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    I run my own guitar repair and customised modification shop in Kirkby in Ashfield, just outside Nottingham in England. I was the founding member/guitarist of UK thrashers Concrete Sox (1984-2013). I play in a worship team at church on Sundays...

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  1. LOL no. I just stick all the bits together and release it as one long video. No edits, all the crap left in. 47 clips on this one...
  2. Guitar is all done, boxed up and ready to ship back to Dave (he will get it tomorrow). Video later (longest video I ever made, 3 hours 30 minutes)...
  3. I'm a big fan of these Trem Stoppers! Install these on loads of guitars. Ready for stringing / setting up...
  4. No-one? I suspect original Slammers by Dimarzio. More or less confirmed on Hamer USA Facebook page...
  5. These are the pickups in an 86 Chap (set neck) that I am refretting. Does anyone know what they are?
  6. Updates: Pictures 1 + 2: Polishing / Pictures 3 + 4: Polished / Pictures 5 + 6 Strap pin fix / Picture 7: Just a nice pic of the guitar refretted...
  7. Work has been slow on this due to other commitments and due to the fact that I had to remove 2 frets that would not seat properly. In one case, the fret slots was too wide on one side so I filled it with rosewood dust and CA then recut it. There were many problems that were ignored by the guy whoi last refretted this a few years ago (I understand this guitar has been locked away in a cupboard since the last 'bodged' refret). All sorted now... Frets are levelled/bevelled awaiting crowning then polishing...
  8. Frets are in but need the sides/bevels doing. As mentioned, I have bevel to around 15 degrees. This gives more fret width to play with...
  9. I just easily fitted a 42 big brass block to an 86 Chap (set neck)...
  10. Only vintage Fenders go in sideways as far as I know. These came out topside. Came out pretty easy but the chips left by the previous guy that refretted the guitar were horrific in some places. Fixed around 65 of them to get this fretboard ready for the new frets...
  11. I will bevel by hand to around 15 degrees. That way, you have a wider fret to play wiht...
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