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  1. FrettyMcgee

    Ticketbastard Relationship With Scalpers

    Ticketmaster can scrub my ballsack. Fortunately for me, all the artists I remotely still want to see in concert are never represented by Ticketmaster. That's one plus side for being completely irrelevant to current pop culture.
  2. FrettyMcgee

    KISS Announces Another Farewell Tour

    Man, I started playing guitar because of KISS. But I get that they are considered a joke. I wish they bowed out with a bit of dignity, immediately after that massive reunion tour. And maybe popped up every few years with a quick and big tour event. The last 15 years have been flat out embarrassing, no matter how much money they can fleece from the fans.
  3. FrettyMcgee

    Worth $10K

    Is ANY guitar worth 10k? That is the question! 🤔
  4. hahaha...thanks guys! The lefty body and righty headstock really does confuse its orientation. Which seems to be all the rage these days. 😛
  5. Quick boring story. Waaaaay back in the day there was a BC Rich Bich NJ Series hanging in my local mom and pop store. I thought it was so metal. 🙄 32 Years later I made my own, hahah. I built the body myself, had a NOS Rich neck, and some old SD Metal Live Wires. I need a truss rod cover. Thanks for validating me. 🤣
  6. I've got a old MIJ Model 3 Charvel. Like mentioned, its wide, thin, brilliant fret work, and I had no idea it was a compound radius. In fact, I'm suspicious of that. Will have to get out my radius gauges to confirm. My Cali feels rounder and more "strat" like than the Charvel. It might be because of the the smaller frets and the narrower Floyd nut. "As good as" could be subjective at this point. Those old Japanese Charvels are/were top notch. But I will concede the Cali is a brick shithouse (in a great way). Personally, those Japanese super strat necks are unbelievably comfortable for my mitts. my 2 cents
  7. Of course I kid about that. This video is insane. That glitter is borderline Paul Stanley's rhinestone Iceman.
  8. Holy crap. Those Glitter Blast Rustoleum cans really do the trick.
  9. All my guitars are waaaaay to similar to warrant switching picks. I'm a one trick pony. And the trick is rusting like a old boat. And the pony is on the way to the glue factory. But for the record, 2mm or 1.5mm Gator Grip. But I've been eying those Tusq picks....
  10. FrettyMcgee

    NGD: 1988 Carvin DC125C

    That is SWEET. Love it. Not even gonna make a Bangles joke. 😛
  11. FrettyMcgee

    1/3 Of The Summer Projects Done...

    Thanks Rob, yep, its decked. Which is a first for me. 🤯
  12. Haven't posted in a while, I've missed you old chunks of coal. I finally got around to putting together a fairly decent 5150 repro. Its a nice Musikraft neck and a body from KnE. A 1980s Floyd, a Frankenstein EVH pickup, and some 90 degree Gotohs. The pain in the ass part was tracking down the proper sized masking tape locally.
  13. FrettyMcgee

    HEL Custom Order

    Aaaaand Diablo's high contrast, eye melting fluorescents delivers yet again. Love it.
  14. FrettyMcgee

    Teasers: Endpapers from upcoming bass book

    Spector was the very first thing that jumped to my mind too.