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  1. I bought my CSI Premium 75 on recommendation here 7/8 years ago and it died after 2 years. Circuit Specialists were not good when I spoke to them so I do not recommend Circuit Specialists myself. Their irons are China-made generic and they put their branding on them. I'm not stating thet they don't have them made to their own standards: just that my one didn't last 2 years and their aftersales were not helpful. Hakko all-the-way for me...
  2. Hakko FX888-D without question: it's my only solder station in my guitar workshop. Took 4 years of dithering before I bought one and I'm so glad I did...
  3. Well I own a Frieman BE-OD and a JHS Angry Charlie V3 which are both supposed to be an amp-in-a-box pedal. Love both but each has way more gain than I ever got from a Marshall...
  4. Another way is to cut a piece of wood and affix it to the BIG block (neck-side) using double-sided sticky tape: I've done this on a couple of PRS's recently where the client wanted 'dive only' tremolo's but also wanted the option to reverse the mod...
  5. Trem Stop device sits right in the middle and is perfect for this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141895453945 I've used this many times on client guitars. There are other similar devices probably closer to you...
  6. I'd have been all over something like this a few years ago! Now, I own nothing pointy save my Edwards Explorer (not so pointy). Most my guitars nowadays are Tele's (I have 3), Superstrats (I have 2), Hamer Studio, Explorer and 2 (so far) acoustics...
  7. Refretting with SS is not that difficult if you have quality files. A diamond levelling file (300 grit is best IMO) is essential. I also higly recommend a StewMac Z-File. I can't help you with radius/measurements as I do not know them. Frets (and re-fretting) however are absolutely my thing... facebook.com/ngoneseven
  8. Now if that was a bound neck, I’d bring it to England. I already have an 06 Aztec Studio....
  9. I'm snagging the BBE I might have gone for the Pinnacle (love Wampler pedals) but I just bought a JHS Angry Charlie V3 (which I love). Will be nice to see how the BBE stands up next to the JHS...
  10. Would you consider shipping the BBE to England? I'll (obvviously) pay the postage. Will message...
  11. Oh BTW: I was that impressed with this client guitar that I bought it from him before I'd even started work on it. It's not without problems but worth what I paid even p[arted out...
  12. Mine (bought as a project / pre-built): Mighty Mite neck. Warmoth body, Gotoh Floyd, Dimarzio Supr Distortion, Sperzel lockers, F-logo... Cannot add an image: for some reason it is only allocating me 3.8kb for an image!!!
  13. I just bought a Squier Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster and love it [straight outta the box]! It's my #1 player while my Hamer Studio is being lacquered. It's cost me £339 which is around $475 US but you guys get stuff cheaper than us over the pond and your $'s match our £'s when it comes to gear so I bet you can get it for $350. I'd wager a higher-end Squier HSS Strat would be a good purchase...
  14. I love the look of the pickup config in this guitar so much, I've ordered a zebra-bobbined SD 59 neck (4 conductor so I can split the coils) for mine (mine has 2-core and is chrome covered). I will stick my Dimarzio Super Distortion (cream bobbins) in the bridge to see if that works: else I'll have to un-pot my 59 bridge and hope it has black bobins... This is mine...
  15. Ooh that's bastud nice that!!! I recently snagged an 06 Studio in Aztec Gold tho. Someone buy this: it's lush! ♥️
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