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  1. The trem is an obsolete Gotoh. It was discussed in the prior sale. I thought I had seen that one before. FWIW, John Mann makes a trem replacement that fits the Mirage.
  2. added "Mirage I" as a potential trade. Actually there are plenty of guitars I would be interested in for a trade. A Duotone or something with a nice girthy neck.
  3. I once got in a discussion with a TGP hamhead who stated "in a battle of tones a Les Paul always beats a PRS". I don't think there is much point in a response, especially since I have never attended a tone battle.
  4. The Music Zoo casting that, (what will the market bear?) line. At that price it will likely die or give birth in the Zoo.
  5. It looks like a PRS SE to me. Definitely a veneer top on a carved body so there is no point in trying to compare these to a US built PRS. No idea what other components were spec'ed in to cut cost. A US built Hamer anything is a better value.
  6. @Boomerang~Junkie Your Tally Pro is not added. Question for those who may know. My headstock has a dark wood veneer. Very dark. It could be rosewood or ebony. Do all Tallies have a wood veneer or are some of them painted? Mine is so dark, it almost looks painted so I really can't tell from pictures.
  7. Update: 5 Tally Pros, 26 Tallies. 3 of which are Earthen Maple There are 2 on reverb. I did not count those.
  8. Agreed. Since this is a run of 25, maybe a $200 bump. That one looks similar to mine but mine wasn't called EM. I am wondering what the threshold for Earthen is? I thought the heavier mineral streaks were a criteria.
  9. Someone has owned DOZENS of Hamer B12ers. That's a pretty bold claim. For the record, I have never owned one, but I may some day.
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