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  1. bigolsparky

    Shipping To A USPS PO Box

    This is the way I pay and get paid every time I do a transaction. As long as there is a level of trust in the forum you sold it in. I haven't gotten a bad vibe from anyone in this forum, but I do use a little more caution on others.
  2. bigolsparky

    The Atlanta Rhythm Section--Willie's latest book

    I saw one of the later versions of ARS a few years ago in Talladega. I think Dean Daughtry was the only original member.
  3. bigolsparky


    Sounds like every gig I play lately.
  4. bigolsparky

    Vegas Trip

    That one definitely got some different results. 😀
  5. bigolsparky

    Vegas Trip

    I am going to Vegas this weekend and have been looking for a good rock show or other show. Anyone here know of shows that fly under the typical Vegas radar?
  6. Yoko demonstrating the sounds you make when you have fire ants in your undergarments.
  7. bigolsparky

    I'm trying out a Fractal AX8

    Modeling is very discouraging in the beginning, but in time, you will love the result. Today's modelers are amazing.
  8. bigolsparky

    I'm trying out a Fractal AX8

    When I first got my my Helix I was absolutely sick because of the fizzy tones that came out of it. IRs and mic changes were my cure for the fizzy and I am sure the AX8 is the same. With the Helix, all stock cabs seem fizzy and can be tamed with mic changes. Tonehammer and Allure IRs are also great for replacing stock cabs. I also purchased acoustic IRs for my Duotone. They are a game changer. Another thing to consider is the speakers you use to set up. I currently use an EV ZLX15. It seems to be a very middle of the road full range speaker and I get good results plugging into just about any PA.
  9. bigolsparky

    I'm trying out a Fractal AX8

    Until the Helix that was true of Line 6. The dirt is much better now. I am using the "Minotaur"/ "Klon" on almost every patch I create. The HX FX is $599.00. A little pricey for me since you can get the LT used for around $800.00.
  10. bigolsparky

    I'm trying out a Fractal AX8

    I have used the Helix for about 2 years now. I am much more familiar with Line 6 controls and prefer being able to tweak on the box itself. That is what lead me to the Helix over the AX8. As far as the sound, I can plug in to just about any decent system and get the sounds I get at home. I have even considered getting rid of my tube gear as it sits and collect dust. I never got in to collecting amps so that would be a very limited effort.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. In six years it will see it's 25th anniversary at Willcutts.
  12. Hamer Artist Who knew you could still get a new USA Hamer?
  13. bigolsparky

    Ace Frehley Anomaly

    No. He actually did some very suggestive things on stage during this concert (with his drummer) that didn't fly too well in a 1980's Birmingham. Oddly enough, it was during the song "The Stroke".
  14. bigolsparky

    Ace Frehley Anomaly

    Actually he did well. Birmingham just wasn't ready for that in 1984.