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  1. Picked up a sealed vinyl copy off fleabay. It's very refreshing to actually hold and even smell the medium. Come At me, bro(s)
  2. Collectively, my 2006 lineup probably cost me a relationship. Does that count?
  3. I thought pointy guitars were illegal in Washington state since the early 90s. Maybe that's why its for sale. That, and the sideways humbuckers. Which reminds me of a rather old racist joke.....
  4. That Dolly Parton song sounds like a cross between Stairway To Heaven and House Of The Rising Sun, IF you try to think of what other songs sound similar. The song stands on its own. Thanks! Saved me some typing.
  5. Very early 80s, my brother stepped on my Raven Les Paul copy. He and the wood shop teacher got together, removed the fretboard, and glued it on a neck they built. Thinking back now, I wonder why they didn't just go with a re-glue/splint option...would've been easier. But I appreciate the effort...even though the new neck was the size of a baseball bat. 1988, my Larrivee (about a freakin' week old) tumbled off the stand after the neck support part just kinda slipped sideways. Right back to the factory for a new neck. Never used that type of stand again....for years I just put the guitar back in the damn case when I wasn't using it. 1995, same Larrivee had the strap screw rip right out of the body, drop to the floor, and off came the headstock. Wood glue and masking tape (as a "clamp") later, it amazingly held up ever since.
  6. Take all your hoity toity curly wood and put in in a hat. Show me another one of these.....SHOW ME! Righteous, I tells ya! ....damn right handed people and your fancy parties.
  7. I'm going to duck after saying this, but as far as a pure shredder, you have to check out the old Ibanez 550 series. The original late 80s versions are rocket ships. I love my Diablo, but in terms of shredability, the 550 is a monster. I think they also have reissued them for the 20th and 25th Anniversary, but I have no idea if they match the original specs. Charvel's already been mentioned, and those old necks seemed to be built for my paws. LOVE them. The 80s Japan imports are phenomenal.
  8. 2014 Self-Denial Challenge Hell, I've been in self-denial since 1994. Do I get anything for that achievement (other than debilitating regret)? Maaaan. I wanted to try again this year. Only to fail again with weeks to go. But I'm planning on assaulting the forum's sensibilities with part mutts ugliness all year. So under section 3, The Builder's Clause, I'll be out ASAP. Btw Nathan, top reference.....top reference.
  9. Paul should have bought a set of '14 Vocal Cords to go with the '59. Meeeooow. On another note, his son is going to get a heck of a guitar.
  10. True to my character, it's in the home stretch where I usually crash and burn. And this might be the case for The Challenge. I'm keeping my trap shut for now, but I'm working on a cool score. If it pans out (which I'm pretty sure it'll happen), of course I'll post about it.... ...but for now I'm invoking the Go-Go's paradigm:
  11. Thread jogged a terrible memory.... This stinky little number stuck with me for several years. It's the only piece of gear that I'll never be nostalgic over. Parents got it for me when I was about 13 for X-Mas. Literally within a day, a family friend of a friend had a nice Carvin 2x12 tube amp combo he was willing to let go cheap...just buried the Peavey. The little mom and pop music store would not return the Peavey, even though it had literally not left the store's floor yet. This was the same music store that I was taking lessons from, and my parents had bought a couple guitars and countless strings and picks. At the time the store was the only game in town, so I guess they thought they could afford to be pricks. I was happy when they folded in the mid 90s. ...second worst was a Mesa Dual Rectifier.
  12. I see this thread goes back a long time, but I'll add my 2 cents. My secret wussy 90s music shame. It was criminal that the "industry" couldn't find room for these guys and their label dropped the band after 2 albums. Great pop tunes backed up by some talented and self-contained players.
  13. Ah, that guy...lol. Reminds me waaay back in the 90s, L&M once had a rosewood Warmoth neck hanging behind the counter for 75 bucks. And it was all rosewood. Still kicking my self for not snagging it. Guess I'm a dumb motherfucker.
  14. The Mighty VH's Mean Street covers it for me. BUT, here's a couple that gets me going. http://youtu.be/sdXjm8pZMws Sleazy goodness. http://youtu.be/4MhcYW3m9-M Gilbert makes me want to throw my guitars on the burning pile.
  15. If this wasn't overpriced by about $1300, I'd be so out of the challenge. 80s Larrivee Hurray for delusional pawn brokers!
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