote the song: "You can get nice and cozy/ why dontcha come along and mosey!"
  7. I subscribe to this guy and saw this video last week, almost posted it too. I remember listening to this in the band room back in the 80s, the guys were pondering covering it for a lark. And I recall thinking the same thing: Sounds like f'n Deep Purple.... If anyone here remembers Pam from Cheap Chick, we used to goof about this song on the regular on and off the board. Heavier than wet carpet! The Mormons can bring it!
  8. Chorus: Don Henley must die! Don't let him get back together with...Glenn Frey! First comment on the Youtube page for this video says Henley actually jumped on stage with Mojo in Austin and joined in on the mirth.
  9. Holy shit, what a nice surprise and memory. Love Mojo. Fellow San Diegan. Always caught the Beat Farmers when they came through any club in SoCal back in the late 80s. Always a fantastic show, watching Country Dick Montana accept an endless stream of Jack Daniels shots from the audience until he basically passed out onstage. The dude died onstage in Canada. He was committed to the lifestyle, to admit the least. I raise you one Mojo and one Dick:
  10. Satchel plays live to track, and Ralph sings live to track. The drummer in that band is doing double/triple duty to keep it all in line. Did you guys see that "Lexi" the bass player quit last week?
  11. Or sometimes an iPad. **cough** Steel Panther**cough*cough** That just kicked all kinds of ass. Two thoughts: EVH cantankerously said in an interview when being questioned about replacing Mikey with Wolfgang years back that he, EVH, had to teach Mike his bass parts many times. Yeah.....OK, Eddie.....riiiiiight. Secondly, Vic Johnson is my new favorite guitar player.
  12. I always thought it was cool that they dedicated their live album "Two for the Show" to some kid who left one of their concerts and got into a car crash that cost him his vision. There was this epitaph in the liner notes that said, "Being that Kansas is the last visual experience he will ever have, we dedicate this to you". Still moves me.
  13. Well, that settles it. I am coming back no NorCal to move in with you. Holy sheet!
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