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  1. That pedalboard looks like it would operate SpaceX.
  2. THAT posted outside a guitar forum would raise some eyebrows.
  3. This is in my local CL. Nice looking guitar. Monaco Superpro
  4. Well, it looks as though my friend had a change of heart. He is now not interested in selling the A10. If anything changes I will snag it. I laid hands on it yesterday and it is a very nice axe. It definitely needs some love. I believe the strings are original and the frets are oxidized badly.
  5. I haven't gotten it yet. We are moving very little here. I hope to get it sometime this weekend ?
  6. I am probably going to get my hands on this one fairly soon. I will give it a little love.
  7. It seems I recall someone here having a Washburn fetish. A friend of mine found one in a storage unit. I have no idea what they are worth. The pics he sent me are good enough to determine it seems to be in decent condition. My friend also is terrible at taking pictures but I will post what he sent. A hint on the value would be much appreciated.
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