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  1. How much did YOU lose, Kiz? I like my shysters WEST COAST BABY! no Lemoyne hucklebuck BrentRocks bullshit for me
  2. Enjoy this. Actual quote: "4 strings are for pussies" (btw I actually love this band, No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims is a great album, these guys shoulda toured the states more. Regret never having seen them)
  3. Happened all at the same time in those four albums. Around 1970 or so, I had this babysitter that looked like Susan Dey that would bring over her portable record player, a few LPs, and an acoustic guitar and keep me and my 2 brothers entertained on a Friday night. We'd watch the Partridge Family on TV and then she'd play pop songs on the guitar, like a true hippy chick did back in the day. I was a little horndog even at 6 years old and could see what impressed her. Got my first guitar for Christmas that year, a crappy acoustic that was as much "toy" as instrument, and set my sites on
  4. I remember seeing Kix for the first time back in the early 80s at the University of Maryland, and they blew me away. Arena rock band antics in basically a large cafeteria...their stage show was and still is epically entertaining Metallica in a small hall at Comicon in San Diego a few years back was the last killer show these jaded eyes have seen, and I don't really even like them that much. One hour only of intensity. Nobody does it better than what they can do. The ones that really blew me away were the shows that I went to where I wasn't expecting much, or even the act to su
  5. Imagine some of the last words you ever hear are "... BUT BOY GEORGE SAYS 'ANYTHING GOES'!"
  6. Both of those originated from the same member (no pun intended) The first was unsolicited advice to a professional recording guitarist that a sharkfin pic emulated a 12 string perfectly, so there was technically no need to have a 12er. That thread turned into a flamefest that still echoes in space to this day. The second was also his sage advice to us all for eliciting peak performance from one's sound crew, which was extra funny because most of us were highly suspicious that this guy has ever played anywhere outside his own basement. But I admit I DID follow that tip, just to b
  7. We used to have spectacular April Fool's Day pranks on this board. @kizanski May be time to run another "HFC Greatest Hits" compilation when things get tedious and repetitive around here. The balls out hilarity really kicked off around 2000 and went in to 2007 or so, before we all grew up. Or something.
  8. Wake me when you get flamed by Kiz, MC Chris, all the moderators, and half the message board ON THE SAME DAY
  9. This fiasco was caught on camera and went viral. Ed explained later that he grabbed the wrong guitar for that particular song. For me, Van Halen on the Diver Down tour (83? 84?) is up there for worst show I ever saw. I was so depressed, it was to be the party event of the summer, and they just fucking sucked so bad. One of 3 nights at The Capital Center in Maryland, and I get the one where they decided to phone it in. They blew all their pyro accidentally before the curtain came up, then proceeded to stumble around drunk and toneless for 90 minutes of unrecognizable crap. It was just
  10. Agree, but that balances out the fact that Jimmy Vaughn is UNDER appreciated, in my world anyways
  11. I think that "Copperhead Road" is one of the greatest American songs ever written. Up there with Guthrie, Leonard Cohen, and (puke) Springsteen, etc. I can't turn that song up loud enough.
  12. Steel Panther is boring, too much schtick. You shoulda seen The Atomic Punks back in the day, with Ralph and Russ. (assuming you didn't) THAT, my huckleberry friend, was killer no filler and a great benefit of living in So Cal (then) because they were always playing nearby.
  13. https://defleppard.lnk.to/TheTwoArmYears?fbclid=IwAR1Fx2y_5jcUCpyi5F3eQSrNpisqkQPfoKnlzEYMeS_o428xELIfxTOhK4A
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