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  1. We have discussed the Rogan interview on here before, and I think it was generally agreed that Roth just babbles on like a lobotomized toddler during storytelling time at any pre-school in America. He loves being the center of attention with his non-sequiturs and tried-and-true-on-his-entourage-yesmen pocket quips that I believe make him think of himself as some kind of comic Yoda. If DLR was a standup comedian, with that putty face and that shit-eating perma-grin smirk, you know he'd perform under the stage name of either "Slappy" or "Shecky" and would have every "punchline" chased by
  2. It's not like EVH was Tom Petty or anything......
  3. Matt Bruck. I'm gonna guess Eddie had his legal affairs in order, he's been circling the drain for several months now. Conjecture on the street in LA had him dead by April Fools Day. People in his camp were talking, and the rumors were getting around.
  4. Which sparked the question in my demented head: Has anyone ever thought of naming their band "Puppet Show"? cuz that would be GOLD on marquees
  5. Natch. And we will be playing every Holiday Inn cocktail bar near an airport in America, booked 5 outta 7/365
  6. I just wanted to let everyone know that The Kiz Directive will be the name of my next band
  7. I am guessing he is under investigation and needs to liquidate assets. There are new sheriffs in town, and a lot of people are pissed off.
  8. "Once you get the hang of his name...." being the greatest line of that rant. I got Yngwie stories for days..... For some reason, we ran into each other a lot back in the day in LA (and not because of my 'talent' lol)
  9. Did you ever read what this guy got away with? He was moving massive blow across country on some of those trucks carrying "tour support" under some of the biggest names of the 80s. Got caught by the feds. Then he got leniency by hosting/supporting that ridiculous Anti-Drug Russia mega-show, where all the top stars travelled on a jet to the USSR while completely waxed. This guy has great attorneys no doubt.
  10. https://www.estatesales.net/TN/Brentwood/37027/2653887?fbclid=IwAR2TExG5ejogkwdhm45fJSDd7dBXbvXv0HRPlmCZowilAP7u9sW_jNOpl0E Interesting collection of stuff. The KISS memorabilia is going to be legendary. Didn't know convicted felons could own that many guns? And what's up with all those hats?
  11. I hate that fucking song. I want to smash each one of those kids over the head with that pink Dean every time that commercial comes on And I swear, I'm not a violent person! I swear!
  12. THIS is most under rated Alice Cooper song. He went kinda Bowie...
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