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  1. Weight: a little over 9 pounds Neck: one of the bigger Hamer necks. Not skinny but not really big either. Pups: Stock Duncan 59s
  2. Mine were Rick Derringer, Pat Travers, Frank Marino, Pat Metheny, and more. Unfortunately I can't play like any of them
  3. He was very laid back and humble for this show. I am thinking running a Helix through a clean amp must have improved his chi.
  4. Minimally dropped price. Trades considered: wraptail studio or p90 junior special.
  5. I would gladly prepay for some HFC swag. A shirt would be my preference.
  6. The upper wing only as far as I can tell. It weighs 7 lbs.
  7. I have always enjoyed the f-hole. I think it may have been my original motivation for being a musician.
  8. Check that, I just got a message back from the PRS CS and they stated that the hang tag was incorrect and this has a Pattern neck. I haven't played it because I thought I was sending it back. So just to satisfy my curiosity, I broke out the calipers and it was indeed a Pattern. Now I can't wait to take it home and play it.
  9. original story: This isn't a Hamer, and it isn't what I ordered either. Gorgeous guitar but it appears to be the only one that was ever built with a pattern thin neck which I can't deal with. It's going back. updated happy ending: So the whole story is, I ordered this and as I was opening the case I noticed the hang tag that said the neck was a "Pattern Thin", in other words, a skinny PRS neck. I never actually even felt of the neck as I was concerned that I was going to have to return the guitar because it was incorrect. When I contacted PRS, they verified that the hang tag was incorrect. Just to be safe, I grabbed a set of calipers to verify this and it turns out they were correct. The hang tag was mislabeled and I actually got what I ordered. I just finished a bonding session with it and the only way I can describe it is, exactly what I wanted.
  10. I saw VH / Davis Lee Roth in the early 80s. He rarely sang. He did a lot of jumping, sword twirling, and screaming, but very little actual singing. The band was awesome though.
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