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  1. I have a Rocktek CHR-01 (plastic case but amazing) on my board and a DOD FX-65 Stereo Chorus on the way in to replace it. Always loved the DOD FX-65 (just bought it back from the guy I sold it to last year)...
  2. Oh my gosh! I am finally getting HFC emails!!! 😍 Cheers Ted!
  3. I've had nothing for 3 weeks! I talked with Ted about it a couple of weeks back. I'm sure he's looking into it but his is becoming really annoying! Surely I am not the only one having this problem? If I am, again, surely it is not difficult to sort out. Only thing that springs to mind is my IP has accidentally been blocked / excluded from the mailing list... Getting some sort of feedback from an Admin would be a great help...
  4. Sorry guys but is anyone actually trying to sort this issue out? 3 weeks since I had any email notifications from the HFC! Who are the Admins on here? Maybe I can speak with an Admin direct? How big an issue can it be to make sure notification emails go out? Sorry for the rant but this is pi**ing me off...
  5. I stopped getting HFC emails around 2 weeks ago. Absolutely no idea why: they just stopped! Anyone know why? Also, I cannot add my Facebook. Everytime I try to set it back up, I get a 403 Forbidden message...
  6. I measured it at anything between 620mm and 628mm. For one last freaking time, this guitars scale length is 24.5 inches. How do I know that for certain? The 24.75 inch notched straight edge I have been using for 6 years does not fit the neck. The 24.5 inch notched straight edge I have owned for 6 years DOES fit the neck! What more do you want? Amazed that me, the guy who had had the guitar in my workshop this past month does not know how to measure a scale length on a guitar! I do this for a living. Further more, we all know it can sometimes be difficult to measure a correct scale length on a Floyd equipped guitar due to the saddle on the low E being set much further away than the other saddles (to get the intonation right). FFS...
  7. I have been told (more than once) that they had a 24.75 inch scale length! I have also been told that they also had a 24.5 inch radius 🤣🤣🤣 This one has definitely a 24.5 inch scale length...
  8. LOL no. I just stick all the bits together and release it as one long video. No edits, all the crap left in. 47 clips on this one...
  9. Guitar is all done, boxed up and ready to ship back to Dave (he will get it tomorrow). Video later (longest video I ever made, 3 hours 30 minutes)...
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