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  1. Now listen here, my Kraut-Mick friend....
  2. Good Grief @kizanski show some class, the implication was enough
  3. Edited to add: We're just fucking with you Jochen, the Americans are bored with our repetitive "end-of-the-republic" news cycle here in the states. Congratulations on your sale.
  4. I think this is one of those dominance/submission German things, Kiz
  5. @zorrow Not to jack your thread, but have you seen this?
  6. I heard they are including a locally relevant song in each city they play, like "Sweet Home.." in Alabama, etc etc. Apparently they did Michael Stanley's "My Town" last night and gave everyone in the crowd a WTF moment. Saw video of it, sounded totally out of place with the bouncy pop chords
  7. Ed Rechts

    I dare you to un-hear this

    That was tasty. Obvious and unapologetic tip of the hat to SRV to be sure, but I know a lot of folks that would rather he depart on a helicopter into a fog bank if he wanted to salute Stevie Ray. So he's doing a "tribute" covers album, oughta be interesting. I didn't think Yngwie had it in him to ever admit he was influenced by any other musician born after 1782. He must be maturing as a human being. Does he have any video where he's NOT showing off his Ferraris? I wonder if he can use them as a tax write-off for being a business expense if he features them in his promotional materials? Spidey and/or Biz Prof to the white courtesy telephone, please
  8. Ed Rechts

    Kiss Feud

    Someone on this message board has a replica of that FB, can't remember who. I dug that one. Always liked Paul's taste in Gibsons. And he did make the Iceman iconic. Edited to add: Ace explains his relationship to Thayer in his autobiography (which is the best one among the rest of the guy's sordid and self-aggrandizing recollections, just like their solo albums). He tries to downplay that he did indeed have to relearn all his guitar parts from Thayer during that 2000 reunion tour (Psycho Circus? Can't recall). I think he also says he threw a punch at Thayer once backstage too. Not sure how much of that is bravado, but Ace gives the impression that they are not pals.
  9. Ed Rechts

    Kiss Feud

    I know I'll get slagged for this by the KISS fan bois on here, but I see him more as the showster front-man type than those operatic vocalists you mentioned. I really gotta wonder that if he did less time pushing his voice in those trademark enthusiastic stage rants, he could probably sustain the actual singing he needs to do for 90 minutes or whatever length the band carries on . I wonder if they're afraid to let Gene do the talking between songs for fear he'll lapse into some kind of revival-tent preacher sales-pitch for money from the audience?
  10. Ed Rechts

    Kiss Feud

    If he does show up, I hope they put him onstage with Thayer, possibly trading licks on the Ace-penned songs, so we can bring this fucktardery to it's inevitable conclusion
  11. Ed Rechts

    Hamer sighting

    And as I have said here many times, I have played this song (and album) so many times, I can tune naturally to 440 "A" and open G instantly due to the ringing resolve chords on this riff being tattooed to my brain. This whole album is a celebration of humbucker-straight-into-Marshall tastiness. It is also the tone I seek for authentic boingy nut crunch. Also, another great riff to crank up and throw out at a Guitar Center on a busy Saturday afternoon that will get all the 50-something dads to turn around, smile, then feel shame for what spazoid djent crap their progeny is struggling to execute through a budget 8-string into a Line 6 Spyder. Assuming you're into that kind of thing. Which of course you're not, because none of us are dicks.
  12. Ed Rechts

    Kiss Feud

    Yeah, it's not like KISS to behave like pro arena wrestlers when it comes to publicity tactics ahead of yet another final tour. It makes perfect sense that Ace would publicly excoriate the lead decision maker in his former band then demand his job back in that band as part of the only apology he is willing to accept for Gene, a known pervert, fondling his wife backstage last year. That doesn't reek of bullshit at all! I am personally waiting for Eddie Trunk's assessment of this whole pot-boiling dilemma, because as an insider, he always has the most astute insights on all things KISS. I love that one episode of his show where he expressed outrage over Thayer and Singer being allowed to use the old member's makeup personas. I wish Trunk would mention that more often on his show, instead of holding his tongue. Why am I not surprised KISS has evolved into the Kardashians? Seems like a logical evolution that should have happened years ago. Edited to add: Who would thunk that Vinnie VIncent would take on the Bruce Jenner role? Life is a mystery.