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  1. I want thos PL VooDoos............First dibs on them bro. Let me know what your gonna do with them. Thats a seriously nice Studio. Which I had the extra loot for the Vector.
  2. Thats a seriously nice Studio bro. man, I like the VooDoos also. Nice neck profile, excellent top. Well thought out, Winner all the way around at a very good price. V is Killer also and the Zander. All Top Rank nice pieces. GEEZ what are you playing?
  3. Ebony does it for me. I like Rosewood/Alder with Teles and Strats though. No wolf-tones with the ebony but everyone is gonna have their preference I believe. Hey I can deal with Ash/Maple others wouldn't have it any other way?
  4. Glad you finally grabbed one and like it. The DD-5's are nice too. What are you using both? I wouldn't get rid of the DD-5, but that my opinion. Big difference with the Digital and Analog. Thats why I have a couple. And why I hung onto the Visual Sound H2O which is really more of an echo than a Delay. But just so sweet sounding. But ya the Digital is a different ballgame. I like the DD-5's though. I played one of the new Hand Wired Delay/Loopers yesterday also. That I didn't care for. And anyone looking for a Looper should stay clear of it. I didn't fool with the rest of the pedals but th
  5. Nice Greg, Why not go with a Blank fretboard with the position markers on the side only. Ya definatly a sustain-block.
  6. Great to have you around Paul, and Thanks for everything.
  7. Sounds pretty cool, Good Luck. Everyone is a bit different how crowds effect them though. Without a doubt how well your prepared will have an effect on the outcome. But for the first few moments focus on exactly what your doing and not the crowd. I believe once you get rolling you should loosen right up and loose the butterflys.
  8. Billy is tough John has a great clean Tone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5mFVo55bKQ
  9. Jarts............remember those, what happened to them? Little Johnny next door had one sticking out of the side of his head?
  10. No sh^t Poe and $275 per side? I been thinking about building another Newport similiar to mine with a quilt top but with those prices? Have to wait a couple minutes.
  11. I hear that. I got to thinking about breaking down and setting up those Marshalls? Probly doing 200-250 gigs a year. Lot of lifting.
  12. Fo-Shore..lol Bridges? I'm kinda open minded to them all. Theres something I like about the Tones on all of them. And something I don't like about the construction of all of them.
  13. Have to check out the first two LPs? I don't remember anything from before La Grange? Big in 74 though. No kidding, I remember Black Oak, but don't remember him. I'm gonna check him. Sounds like like some new stuff to get on the CD player. Its tough now man, so much bull on the radio. Almost seems like we went backwards.
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