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  1. Oh well, Here’s another (possibly the same?) one for $1099. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/FM-SPECIAL-DOUBLE-CUT-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  2. Nice truss rod cover. “Honey, where’d them nut clamp blocks ‘n’ screws go?”
  3. I may be crazy but I want to say that I saw one or both of the (blue) ‘Birds on the used wall of the El Cerrito CA Guitar Center @ 1998? I remember the Scotti pegheads. The bodies didn’t look like exact ‘Bird dimensions but were (are) somewhat ‘stretched’(?)
  4. Bought my ‘94 surf green maple fingerboard Daytona in ‘99 off a Canadian guy on Harmony Central (‘member dem daze?) He was asking $400, i hemmed and hawed so he offered it for $375 shipped and I bit! (is that close enough to tree-fiddy?) In fact, my fiancé at the time (wife now) PAID for the guitar as a birthday present! Bone stock, VG+ condition, no case but gig bag and very well packed. Included the elusive Wilky term arm. Still have it (guitar AND trem arm). One of my all time favorites. I did buy a case for it (don’t care for gig bags).
  5. Jest what i’ze thinkin’, prototype Kammererer.... WHERE’S NATHAN???
  6. Dang. Monaco gots flame. No affiliation. https://reverb.com/item/21091030-hamer-monaco-superpro-usa-sunburst-flame-top
  7. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/d/san-francisco-hamer-diablo-ii-1994/6828938291.html No affiliation, she looks mighty clean
  8. Early Daytona and T-51 production used ash for the bodies that was often pretty heavy, and the early production also used Sperzel locking tuners (which I like). Later guitars have alder bodies and different tuners. Some people don't like the Wilkinson tremolos but I don't have an issue with them, though the 'push in' (versus threaded) tremolo bars are difficult to find. I also like the flat fingerboard radius alot better than a vintage style F*nder neck.
  9. Gene: "Get in the car, b*%ch! You too, blondie."
  10. Nice find! I am surprised there was no finish yellowing once the tape came off -- looks great in plain white, IMHO. I was going to say, if you have occasion to remove the neck you'd also be able to see if the neck had been redrilled for the 'narrow' neck plate (or not).
  11. Ok, tell us what is SUPPOSED to be in those boxes! 😉
  12. Good eyes, I did not see the broken off screw. Yeah, fuggit, slap a Bigsby on there while you’re at it!
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