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  1. Beautiful, and I’m sure the group would enjoy seeing the back of a korina Monaco.
  2. I hereby award the ‘Top of the Day’ to @wil50n
  3. So, considering the ‘rotting meat’ smell, was the husk the girl or a guitar?
  4. NICE! But shouldn’t the tribute band be called Soul-Shiner?
  5. Nice! What was the neck like on the '81? The '78 looks sweet -- did you move it on?
  6. I've never seen a black early '80's Special. The pickups seem to have been switcheroo'd at some point but the S/N looks legit. Lots of pitting on the tuner buttons. What are the thoughts of the Forum? https://reverb.com/item/44231586-hamer-special-1981-black
  7. Hmmmm…. My mileage definitely varies on that color. MAYBE if it had a white MOTO pickguard?
  8. I dunno, some of these T-51's just look HOMELY! With all due respect, I don't care for the natural alder units, either. Gimme a black one (body), w/ black pickguard and a maple fingerboard like the one Cheap Trick Rick had in the old Hamer ad.
  9. NO affy. Vintage orange, maple fingerboard, some kinda Duncan bucker in the bridge (ewww). https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/msg/d/tacoma-hamer-51-telecaster-style-usa/7382096227.html
  10. Here’s one that popped up in the Bay Area for...... get ready........ TREE-FIDDY! Looks like new. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/msg/d/aptos-hamer-es-355-style-guitar-and-skb/7382663869.html
  11. Hey fellows: Check again -- the spreadsheet I see shows a shirt cost (13.91), taxes (0.36). shipping cost (7.75) and total cost (22.02). Time to pay!
  12. Looking at this thread gives me a hollow feeling, time to cutaway and stop fretting about it
  13. RE Tweaks: How does it sound compared to before ‘the issue’ occurred?
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