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  1. The grain on the back of the body is the 'tell' -- looks to be the same instrument. So much for "NEW"!
  2. It’s an old video but I enjoy hearing Vince Gill talk about his collection. Later in the video he starts pulling guitars out of the DRAWERS beneath the guitars that are on stands.
  3. Let’s hear and see more RE: the Virtuos-burns (Wash-tuosos? Vashtuosburns?)!
  4. Nice barre chord by the gal in the camo pants. I’ll wager she had a fun day at NAMM ‘81. What pickups are in the guitar at this point in time?
  5. @DarrenDLove the red machine! What are the two ‘virtuosi’ in the back left of this photo?
  6. The instrument in the Kaman ad has a RH headstock, whereas the Reverb Warlock (and my old buddy’s guitar) have/had LH headstocks. I think the LH headstock look is hot! This is a thick slab of mahogany! Considering how sculpted the guitar is and the quality of execution it’s hard to figure why BC Rich went with the surface mounted covers on the back of the guitar. But I think I could live with it! ALL 24 frets!
  7. No affiliation. These original Warlocks are bada$$ instruments! A friend had one in the mid-90’s, the neck and neck joint were something to behold. Features of the V, Firebird, and Strat, all rolled into one guitar. Lots o’ pointy ends but I still think it works. No overkill on the electronics, either. Find another one! https://reverb.com/item/12769945-b-c-rich-warlock-ii-made-in-usa-1982-trans-red
  8. A little light dusting on examples 2 &3 might help
  9. Is this a factory finish? Gotta bring the green to GET the green, I guess... RE: the PIEZZO: Maybe the seller was confused @ Hamer PIZZA day guitar finish flaws.
  10. I bought this bridge late last year to install on my Hamer Jr. but decided to go with a Nickel MojoAxe wraptail instead. The Schroeder bridge is As-New, never installed. Asking price to the HFC Forum is $75 shipped (via PayPal Friends & Family), which is less than 2/3 what I paid for the bridge (and current retail price). See below for the Reverb listing link. https://reverb.com/item/33799705-schroeder-straight-back-stop-tail-wraptail-bridge-chrome Please PM me if you're interested (or have questions). Thanks!
  11. Dang! Nice one piece top (lam). Please tell me that an ‘82 will have an unpleasantly skinny neck.
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