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    I run my own guitar repair, setup and modification shop in Kirkby in Ashfield, just outside Nottingham in England. I was the founding member/guitarist of UK thrashers Concrete Sox (1984-2013). I play in a worship team at church on Sundays...

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  1. I'd have jumped all over this 2 to 3 years ago. Tastes have changed and I have my Solar S1.6 PB for metal now...
  2. Thanks! It's all-ends-up amazing I wll be adding a coil split in the neck position and heavier strings: that's it...
  3. £500 for that? I've paid half that for genuine USA Hamers!!!
  4. That's a beaut! Unfortunately, shipping, import tax and govt. tax would add $700 to the price for me...
  5. Out of all of the ones I have watched demo's of, the Triangle is my favourite. I am considering buying a RAYGUN FX Meatropolis...
  6. Don't ask me man! I have never pl;ayed a fuzz I like I was almost impressed by the EHX Green Russian and I just bought a Russian hand-made Heretic Fuzz by Hiero Effects. Not convinced. I'd also like to hear what people might recommend...
  7. Yeah it's pretty neat! It has mainly setup and fretting tools in there. Got it free as it arrived damaged from eBay so they refunded me and told me to keep it if I can make use of it. I fixed up where the wheels had buckled. Had it 5 or so years now and it's solid
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