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  1. 32 years later and still miss my dad each day.
  2. They would have to really have a quality guitar that was priced for the market. A special at 900.00 is gonna compete with gibbys and fenders at the American made idea. Hamer cant cost more than them because of market visibility, but they would have to build a better guitar, by a long stretch. They would need to get great matketing and endorsements.
  3. LOL excellent! So I was late packing the VAC25 to Jakeboy, Heck I will drop a extra tele pickup to make up for running longer on packing the amp. Ooops, different pickup, but just as well! Josh is even cooler than his amazing pickups!
  4. It was right in the bleeping Living Room, with a sign that said "steal me". I couldn't friggin believe how beautiful it is in pictures, but in person, it's beyond your eye's imagination.
  5. One of my all time favorite songs, so sorry to see Bobby Lewis on that list
  6. What to love about Vintage 47 amps is they are well built (boutique) based on the old school common amp before Leo Fender started "hifi"ing amps. Calling out all Harmonica players, get your amp here, Harmonica players! Smoking hot blues pre - rock n roll era sounds, smoky clean to way overdriven. Very Loud 12 watts (I think in push pull). Will take many different power tubes too!! Get your old tube fixation rock on!
  7. Old model. I love my Trem O Tone. Vintage 47 makes great amps, I highly recommend em.
  8. Shame on you Scott, I mean really SHAME!! No cigarette burns mentioned, it ain't a reliced amp with no cigarette burn.
  9. For that price, I could hook you up with a guy, he's fairly talented...
  10. I know the nutube tech has been around 52 or 53 years! I have a box with em and its cool as can be.
  11. It was very cool. As soon as Dana had flashed his Ultimate, I was like, "ugh, man, those are so!!! GREAT!!" I am hoping to make it each Monday.
  12. That's just so amazing!! I love it!!
  13. So beautiful! Fill us in on some specs!!
  14. Johnny Thunders, The Buzzcocks (dual jrs!), the Vapors, The Clash. The swirl the air, the grunt!! Vintage P90s are my favorite! Is that the record that has the click on the drums? I remember listening to the album so many times, then reading about it and then... it's all I could hear!
  15. I only miss the music, great shows all the time. See bar ads and they had more great shows in a week or two vs a year at most venues now a daze. Many nights seeing two great bands at different venues. Oh, the big score for me was Les Paul jrs for a song. They were despised until 1986/7. People used to call me to buy them. "hey I heard u like these!?!?" 400, good deal. Oh the scotch and cigarettes of one night would kill me now
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