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  1. Grosh Set Neck! SOLD! Early, actual solid body. I had a slightly chambered one and liked it so much I went on a search for a solid body. It made the difference. This has been my Les Paul style guitar for 10 years. It's gorgeous! Beautiful quilt maple top in deep cherry burst finish and a Brazilian fingerboard! Super nice Mahogany body and neck. I swapped out the original pickups for a set of coveted Tom Holmes and, man, does it sound amazing. Incredible player, too, with Don Grosh's renowned fretwork and rounded fingerboard edges. Just an incredible guitar! See spec. sheet for all details. I bought it used and it hadn't been played much at all but it did have some bumps and indentations. There are three dings I can find. Two along the faux binding edge and one on the headstock corner. There are a few indentations on the top, and a line and smudge near the controls. Another smudge is on the top side of the guitar. Also, a little finish disturbance happened on top. It has not changed in all the years I've owned it. All of these marks were on the guitar when I bought it 10 years ago. I've babied it since. I used my pinky in the photos to show the scale. I might be overstating the issues but full disclosure is the way to go. There are smudges on the nickel pickup covers. I haven't polished them since I like it that way. I don't have a scale but would estimate its weight at 9 - 9.5 lbs. Here's a chance to get a remarkable Don Grosh Set Neck with Tom Holmes PAFs for a great price. I love this guitar but cannot keep them all. Continental USA only. Shipping and insurance is included in the price. Please ask all questions before the sale. This is an AS IS listing. See my Reverb ad for more pictures and details: https://reverb.com/item/25993594-grosh-set-neck-2004-deep-cherry-burst-with-tom-holmes-pafs Beauty shot
  2. THORN Artisan Limited Series One! SOLD! - in 90 minutes. This is a Lucky #7 from Ron Thorn's first Artisan Limited Series run. There were 12 guitars in total and all sold out within a few days. An amazingly beautiful instrument in Shoreline Gold with an Indian Rosewood neck. The body is lightweight Swamp Ash that puts the guitar at 6.7 lbs. total. I would describe its tone as throaty articulate. It's a remarkable combination of tone woods paired with Thorn's quasi-famous GT90s staple top pickups. Man, I can't say enough about these pickups. They really are great. P90 in character but with clarity. Please see photo of spec. sheet for all details (Reverb ad). I received this Artisan Limited a few years ago and it had been played a little. Nothing serious but there are a handful of marks. They are impressions in the finish, indents and lines, that look like they could have been made by shirt buttons, fingernails, and a few bumps. Nothing through the paint. The last three photos show the most obvious ones, but there are shirt button lines on the back I couldn't get to photograph. They are not very noticeable but they are there. You might find a few more. I am probably overstating this a little bit but full disclosure is the way to go. Please ask any questions. I love this guitar but cannot keep them all. This one has been my go to for three or so years. It's that good! Legendary Thorn playability, tone, and quality! Continental USA Only. Price includes shipping and insurance.Please ask all questions beforehand. This is an AS IS sale with no returns. Thank you! See my Reverb ad for more pictures: https://reverb.com/item/25989761-thorn-artisan-limited-series-one-2015-shoreline-gold
  3. It's actually an official limited release that happened a couple of years ago. I love RAM so I had to have it. I haven't played it back to back with the stereo version but it does sound very good.
  4. pirateflynn


  5. This one is in regular rotation at our place.
  6. I'm attending the Celebration of Lou Maglia on May 9th.
  7. I brought these home from the local joint yesterday.
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