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  1. Also Khan designed the newer Magnatones... Which version of the crate club? Pics!! Please
  2. Each in progress of this and I say " cant get any better." STFU Rodi, it keeps getting better! this is just astonishing!
  3. You looking for a small head, is that right? Something that can get Fenderish and Marshallesque?
  4. When you don't have a general practitioner on your side who is knowledgeable, it is tough going. Hospital systems have decimated the idea of your doctor as general practitioner, at least here in CT. I go to an APRN now because I have had such a bad time with the local health care systems (3!). All really uncaring and throw out diagnosis as if to the wind. The APRN at least cares and gets us to specialists she knows, which has been helpful (more for my wife, in honesty). In CT, I could not get to a dermatologist, had to make an appointment in the tiny state of Rhode Island!
  5. Mike, Of course we all wish you the best, and for a diagnosis and healing. Having an illness where you cannot find out what the cause is really sux and adds to all the fatigue, stress that comes with not feeling well. Take your time, we all can wait. I think I can say the following for everybody here and who knows you, it iss a special thing to get to know you, even just a little. Rock on!!
  6. CT and the HFC have lost a good guy. Cancer sux.
  7. Chris oversaw the project, and Dave co-ordinated it all, my part was simple, just place art in two squares. Rugby what does the front look like? C'mon!!
  8. Chazman, you ehould email Mike, will be so worth it.
  9. I have never needed stress to over eat, it just comes natural to me.
  10. When the real estate bubble burst in '08 our condo was devalued 50%, but, the town letter stated, "we are upping the mill rate to keep the taxes the same". now the value has gone up and so have the taxes! Imagine that!!
  11. We disagree! I di not wish to be that intimate with the givt, I want them minimized.
  12. Bubs, these cool things just bump into you, excellent!!!
  13. could be interesting if someone pays you with a bank transaction/cc/debit/check/MO then puts the cost as a business cost... then a little surprise for the seller . . .
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