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  1. Nice color on that top! Also, there does not appear to be a center seam -- if not, it's a single piece of veneer across the top.
  2. I think what makes the finish a little odd is that, unlike most ‘ bursts, it’s not clear in the center/ you cannot see any wood grain. I believe that both maple and mahogany were used for the bodies on Californians, I wonder what was used on this instrument?
  3. No affiliation. I’ve never seen another sunburst finish Californian. Is it factory legit? https://reverb.com/item/20206754-hamer-californian-usa-27-fret-1988
  4. Check out Discogs. Copies from $16.30, not including shipping and taxes. Good Luck! https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/3354584?ev=rb
  5. I saw that small "4" also. Are you suggesting it's a 1981, or something else?
  6. No affiliation, another winner from our friends at Guitar Sinner! Looks pretty clean though back of the neck is a bit whiter than the rest of the guitar. Hamerlock tuners, sustain block trem w/ bar! No back cover for trem springs. Ad copy says "This product comes with a case". Go git 'er! https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/Vintage-1980s-Phantom-A5-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-116148117.gc
  7. DANG! That thing looks fresh outta the box! Interesting burst color, maybe it's the photo but it almost looks to be a 'peach-burst' color. Original case AND trem arm included? If I recall correctly the fingerboards on those (and the Vintage S) are pau ferro. Double dibs!
  8. Well, have you fired that sunburst up w/ a battery?
  9. Glad I could assist! Would whomever bought this please stand up and share the love? Gracias
  10. No affiliation -- From our good buddies at Guitar Sinner! https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/Vintage-1992-T-62-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-116037255.gc
  11. Indulge us, if you will (as I close my GASPING mouth), what is the pickup switching/selection scenario on that beauty? And the weight (he asked, struggling for reasons to not covet the guitar)? Thanks
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