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  1. I`ve had four. Excellent guitars but eventually i got tired of that relicing thing.
  2. 20 gigs in august and september. Downscaled, we have a max 200 cap here i Norway if the venue is suitable, and as an acoustic trio. Nice anyway ;)
  3. Welcome! There`s in fact an Artist for sale here in Norway at the moment just like yours but with dots. Wish I could afford it
  4. From a festival here in Norway called Tons Of Rock. #0012
  5. The two on the left and the two in the middle are in use. A JTM45 feeds the bottom two, a 1987X the two on the top.
  6. Totally true. But that song is cool (only a bit difficult to follow the lyrics, Herrr Panzerrr!): What does Haugesund (Beaten to health?) mean? Seems to be some strange northern man's style Haugesund is a city in Norway. The song`s called Skambankt, from 2003 and kinda like our anthem. And thanks
  7. Small festival here in Norway a couple of days ago. http://www.jarlehm.com/Archive/Music/Artists/Skambankt/Skambankt-Festidalen-2015/
  8. From what I've seen on facebook, it's something like this: #0000 is Jazzburst. #0001 is Atlantic Blueburst. #0002 is Trans Black. #0003 is Tobacco Sunburs. #0004 Antique Natural. #0005 Blueburst. #0006 is Gulfburst. There is also pics of them all on fb Posted by the two Matthes (bros?). I think the one in the pickup thread is #0000.
  9. This is so cool! There are pics and vids of #4 on fb. Is he a member here? That means there is at least four finished guitars, five If there is a #0. This also means that #12 is getting closer. This is indeed good News
  10. There ain`t much to say other than wow.
  11. Eleven on everything electric in standard pitch for the last 20 years. Tried 10`s on a strat recently but I bent out of pitch when soloing. 11`s gives me control.
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