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  1. 4 pages of messagebaord posts to journey from shared empathy to pity to contempt. With a short break to mock Spidey's perverse imagination. Hardly a record around here, but VIVA LE HFC!
  2. Upon reflection....You are 100% correct. I'm blaming this particular lapse of detailed remembrance on old age, not the mediocre Clifton, Virginia ditchweed I was partaking in back in the early 80s, courtesy of my bass player at the time. Who had a facile green thumb that was only outmatched by his aggressive funk slap thumb. May have been the same thumb, now that I think about it, but as we've seen here, I may be overdrawn at the memory bank. As I've stated here many times, I liked Lep when they were homegrown and organic. Pete Willis was the anti-rockstar looking rockstar, a little kid not not seemingly hindered by any insecurities about his height or appearance on the arena stage as he apparently awaited the full onset of puberty I doubt he even showered shirtless, lest somebody scoop him up and put him in a mini wash basin with a rubber duck and a sprinkling of Mr. Bubble. Speaking of wayward stoned thoughts: Has anyone ever seen Phil Collen and Matthew McConaughey together? Would that kind of pretentious or presumptuous over-50 bullshit even be allowed?
  3. If you recall, Me & Wine was the last song on the album and Joe Elliot's voice rings out "THANK YOUUUUUU!!!" and echos until the record needle literally runs off the vinyl into the paper label. My stoned ass thought THAT was rock A.F. when I heard it the first time the day that disc was released. Brilliant closer, and not even mentioned in the track list. Then the video came out and you could tell, these guys were more off-the-chain authentic than just about any of the other NWOBHM bands making noise at the time.
  4. A guitar that still to this day I regret giving up. That one really does have the Hamer mojo in it. Went everywhere with me on my many moves around Southern California and NYC.
  5. They will now sound like every band Glenn Hughes joins (and inevitably also produces). Like second-hand Deep Purple.
  6. Meh, it's been done better by a much better country band Edited to add; We all know that this was written by Bill Danoff, the same guy who wrote "Afternoon Delight" with the Starland Vocal Band...right? Go forth and impress and your local pub's trivia night, gentlemen
  7. Upon simple reflection of their respective bodies of work, I think they have more in common than just appearances
  8. I thought he same thing. DLR is like that crazy rich great-uncle your buddy has that's too wealthy to be committed off to hospice care to prevent embarrassing the remaining family members in the community with his antics. So one day your buddy says to you, "Hey, my great-uncle is having his annual Christmas party, you really oughta come with me, it'll be a hoot. He's so batshit cross-eyed crazy, he can stand in the middle of the week and see both Sundays. He's for sure gonna do some whacky stuff, make some bizarre toasts, and tell inappropriate stories before stripping naked and throwing us all out. And all his close acquaintances will be there ENCOURAGING IT! I guarantee you a memorable good time!" Did anyone catch Roth's stop-by on Joe Rogan's podcast? Diamond Dave goes through tedious lengths to set up his own non-climatic punchlines. For like, TWO HOURS! He's his own sidekick. Totally ignores most of Rogan's questions and prompting observations to loft up his obviously self-scripted tales of debauchery and "cosmic" insight. Never once did I think the voice(s) in Roth's head stage-manages him into possibly believing he might try to stay within context or abide any of the established conventions of proper storytelling. It's just an endless non-sequitur with minimal comedic payoff that seems to become the actual joke itself. I think poor Mick's health has relegated him to being wheeled around on a hand truck like Hannibal Lecter visiting a senator, while he uses what's left of his hearing to listen to his spine fuse. He had a good run though, and he did survive most of the financial blowback from the last time Motley tried to replace Vince, whose gut and ass will probably have it's own congressman by next summer.
  9. Bill is right, Roth is a song-and-dance man of the old school variety. He's said so in many interviews. I think he thought of himself as a white Sammy Davis Jr., albeit, Sammy was more rounded and supremely talented. He's more frontman than singer, for sure, but I think he actually CAN sing, he just prefers not to. Like Bartleby the Scribner in spandex pants. You gotta admit, he was pretty clever writing catchy anthemic choruses for the fans to echo back to him on stage, which saved him a lot of vocal wear-and-tear out on the road. And although I find him amusing in that unapologetically adolescent bro-venturous kind of way, I know being around that personality for an excessive period would wear thin quickly for bandmates. Like it tends to with all heavy cocaine users that babble incessantly as if every quip out of their mouths was some gold nugget of clever insight to be cherished and rendered into a pocket mantra. Not that I know ANYTHING about that (**cough*cough**). He does play the indulgent hedonistic rockstar persona to the hilt, which is a skill that deserves appreciation in any western culture worth celebrating, to be sure. The new promo for his upcoming Vegas review is pretty damn funny: Edited to add: To bring this thread partly back to OP's topic, there is a rumor going around Hollywood this week that Motley Crue is going back out on tour next year with John 5 in the Mick Mars slot. While I can't abide those bloated fucks in Crue milking their notoriety to collect the millions of dollars that dejected KISS fans are accustomed to throwing away annually, I would love to see John 5 get more exposure to the uninitiated mainstream classic rock crowd and the kids still disposed to picking up a musical instrument for the purposes of playing it in lieu of posing with it..
  10. Somebody leaked some footage of DLRs upcoming Vegas review rehearsals onto YouTube last Friday, which was promptly deleted the next day. Just fucking awful. Three guitar players in the band doing VH staples and DLR wandering around stage wheezing and bellowing like an Alzheimer's victim retelling the happiest moments of his life to a bemused yet uninterested hospice gathering that just missed 4pm dinner call. Roth always has this ridiculous shit-eating prideful grin on his face after he stammers out a burst of forgotten lyrics that is less "showman" bravado than it appears to be "toddler who just took his first solo shit on the grownups toilet to his parent's delight". I trust John 5 can coax some salvageable moments out of Roth's dwindling capabilities with enough Pro Tools cutting & pasting and an endless line of blow that leads the singer away from the mixing booth and out onto the Strip to revel in his fadied glory.
  11. Hall & Oates at The Bayou in Washington D.C. in 1978. Always knew Daryl had quality taste. G.E. Smith backing them up. Pat Benatar opened this show.
  12. As do perceptions of "professional" reputations, ain't that right, "Unka" greg?
  13. From experience of working with this shop, i can tell you that it's easy to sign off on a repair when you have no idea what the actual cost of the repair winds up being. Then you get to "enjoy" the entertainment of having explained to you why it was ultimately worth it while your guitar is held hostage for payment. Never again.
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