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  1. Mr. Huss is nearing the finish-line with mine, too...
  2. Mine had the EXACT SAME damage when I purchased it from some dude from Germany. The Beveled-point of the wood in that area had a few local Luthiers/Repair-shop dudes telling me to put it back in the case and move-on. I took it to Shannon Huss at HEL, who apprenticed under BCR Greg - "No Problem!" He shaped and grafted some Mahog on the affected area, re-capped the top with some veneer to hide a few 'prototype' holes made, now it's working through the paint-booth as we speak.....
  3. I've restored a few 2x12 and 4x12 cabs. MojoTone isn't re-tolexing cabinets made from particle-board anymore. They did 'one' for me once, but old-age causes that material to fragment and come-apart when they try to strip it. I 'second' the recommendation that a good "forever" cabinet should be made of SOLID wood so that you can re-tolex it when the battle-scars become too much.
  4. I remember the time he played for the "In Memoriam" at the RRHOF with Derek Trucks and Billy Gibbons for the passing of Freddie King.....Trucks and Gibbons played pieces fitting a Memorial in the spirit of the person being honored for his passing. Bonamassa wanted to "show off" that he was good, spitting out a flurry of blues-shred wankery that had no place on stage. Sure, Joe is a "nice guy", but....I've listened to his music and didn't find anything 'catchy' or memorable - I found a guy who clearly tries TOO hard to prove he's skilled at playing.
  5. Apparently, that Sex Pistols record was worth some money.....?
  6. Trevor Healy - he built/assembled 'The Last One' Mirage II, and did the neck-work and assembly on my Patrick Nagel Centaura.
  7. I'm working that angle with an area luthier - the current string height is 'perfect' off of the fretboard, I'm very happy with that aspect of the setup.
  8. To the best of my knowledge, the neck is OEM correct. The pickups in it when I bought the guitar were EMGs mounted 'low'.
  9. Uh, no....the Guitar was converted from a Sustainblock to a Kahler surface-mount by the PO. I converted it back to original. When I bought my Sustainblock, I had no idea there were two different 'versions'.
  10. This is an OEM Sustainblock bridge on a custom Hamer. The bridge has the saddles as H-I-G-H as they can go to clear the bridge pickup and maintain correct action. There is no adjustment 'left' in the bridge, as I'm almost out of threads on the saddle screws. Saddles are almost 30-45 degrees from the base of the bridge plate. I need a 'spacer' to install under the Sustainblock plate to elevate it . I'm close enough to your NH shop to bring the guitar in if you'd like to take measurements.
  11. Would you be able to make a SustainBlock 'spacer' for under the bridge?
  12. I thought it was the horny babes who come to the gigs????
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