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  1. 1. Pack it Up - Joe Bonamassa 2. These are the Days of Our Lives - Queen 3. Love or Money - Sammy Hagar 4. We Should Be Sleeping - Eddie Money 5. How Many More Times - Led Zeppelin 6. Hell on Wheels - Cinderella 7. Ain't No Fun (Waiting 'round to be a Millionaire) - AC/DC 8. All Your Way - Morphine 9. Well All Right - Blind Faith 10. Changes in Lattitudes, Changes in Attitudes - Jimmy Buffett and ten bonus tracks: 11. Feelin' Alright - Izzy Stradlin 12. Take a Little Time - Gary Moore 13. As Soon as the Good Times Roll - The Scorpions 14. Rescue - Uncle Kracker 15. Walking by Myself - Gary Moo
  2. Amen. I just dig guitars whether you have one or one hundred really doesn't matter, it's still cool to see 'em.
  3. Yep. And those JCF RRs are well worth the price of admission if they're to your taste. Much better than the Crosby replicas IMHO.
  4. I'm jealous seriel, I've wanted a Roxie bass for a while! Here're most of the others ... complete with at least some Hamer content!
  5. Good eye, I don't think I'd have picked that one as brilliant chartreuse from the group pic. Sadly, in a fit of stupidity and because I had others on the way, I sold that one to a friend who'd been looking for another Roxie. It actually looks more like this, like you said one of the most unique colors I've ever seen on a guitar. I'm also partial to their ocean spray and leopard finishes, very unique ... probably with good reason. Jack - Yes, one and the same. I've liked Hamers for years but don't know enough about them, I mostly lurk here to pick up a few tidbits.
  6. Bump for a great thread! And a pic everyone on the 'net has probably already seen. I've really got to pick up a couple more Hamers.
  7. You can put me down for the hemibird. (Yeah, yeah, I know where I can go ....)
  8. Thanks Jason, most of the others I do a pretty good job photographing but that one's actually far better in person. Forgot this one that showed up recently: With cool abalone outlined flames:
  9. I suppose this is sort of graphic: One that's not mine but wow would I ever love to find it:
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