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  1. Some cool stuff there - but looking at the prices I wonder if they ever move one of them... (I do not look at the website regularly I must admit). But the second hand prices on the bay (in Germany) are the half +/- of what GP asks ...
  2. So good. Thanks für sharing. PS: @cmatthes What does „verklempt“ mean?
  3. Talking about distances... We should start to think about „Hamer over Europe Mk II“ - stay tuned for the upcoming thread.
  4. I paid 2.000 Euro two yrs ago for a transblack, which corresponds to the 2.300 buck range...
  5. Selling a guitar, feeling bad about it and trying to get it back - a common story, I know. Happened to me once with a Peavey Generation I sold on ebay and got it back from the buyer a few years later via ebay, too. This Peavey was one of three guitars I sold during the last years and regretted it shortly after. The second one was the US made Dean Soltero MGH I sold in 2013 to raise funds for our first RV US trip. I got it via ebay, liked it, but not so much that I did keep it. Fast forward a year or two: Remorse kicks in. Reaching out to the buyer to get it back, no luck.
  6. Pretty cool... Never had one in my hand, but then I do nit shred... 😌 Prices seem way steep. Sometimes one shows up here, selling for half or even less...
  7. Ok, folks, cards on the table: Who put an hold on that seafoam (SEAFOAM!!) SS?
  8. If you don‘t mind some shipping and maybe some language problems: Try eBay Germany (adds too) Mercantino Musicale (Italy) zkinf (France) European source where good deals can happen.
  9. This is the way you look after getting kicked out of bed by a false fire alarm in your hotel in Strassbourg. We should start thinking about a new European meeting... For the post pandemic days.
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