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  1. The price is pretty good on the special but after tax and shipping It ends up being a grand!!
  2. I had it done by Aaron Henderson of Lowel guitars . He is out of Finley Ohio. He has guitars on reverb usually search Lowel. I haven't spoke to him in a while . I know he was busy making riffle stocks too.. he does excellent work . He did numerous jobs for me.. Rob
  3. Catalinbread v8 Fuzz Tone Engine. Cool pedal I used on my board with my bass as a fuzz pedal .,and I also used it with my guitars as a solo boost pedal . It has so much power I would keep the volume up and fuzz low and it would cut through the mix when we gigged bars & clubs.. I do not have the original box or paperwork. Will ship through ups ground... $115.00 pp gift & shipped
  4. The price is steep with that headstock repair .. cool bass though ..
  5. Thanks Pieman I did a few of them with my kids over the summer. They helped me peal the tape lol they loved it ..
  6. Earl slick 59 lp dc relic by Guitar Fetish plays very well ..medium profile , medium frets ,swamp ash body ,heavy sucker approximately 10.5lbs . P90 , brass hardware i will include a gigbag too $275 shipped or $225 local to nj 08831 area For more pics email me at iownit4@gmail.com Rob
  7. Chapman Cap-10 white strat... Plays great . Has some dings and sticker residue look at pics on reverb ad Hfc price $600 Chapman Cap-10 White https://reverb.com/item/36334425-chapman-cap-10-white?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=36334425
  8. Had this guitar for about 14 yrs I believe I bought it off of bcr greg or pesocsster if I remember correctly. It clean all stock ss1 ebony fretboard and crown inlays. Plays and sounds great . Just need to move some gear for home improvements (bathroom remodeling) rather sell hearvto save on fees lmk my email is iownit4@gmail.com im in ny & nj area did lots of deals here .. been here for yrs.. Let's talk $1700.00 here hfc price Hamer SS1 Steve Stevens 91 Woodgrain https://reverb.com/item/68165-hamer-ss1-steve-stevens-91-woodgrain?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=andr
  9. King Edward!!! 2020 the worst yr ever..... This is a nice story ... A Message from VINNIE VINCENT I want to share my thoughts and feelings about the very sad and devastating loss of Eddie Van Halen. I know I am not on social media. It is not my platform and I'm not comfortable there so I am directing my thoughts to the members of Legion and Euphoria only. I crossed paths with Ed back in late 1980. I received a call from the owner of a recording studio in Pasadena where I had been rehearsing and recording who asked if i would be so kind to do a favor for someone rehearsing at his stud
  10. King Edward!!! 2020 the worst yr ever.....
  11. Agree with everyone here 👍.. i would definitely use a wood glue though .. Do you use any type of strap locks? Some straps have plastic adjustable locks that work well if you want to keep the original strap buttons. Rob
  12. Lol I know it sounds crazy. I've been in the music scene & biz since 1991. Gigging and I owned a studio in NYC & staten island... so I just accumulated so much gear over the years from artists & company's and in some cases payments ..I do occasionally sell something. It's hard to let good guitars go . When I take them out to take pics of the them I change my mind lol...here is my now home studio I use mostly for band rehearsal. I do have zoom r8 & pro tools rig ready to go ..as for hamers I do have about 12 hamer usa sunburst early 90s . I do perfer thinner neck profile sti
  13. Just buy a charvel and save yourself $1200 lol
  14. So I've been staying at my father in laws who is recovering from a knee replacement surgery!! I lived here in his with my wife while we were in between moves about 5 yrs ago and of course I left a bunch of gear behind in our old bedroom .. so I started going though cases and was reunited with this 1982 special that was white and beat up bad at one time that I had re-done by Aaron Henderson of lowel guitars.. he did fret job crown inlays and new top. Crazy how I haven't played this guitar in maybe 7 yrs and thing plays and sounds amazing. I had to tweak the neck lil and that's it .. i let he
  15. What a tremendous guitar player seen him about 6 times on his Christmas extravaganzas I would love to purchase something from his shop I just have a feeling it's going to go at very high prices he definitely is the king of rockabilly guitar In the last 40 years Rob
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