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  1. I would never buy an orange guitar, but that's me. I am sure there is a cremesicle burst fan out there somewhere.
  2. I saw Piper open up for Kiss. The mix reminded me of sticking my head in a jet engine.
  3. I quit Guitar Center over a year ago. Some of their suppliers should feel the affect of this. Especially the ones who have made the decision to not be bothered by the mom and pop shops.
  4. Sorry I reposted this guys. I posted it and then started reading the other thread that was already started regarding the same subject.
  5. The first step towards Kharma. Some of their exclusive suppliers will see some Kharma as well. https://guitar.com/news/industry-news/guitar-center-bankrupt-chapter-11/
  6. I have played through one and really liked it. I also love my Markbass and wish they weren't ONLY available from Berkshire Hathaway music.
  7. I have always been curious about Moonstone. Never enthralled enough to pull the trigger.
  8. I checked out this guy's sales history on reverb, and he has sold several Hamers. I'm pretty sure he must be a member here or at least was at some time. He is in ATL so driving distance for me. I wish I were in acquisition mode at this time. I have wanted a mirage for a while now, but just bought a new house (to me) and I am apprehensive about getting anything new now that I have two mortgage payments. Maybe when I sell my old 🏠 I will be ready for some new guitars.
  9. The last amp I owned was a "Remedy". I have since gone "Modeling". If I were to play through an amp again, it would be a Remedy. Very cool amp.
  10. That's the only guitar I still want (again). It'll happen.
  11. The PRS faithful have posted objections to this thing repeatedly. It was labeled the Carol Baskin Private Stock or Tiger Penis, whichever you prefer.
  12. THAT posted outside a guitar forum would raise some eyebrows.
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