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  1. Yeah can’t send u message, maybe inbox is full. What do you have, how much? Thanks
  2. Cool thanks guys. Looks like possible headstock crack too but not sure. What would be real $ value if u were buying it yourself. Those emgs would coming out though Fast lol.
  3. https://postimg.cc/gallery/FsmwwG9 more pics of bass. Any more thoughts from seeing these?
  4. How do these sounds? How would you use this vs a 4 string? By that I mean what is it best suited for?
  5. Maybe if any pics of him using it on stage or maybe using in the studio.
  6. Yeah I saw that today. Seem a bit steep? Are 80s Hamers as good as 1990s/2000S Hamers?
  7. Ok guy on reverb has one for sale claiming it’s USA made, but no headstock pics
  8. Anyone have any experience with the one that had the single stingray style pickup in it? Were some of them made in USA? Any details or opinions appreciated.
  9. tobacco looks best or nice sunburst.... i like honey on lps...or the kossoff color too haha
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