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  1. Although I HAVE played some nice Epiphones, especially those acoustic "Builder Series" they put out a few years ago (their Hummingbird version is fantastic, at a quarter of the price of a Gibson) I always think of that comedy bit that goes something like, "Chances are, if you see someone using a payphone in this day and age, something has gone really wrong in their lives". Same way I feel about seeing an aspiring gigging guitarist playing an Epi electric (If your name ain't John Lennon). Snobby? Probably. I wasn't allowed to play my Hamers on stage in some bands I was in, if I had a Gibson in the rack. Because, you know....brand recognition and "professionalism" and all that. Ugh.
  2. Wow, that Zorn guy really steps all over the vocal. He SUCKS
  3. So true. The facial expression is part of the case candy on an Epi, let's all just admit it
  4. Ed Rechts

    Political correctness gone too far?

    All yours. I'm still going with "One Too Many Zeroes", and because it's my solo acoustic act, the implication is direct. Might still use "MacAurthur Parker" for my 70s one-hit wonders tribute, though. Because those childhood acne scars really do make my face look like a cake left out in the rain.
  5. Ed Rechts

    Political correctness gone too far?

    Ah, the soft misogyny of low expectations
  6. Ed Rechts

    NHC: NGD Dean USA V 1000

    Love it. How's the neck profile? And YES on zebras if you switch out the PUs!
  7. Bumped for Joe. "One Too Many Zeroes" is gonna be the name of my next band, who is with me?
  8. You and Muse got separate beds? Trouble in paradise?
  9. Well said Jonathon. Re-establish that failing narrative!
  10. The name came about because someone on this board refered to the finish as "looking like the kind of camoflauge a commando would wear if he were infiltrating a puddle of clown puke". About 20 years ago....
  11. Ed Rechts


    I love all those memorable Ace solos that feature his whammy skills. Oh wait, that was the next 3 guys that followed him in that band
  12. Ed Rechts


    Fun fact: The Washburn Wonderbar had the same amount of metal in it as a 1974 AMC Gremlin, but was not nearly as pretty or practical
  13. Ed Rechts

    Me and Jeffro discuss Loudness

    You partied well with Loudness
  14. Vollmer. I remember that band Bass player was a douche. Good song choices, though.
  15. Ed Rechts

    Has this been posted?

    "Iacocca'd". By an even douchier Henry.