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  1. My dudes! In a VERY rare occurrence, I bumped up my sting gauge significantly and need to adjust the neck a bit. I realized I don't have a wrench that fits my Diablo. Is it a 1/4" or 5/16" socket size? Tanks, pals.
  2. Pretty sure you can just buy the company for 10k.....
  3. ^^^^ Oh, man. I had crummy old plain jane SR stem. ^^^^ Right now there's a P.K. Ripper frame hanging in a local pawn shop that I've been eyeballing. BUT I know that if I start down that road, I'd blow too much money restoring it. Only to ride it to the end of the drive way and conk over with a heart attack. sorry, back to the topic......
  4. If all goes as planned, body blanks, body blanks, and more body blanks. Maybe a rustic coffee table.
  5. My brother dropped off a great present today. About 10 pieces of western maple he milled @ 10' x 14"(+inch or 2") x 2.25". We spied the moderately sized maple on his property last summer. It was recently dead, so we cut it down. At a first look, its solid, unspectacular grain, which is good enough for free. he got around to milling it literally the day before this happened:
  6. I'll say it again, diablo's posts are just high contrast color scheme porn to me.
  7. I always wondered how, after EVH openly said he screwed up the guitar's tone, Charvel Star, Jackson Star, Ibanez Star, Kramer Voyager, and even the Dean ML, ever sold another model. And if we subscribe to Ed's theory of removing material from behind the bridge, we could throw in every flying V ever made? I dunno. But I will say, as a unabashed EVH fanboy, after the nostalgia blast, that Shark ain't for me.......
  8. pretty darn cool. Sounds like something you'd hear playing after Eric Stoltz realizes that Lea Thompson wasn't who he really wanted. Rather, it was his cute tomboy friend, Mary Stuart Masterson all along.
  9. Funny enough, I real was going to start a thread about how one of my man boobs now hangs over the edge of my guitars. Its really....sad. Just.....sad.
  10. What color effects Smashing Pumpkins' reunion tour ticket sales? https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/02/smashing-pumpkins-reunion-tour-doesnt-appear-to-be-selling-very-well/
  11. Man, that sucks ass. Charvel, in my opinion, has a cemented position in guitar history. I mean, the dude sold EVH the parts for Frankie.....c'mon!!!
  12. The comment section on TMZ makes me want to nuke the planet and start over again. Or better yet, just leave it for the animals.
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