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  1. I really wanted a maple neck T-51, they look the best and that butterscotch, oh!!! I'll trade ya my premium Rosewood for yours and the hunk next to it, whatever that is!!
  2. That looks alot like mine. No pics as I have em in my man coffin.
  3. Mine does, it was, as I recall, done by ATQuinn... it's got one pickup stock, neck and one non stock bridge... its very tele like, but I will say, the locking tuners are not my bag.
  4. Dale Fairbanks builds amazing Gibson replica types. Great dude too.
  5. I think they are all pretty darn good now, with the difference between the expensive high end stuff vs the mid level stuff is flexibility. No way an AXEFX III is 4 x better sounding than a a Line 6 stomp, but it will be a lot more flexible. As much as I love tube amps, and won't get rid of em, the modleing amps now are pretty dang good. Thing is, we talk 53 deluxe as if we play like Larry Carlton, right? But we really want a good solid amp that will get the point across, well, I think if you have a super clean Twin Reverb sound (how many different ones, right?) It's hard to justify a Plexi. but you pay the price for one decent amp, you get a lot more options. Sure you need an FFFR (or two) but its gonna sound acceptable to most any crowd going from a tweed to a Fried(man).
  6. https://atomicamps.com/amplifire-12/ A contender
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/jethro-tull-frontman-ian-anderson-134153894.htmlhttps://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/jethro-tull-frontman-ian-anderson-134153894.html
  8. I use 12-52 Daddario flat wounds on my Newport. They are not dull sounding, or brite. I love them.
  9. Arnie Z, it must be the hottest prevailing question in CT, cause I have been looking into the same thing. Atomic CLR has been out of stock for quite a while, many great reviews, Im leaning toward their AA 12 model for preamp/cabs/effects. The tech 21 double deluxe gets good reviews and is decently priced, and looks more like a traditional amp.
  10. I've seen Chap bass's before, what makes the Maxx different?
  11. 0054


    The Glenlivet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Glenlivet_distillery
  12. 0054

    Eric Otten

    Caddie, sure miss him
  13. I have some very low output Gravelin Filtertron style in my Newport. They sound fantastic in all amps I have. They are so natural sounding, and despite being low output, they are loud!!!!
  14. The reason why I have a hard time selling stuff. I've traded one amp since 2012 (Mesa Blue Angel) and miss it dearly.
  15. I like solids, but not always loud in color. I dig the work it takes to make them look that way. Musta been easier than checkerboard.
  16. https://reverb.com/item/33229055-hamer-special-1981-rare-custom-graphic-finish No affiliation. I love the graphics on it.
  17. Loudest 20 watt amp, it's a beast! Livllives newer Fanes and old Hepners too! Bubs has great taste, good stuff n fair pricing.
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