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  1. Both have mahogany neck thru design. Do they sound similar at all?
  2. Thinking of refinishing a hamer usa bass, but would like a decal. Any suggestions?
  3. Should i have any concern about the mahogany neck in Canadian weather?
  4. What would they be comparable to for any current production brands products quality wise?
  5. What’s the scoop on PJ cruise basses
  6. Yeah can’t send u message, maybe inbox is full. What do you have, how much? Thanks
  7. Cool thanks guys. Looks like possible headstock crack too but not sure. What would be real $ value if u were buying it yourself. Those emgs would coming out though Fast lol.
  8. https://postimg.cc/gallery/FsmwwG9 more pics of bass. Any more thoughts from seeing these?
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