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  1. I think that's exactly the marketing plan, to reissue the guitar to a demographic that had this as their first "brand name" electric. In the name of sentimental nostalgia. I sat next to an auto broker on a flight once that told me most of the cars he procures, hands down, is the Corvette from the year the client graduated from high school.Then he pulled out a pic of an ugly assed green 1989 Vette he had just delivered to Tanya Harding. My first "real" electric was a Fender Lead II purchased from Rolls Music in Falls Church. Black with maple fretboard. Because... Eddie Van Halen. Spent two of my formative learning years on that thing before upgrading to an early 70s LP and a Dean V in my senior year of HS. Don't miss it.
  2. No. I'm on my laptop with a high speed connection and it's been slow for days now
  3. Please tell me you waterloo'd with a "I'VE BEEN THROWN OFF OF BETTER MESSAGEBOARDS THAN THIS" final post from a sock puppet account
  4. "How do you get 86'd from a place that doesn't even serve alcohol?" -Muse Cafe Chris Lathrop, circa 2003
  5. What if she were to have THIS tattoo'd on her back?
  6. I think I saw the matching mural that goes with that on the side of a Ford Econoline van about 40 years ago outside Waukesha Wisconsin. If you play that sitting down, make sure it's from a swiveling captains chair
  7. Rush was also a band with an audience that had plenty of available space in the women's restrooms at their concert too, let's face it
  8. "Experience slips away" I always thought it was remarkable that such a naturally talented but fiercely disciplined drummer was intellectually stimulated by Ayn Rand. I think most musicians would have been just as inspired by his dedication to his craft as by his ability. And he wrote the main lyrics that defined Rush's cerebral rock image! Dude was a professor. Worked his way to the very pinnacle of success in his field and persevered the loss of his daughter (then his only child) and wife in the same year? His life was a chronicle. Like cmatthes said, glad to have seen them many times on those early tours. "2112" is one of the greatest live opening numbers ever staged IMO.
  9. What a score. I was poised to hit the Buy on that too when I saw the post, and when you snagged it I thought :Neck is probably irreparable or something as consolation. Forgive me for that.
  10. I saw Paradise theater too (even stayed out all night at the venue for the morning when tickets went on sale, The Capitol Centre, to get tickets back when that was a thing) and I thought it was kind of cornball. They were getting pretty theatrical at that point with the whole "concept stage show" that would begat the Kilroy fiasco. If you recall, they recreated a production that was about a condemned theater being sprung back to life via the power of rock and roll. It opened with a a janitor/narrator sweeping up the stage floor for the last time while relating the glory days and demise of the venerable institution. I thought it was like something you'd catch on the Hallmark Channel on a Sunday afternoon that you'd watch while recovering from a hangover just to gently stimulate your brain back to operational functionality for the coming workweek. I remember calling my brother at college the next day to tell him he was wrong about the awesomeness of Styx, who he claimed really brought the thunder on the previous Cornerstone tour. But that outing was all killer and no filler, and relied on the band's music instead of Dennis DeYoung cobbling together a dinner theater-level play incorporating the band's music. Entire Previous Styx Catalog > Paradise Theater > Kilroy St, Josephine's School of the Immaculata's senior production of "Pirates of Penzance" > Kilroy And lastly, fuck you Dennis DeYoung. If Tommy Shaw builds that time machine to go back in time to the production meetings where you pitched the touring ideas for both PT and Kilroy, Imma bitch-slap you too. In the name of rock and roll.
  11. To put it in scriptural format: YouTube Roth 2:10: Holy shit
  12. SD PG necks are hard to find. That is my PU of choice so all my HB guitars (mostly LPs, all Mahogany - Maple cap) since about 98 have had them, but when I can't get a neck, I go with the 59. That is pretty creamy desirable too, and a close match to my ears. SD quality control is all over the place with the Pearly Gates, there is much inconsistency with them. I've gone through dozens over the years. This is definitely a YMMV type of pick up.
  13. "Didja ever see the flick, 'Over The Top'? It was the Citizen Kane of arm wrestling movies back in the day. Anyway, the guy that made my guitar was in it"
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