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  1. Mike, as a long time John Entwistle style player: should have an Ultimate body, two massive humbucker in mid/bridge position, long scale and should have a master volume on the front horn. And of course needs to have a massive headstock. Basses with small headstocks look wimpy. greetz Oliver
  2. That’s Peter Knorn of german band FARGO with his custom Rockingrr bass
  3. I would also be interested buying some merchandise. greetz Oliver
  4. Standard 4 String Bass Standard 8 String Bass Standard 12 String Bass
  5. I like the Standard Bass Very minimalistic. Hey James, thank you very much. Yep, and it sounds really great..... I have some questions rgdg your Standard Basses, could you send me an email to: senmen@me.com Thank you!
  6. Guys, well I have always been into Hamer. I first met Paul beginning of the 80ies at the german Musik Messe Fair in Frankfurt. I got a checkerboard strap back then and one of the small checkerboard Standard lapel pins from Paul and have never owned a Hamer until last year. I still do have the old checker strap.... So last year I bought my first 12 String Bass, see picture. It was a cool bass, but I didn't get used to the short scale that much and soon sold it and got me that black Standard 12.....and am finally infected after that long time with the Hamer bug...... Anyone got any Standard Bass
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