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  1. Miss this dude.

  2. 0054


    That's sad, prayers for his family. He was a good guy.
  3. IT's Bob Stinson guitar, they glued it all back!!
  4. Me too! Fargin job discontinued, 100 bux or so. Looks kinda kool..
  5. The cost of Crack went down, how's that for economic data! LOL... I'm a last year baby boomer and we were just as stupid as the previous and next ones. Humans frail as we are, think it will go on and on and are surprised when it don't.
  6. Backside, same as presence knob. Reverb is very nice. I have one, if I had more money, I'd buy this one.
  7. LOL... No way!! Memphis
  8. amazing live shows... ever see the utube vids of them on some daytime talk show, their no music shennanigans?
  9. Disclaimer... if I had the funds, I would have bought the east(s) and all his amps. Despite his AADD (Amp Attention Dumble Disorder) he's got a good gut and ears for toob amps.
  10. Was lucky enough to listen to this when it came out... cut out records, an older brother... Punk came around and doused it for a few years... but then people started referencing them and the memory was jogged.
  11. Bubs_42... c'mon, Haloween is right around the corner and the ace suit fits!!
  12. No one followed up, so it's in the shitter
  13. 0054

    Eric Otten

    I bought some tubes from him, we had some really nice talks. He was grappling with health issues, even unsaid. I prayed for him all the time. He said he appreciated that. I really loved that duotone he had the color was right up my alley... I just couldn't get the scratch for that and didn't want to lo-ball an offer and insult someone who had been regularly cracking me up.
  14. 0054

    Eric Otten

    Eric, always a favorite to read and communicate with. Condolences and Grace for his family. He is already missed. What a sense of humor!
  15. Does anyone have a link or something for it? I"ve read a bunch of reviews, and remember reading that first "Perfect" 10 review... but can't find it. Thanks! Rodi
  16. But 6k for a standard exploerer, plus 800 bux for BRW... C'mon... that's high.
  17. What's with the scary Johnny Cash painting? https://echoparkinstruments.com/pages/explorer 6K! love you long time!!
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