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  1. This song should NEVER be underestimated A great songwriter. A great person. See ya A.....
  2. 9. "Heavy Fuel" is my alarm wake up song and my personal anthem. (They left that revelation on the cutting room floor apparently)
  3. Imma get one for my non-whammys. JUST TO FUCKING HAVE!
  4. Talk about wavelength... I was thinking the same thing when your post popped up before my eyes. Ron Keel was one of the first nails in the casket of Hollywood metal. Nice guy, but what a tool. His whole band and catalog redifined over-industried mediocrity with the most uninspired crap that any backer could have wasted or more likely laundered investment dollars on. Just...fucking dogshit forgettable music in every way. This band shoulda been called " Record Company Tax Write Off". Their one crowning achievement will always be their pompous foolishness of bringing Loudness out on that band's first American tour, where their asses got smoked every night for 9 weeks until Akira & Co jumped to the arena circuit. And one of the faceless guitar players got to be in Wayne Campbell's girlfriend's band in two movies. Fun fact; Ron Keel married one of the most notorious 80s groupies on the Sunset Strip, several years his senior. How do you kiss someone who bragged about sucking off all of Motley Crue, on a daily? Just....ick.
  5. You used to swim with sharks and count your fistfights by the hundred, now the lack of a Starbucks next to a Gap has you hardpassing on the yet another superfluous wall hanging your son is gonna dust off on his Saturday morning chore run while he grits his teeth and wonders how much antifreeze he can sneak into your Lipton suntea without arousing your suspicion?
  6. 'Goddam it, Opie. How's it going to sit with the fine folks of Mayberry that the sheriff's son is a porch pirate?"
  7. I think that's exactly the marketing plan, to reissue the guitar to a demographic that had this as their first "brand name" electric. In the name of sentimental nostalgia. I sat next to an auto broker on a flight once that told me most of the cars he procures, hands down, is the Corvette from the year the client graduated from high school.Then he pulled out a pic of an ugly assed green 1989 Vette he had just delivered to Tanya Harding. My first "real" electric was a Fender Lead II purchased from Rolls Music in Falls Church. Black with maple fretboard. Because... Eddie Van Halen. Spent two of my formative learning years on that thing before upgrading to an early 70s LP and a Dean V in my senior year of HS. Don't miss it.
  8. No. I'm on my laptop with a high speed connection and it's been slow for days now
  9. Please tell me you waterloo'd with a "I'VE BEEN THROWN OFF OF BETTER MESSAGEBOARDS THAN THIS" final post from a sock puppet account
  10. "How do you get 86'd from a place that doesn't even serve alcohol?" -Muse Cafe Chris Lathrop, circa 2003
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