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  1. Nice cali .. reverb is going to crush him on fee's & taxes .
  2. The price is pretty good on the special but after tax and shipping It ends up being a grand!!
  3. I had it done by Aaron Henderson of Lowel guitars . He is out of Finley Ohio. He has guitars on reverb usually search Lowel. I haven't spoke to him in a while . I know he was busy making riffle stocks too.. he does excellent work . He did numerous jobs for me.. Rob
  4. Catalinbread v8 Fuzz Tone Engine. Cool pedal I used on my board with my bass as a fuzz pedal .,and I also used it with my guitars as a solo boost pedal . It has so much power I would keep the volume up and fuzz low and it would cut through the mix when we gigged bars & clubs.. I do not have the original box or paperwork. Will ship through ups ground... $115.00 pp gift & shipped
  5. The price is steep with that headstock repair .. cool bass though ..
  6. Thanks Pieman I did a few of them with my kids over the summer. They helped me peal the tape lol they loved it ..
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