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  1. Big Hug from this side of the world. You be strong, man... JJ
  2. +1 for the OCD. Just got one in today from one of our fellas. This 'lil box is vey responsive to playing dynamics, has a wide range of useable sounds and has 2 modes (on-on switchie) to better couple it to your favourite amp. It's a keeper, for sure. JJ
  3. I'm right there with you, pal. Mind you... THAT being said from . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A Man With A Keebler Bitchum!!! I had more than a knee jerk reaction when I saw THAT ONE :o That is something more like "eternal porn", hehehe.... JJ
  4. Weren't you in a selling phase ? It's a cycle, you know... Sell and buy and sell and buy and.... And then there are some things to which you cannot just say "no". That kinda burst spelled a knee-jerk I-must-have reaction. Hence the e-mail I sent you, btw... JJ
  5. Does 1978 help qualify the porn as "fresh"?? Currently being attended by a flight attendant somewhere over the Atlantic :o for the joy of yet another EU fan! JJ
  6. YOWZA! A bad one, indeed I join the row of who missed it when you first posted. It contains several of my own favourite themes - in no particular order: Korina The string thru V ornament Slant fretboard end Hockey headstock "boomers" (sort of) JJ
  7. Man... Sorry to hear about your loss / problms. But going for the jugular like this doesn't buy much sympathy, I'm afraid. Take a deep breath, go contemplate the sea / clouds / prairie, cry it out of your system and things will find a new equilibrium. JJ
  8. JackC...you IS darn right! Was my favourite, too JJ
  9. Hmmm... besides many great guitts... Hamstd gave me a big hand with a NHC eBay deal JeffR helped me out with that T62 Caddie - that Flitz is doin' miracles on the chrome pup covers, man!! Gale sold me some awesome pups as well Kiz - he hooked me up witha good webhosting service and has been extremely supportive Gee...really received lotsa good vibes from this forum, must say! JJ Paul
  10. How much is the "nominal fee" to have the scrawl removed? Nice 'un... aren't you sorry to have to part with it? JJ
  11. Foot in the door... waiting for interesting noises... JJ
  12. My condolences and my warmest wishes to your family. Paul
  13. as it is, a Vintage S with the standard pups just smokes. Wonder what it must sound like with a set of *good* pups. Damnity!!!!
  14. Rolee... I live close enough to you to organize a blitz to strum all your babes Watchout!!!! ;) JJ
  15. In my humble experience you can obtain the best of both worlds if you use some good analog gear patched in the send/returns of the mixer. I own / operate a Panasonic DA7 digital mixer and have interfaced it with some good analog outboard - not necessarily expensive, just "good sounding". It brings back the "warmth" (which is just pleasing distortion - but who cares?) which otherwise would be missing. Ask your engineer to run some nice analog comps on the busses and maybe a touch of an outboard piece called "FATSO" (manufactured by Empirical Labs) on the final mix. You'll end up getting back "that vibe". Digital is a great medium for all the editing - I wouldn't diss it alltogether. IMVHO and YMMV, etc. JJ Paul
  16. Korina...not mahogany. Otherwise it would sound too "warm". JJ
  17. I also modified the original CAD drawing of the Vector. Mine was a bit different from the cherry one pictured above because I did not extend the point on the bass side of the body. It was essentially a V with one horn flipped 180 degrees. IMO it should be built to the shape of the cherry one. The neck and the hardware are identical to a V (minus the tailpiece that I can easily make). The only other thing that is needed is a case. Fuel to the FIRE!!!!! Here's my babee..... Once just for laughs I had posted a pic of a Warmoth V body where I had flipped the top "wing" (?) around. It looked really easy to design...dunno... I believe that many people over here have the chops to make it happen, even if only as a summer project joke*. As far as ergonomics are concerned, it really doesn't hang that badly at all, sort of like a Chapman Stick (I'll post some pics of me wearing the guitar at the Milano show, if I only can manage to find'em). The tone is where you really hear the difference. It is a very "warm" sounding guitar (mine also has original 60s PAF sticker puppies though) because of all that mass on the bass side of the neck joint, which at the end of the day isn't all that bad IMHO. JJ p.s. More pics are on This Page Here p.p.s: I will scan the Guitarst UK article pictured above for those interested. My apologies to CMattes who has been waiting for a shitload of time. p.p.s: We're probably gonna do an article about the Bolt here in Italy, and maybe in Germany as well but unfortunately it won't be written in english ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Side note: I spoke to the journalist who wrote the piece... He can't believe "how far this joke has gone".. It was actually intended to be an april fool's article on Gibson's "Super Prototype". But laughs eventually turned to acrimony. Gibson apparently is p*ssed off because they would eventually have to pay royalties to the two british journos, who are reluctant to get involved (probably have been under legal pressure), and this is only two thirds of the stuff hitting the fan...
  18. Rolli!! Here you are, finally...!! Welcome to the zoo Lemme tell you guys, Roland IS really serious about his Hamers. Heck, he even turned down my beautiful Mock in favour of one of my Hamers!!! The Mony Mony is one of the three guitties that Steve Sevens had built for Billy Idol's song by the same name. Roland is the owner of one of the three - lucky dude! anyway... next up are going to be some friends from Italy... I'm slowly getting some of the EU hamerphiles to congregate over here, numbers are set to grow! See ya' soon... off to London to see some UK porn in Denmark Street JJ
  19. I think this is the point of no return for Gibby. That is an awesome awesome guitar. Classy as any Big Ticket Item can be (Baker / Fine Tuned). I'm awed, really... Lou - helluvascore!! JJ
  20. +1 for all the above. If you boost before them tubes you're just saturating them more. It's like a bottleneck, so to speak. JJ
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