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  1. You’ve got some nice stuff! The Reverb bass headstock resembles the ‘81, though the decal placement is a big different. How heavy are those beasts of yours? ETA: Would like to see the entire instruments.
  2. Based on the headstock shape I think it’s earlier than a Blitz but I could be wrong. How does it compare to the headstock on your STD? There are no photos of the S/N. Fo’sho’ I ain’t biting at the asking price but wish it could be restored somehow.
  3. No affiliation. Part of me wants to stage an intervention and save this thing. Must’ve been somebody’s pride and joy at some point. The Floyd Rose string retainer, no words..... https://reverb.com/item/36230828-hamer-standard-80-s-white Kickstart fund, pass the hat?
  4. It seems that, by accepting one of Wolf’s guitars, you’d have accepted Accept!
  5. You'd think for $5500 a little light dusting would be included. (Hamerdustus, anyone?)
  6. $799.99. I was looking hard at it, but the posting listed this (used) item as 'backordered', whatever that means in Guitar Center-speak. It looked to be a blond finish (not the clear white) with a rosewood fingerboard. It looked clean, though someone had changed the knobs and pickup covers from white to cream colored. And, the volume knob was labelled TONE.
  7. Update 27Oct20 I'm putting this on the 'verb for $100 shipped but will ship to a HFC member for $90-. I initally purchased the wrong bridge for installation on my Hamer Jr. and so have a "lightly used" Mojoaxe CWT Wraptail Bridge (Unaged Nickel) for sale. The bridge was on my guitar only as long as it took to order, receive and install the proper tailpiece for my guitar (the CWT 60 bridge). The CWT bridge shows incidental marks from where the ears of the bridge hooked onto the bridge studs. I paid $137- for the CWT and will sell my "lightly used" bridge for $90- shipped
  8. Ad says the body is chambered korina. If nothing else it’s a two piece body as evidenced by the seam on the back.
  9. Thanks! Like I said, the blue/green Centaura looks nice but the price does not, and I don't want is bad enough to ship from the UK. You seem to be the resident expert on these, are the reverse slant pickup Centauras very common? Also, I take it that the 'thick switches' are not stock. I'd appreciate your insights.
  10. The green blue Centaura looks nice. I like the look and reverse slanted pickups but not sure about the statement 'was to be SS3 Model'. Also, is the 'thick switch' a stock feature? There's a little finish booger-age at the lower cutaway, I would like to see the body at the neck/body joint. https://reverb.com/item/35760541-hamer-usa-centaura-hh-1990-incl-hsc-two-humbucker-model-steve-stevens-ss3 The Granite black/gold one is a bit beat up. https://reverb.com/item/35793764-hamer-centaura-hh-2hb-1990-black-and-gold-sparkle Oohh, snakeskin cowboy (cue Ted Nugent) https://r
  11. I’m not attempting to sway anyone’s opinion on the performance but live guitar rock of any sort on the telefizzle during 2020 has been pretty uncommon. I was happy to see it, it was a nice diversion and it made me appreciate and miss seeing music live in person.
  12. In my quest to select a new Overdrive I devoured most of the Fulltone site and located this info under the "Frequently Asked Questions" tab https://www.fulltone.com/faq/wah-wah-stuff Looks like a new switch and a few additional wires are required. I have an old Thomas Organ CryBaby and intend to give it a try. My only question is, What brand and gauge wire should I purchase for the additional leads? Please recommend something readily available. Thanks
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