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    Edwards E-EX-125D, Stanford [Furch] D1P Acoustic...
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    Blackstar HT Studio 20 combo (with V30 upgrade), Yamaha THR10X, RedSub 115B...
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    I'm a Born Again Christian and run my own guitar repair business. I was the founder member/guitarist of UK thrashers Concrete Sox (1984-2013). Jesus loves me and I appreciate and accept that in the fullness of His glory...

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  1. Still doesn't work but it is no longer important; I have all of the guitars I need now
  2. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)

    chap 1992 all original?

    What the heck is happening beneath that Floyd? It should be recessed...
  3. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)


    They are using some heavy advertising right now! I'm getting 4 emails a day...
  4. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)

    MIJ Edwards E-LP?

    Thanks! I'm going to stain the fret-board as dark as I can get it then level/crown the frets before getting it strung up. Guitar has cost me almost double what it should have cost (with import taxes /shipping / SKB case etc) but it's a complete 1 off now (I also added original serial in letraset on the head-stock). I would not sell it for less than £1000 GBP but would be well happy to keep it...
  5. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)


    Thanks and that's really good to hear! I was saving for an Egnater Tweaker 15 but this SCX2 came up for £210 on eBay UK and it's only 3 weeks old! Road trip is 130km each way so no trouble. Bought it instantly. Will be perfect for me Link: FSC X2 purchase / eBay UK
  6. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)


    Excellent pedal. Fully transparent with Bass/Treble/Gain @ 0 with volume half way. I like that the Bass/Treble are full at 0 and cut when you turn them clockwise. Takes some getting used to but works well. Has more gain than I expected! Not quite got the balance right with the Timmy & the Wampler Euphoria yet but maybe I should put the Timmy first to see what happens. I also snagged a Fender Super Champ X2 yesterday so that may alter things my way too (I don't think my Blackstar cuts it for the sound I need). I'm only really playing worship/church in a live situation nowadays...
  7. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)

    MIJ Edwards E-LP?

    Excellent guitars! Made by ESP Japan (the Japan brancj of ESP if you will). Earlier ones all Japan made with Gotoh hardware. Later models (ie: my E-EX-125D Explorer) are made in China under strict supervision and are then shipped back to Japan for fit + finish. Many say Edwards guitars are Gibson without the QC issues. I would not hesitate to buy another old or new... Some pics of my Edwards before + after refin:
  8. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)


    Hmm that's odd! I just ordered a Gold Timmy pedal from there for my birthday (it's my birthday today) and it arrived fine. I live in the UK too. In fact I got all 3 pedals but not from Prymaxe (I also got a Fender Super Champ)...
  9. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)

    What attenuators do you like?

    Yeah well... the LORD really does move in mysterious ways! I came to faith just over 5 years ago at probably one of the darkest times in my life. I'd suffered with depression and suicidal thoughts after many years of drink / drug and mental abuse. The mental abuse was spiritual. The turnaround has been more than miraculous and now, not only do I run my own guitar repair shop, I have a reason to live. My testimony is much BIGGER than anything I could write hear. God's people don't have to look right to men ;)
  10. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)

    What attenuators do you like?

    Before you do that; I was building an ambient / worship pedal-board for church and I had an SS amp and a modelling amp and neither sounded right with pedals. I have just gone back to an all-valve combo (Blackstar) after using only SS/modellers for 5 years. I still have my small modelling amp but my SS has gone. Valve just 'does it' for me again...
  11. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)

    What attenuators do you like?

    A 10 watt valve amp is exactly half the volume of a 100 watt valve amp so even though there is a big difference in numerical value, there is not a big difference in volume! A 7 watt valve amp is almost only half the volume of a 100 watt. You will still need an attenuator to get low volume on a cranked 7 watt...
  12. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)

    Who said Hamer gets called Hammer but Kramer never gets called Krammer?

    In DOD's defense, the FX65 Chorus pedal is a brilliant pedal. It's the only DOD effect I ever liked...
  13. On one of the sale post the other week, we had another epic ad calling a Hamer 'Hammer!' Someone posted that Kramer never gets called Krammer. Well, I just came across this (check at 35 seconds);
  14. Vic Croll (Concrete Sox)

    Tribute or USA Made

    Would it not say USA on the head-stock if it's a USA one? I don't know if that is ALL Hamer models EVER but I assume USA models have that as part of the logo...