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  1. Of course I was just playing off yesterday's "Guitarists are killing themselves by being dicks" thread. That is actually one of the best family band videos I have ever seen on YouTube. I sent it along as inspiration to a bunch of friends with kids that are just starting out playing various instruments, and it got rave reviews. Normally I cringe when the parent makes themselves the lead vocalist, but the kids enthusiasm outshine this guy (capable as he is) and the little girls stage presence and attitude are infectious
  2. Meh. The drummer hits too hard and the bass player moves around too much to be proper emulations of The Stone's rhythm section
  3. The choruses to The Talking Head's "Life During Wartime" have seemed prophetic to me for half a year now.
  4. Little boys are competitive by nature. It's just part of the human condition. I think that these tendencies are supposed to develop the warrior class to ultimately protect the tribe, blah blah blah something I prolly read in National Geographic while waiting at the dentist office. Add in the following traditional trope of rock guitar players being perpetual children, and... These days with a networked world, social media, and the anonymous keyboard warrior gamer culture, you have an accelerated arena to "showcase" your skills that becomes a cesspool of snark. Most of this article f
  5. At West Hollywood Taxidermy & Medical School (Upstairs Campus), where I attended, (HOME OF THE FIGHTING MATRICULATORS!) this sentence would be diagrammed thusly: "Two of my guitars gots to go-go, 'cuz I ain't paying for 3 fret jobs"
  6. Did you just use the word "lugubrious" ? On the muthuh' fuggin' HFC? Did your guru give you one of those "365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day" calendars and suggest that you use the daily definition in proper context somewhere in the course of your routine, you know, to improve your vocabulary and thus expand your social network? Or have you been reading too many 1960s Italian cinema critiques? But seriously, I agree with almost everyone here on the impact of Leslie's tone, and I agree with RobB about learning Schenker's style via West. Go listen to "Nantucket Sleighride" and i
  7. Because I am unemployed, bored shitless, and bitter due to this GOVID fiasco, not to mention the FACT that I hate KISS, I did you the unsolicited courtesy of creating your stage persona in the event your dream band ever occurs As you can clearly see, I combined the dramatic visual elements of your HFC avatar, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes from the seminal girl rap act TLC (thus including required Atlanta acknowledgment) , and the menacing nuances of The Baseball Furies gang from The Warriors. You're welcome
  8. The popularity of Joe Rogan's podcast forced him to grow up. Those interviews are the best going, and he covers the gamut without getting immature and puerile.
  9. He was married to Lita Ford for several years, after her "crazy days" on the Sunset Strip. Lita was in and out of a lot of bands, and a lot of bands were in and out of Lita. Might be something that causes swelling? Would explain much of that high pitched caterwauling he does. Maybe he is struggling to take a piss without discomfort.
  10. So I have this old drummer friend who wants to get back into playing to inspire his grandson, and he pinged me with a question the other day regarding how one learns songs now in the digital age. He was a heavy hitter back in the day, and he doesn't want to wreck his kid's delicate hearing (the kid is like 6 years old) with an acoustic kit. He went out and bought some Roland drums. Now he is asking me, how to blend it all with headphones to learn songs. So how do we do it like we did it then, when we cranked the stereo and and just played along, hitting the tape deck switch to r
  11. The Stern interview was very good, and like you, I haven't listened to him in YEARS since he got his ass handed to him in the Sirius "Xterrestrail Gawd" deal. What small things I've heard over the years are more obnoxious than the past, because now he drops F-bombs repeatedly, which, to me, makes him more ineloquent than he ever was. But for the Wolfie interview, he was politely demur, possibly because having scored that first interview after the recent death of EVH. Robin Quivers reeled in Stern a few times when he started blithering about himself, as he tends to do. My guess is that Wo
  12. That song is really good. And her voice is legit. Wonder which band member is hittin' it? Be difficult for my younger self to share guitar duties with a smokeshow like that.... I would totally be into that inevitable 'Hey, you and me gotta sit down together and work out the back and forth, you know the stuff that the other guys don't really care about as much..." Then I'm just a bottle of wine and a scented candle away from.... Being the idiot that farms resentment and has to find a new band 😆
  13. Which part? The goofy faces part? ME TOO!!!!!
  14. $5000 worth of silicone sweater meat, but a $400 dollar Epiphone? The boyfriend has his priorities straight
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