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  1. Yes, it is RIGHT! This connection DOES exist, don‘t let you tell otherwise. It is even scientifically proven. I got the numbers... Well, my bank has them. The effect goes like this: Someone innocent (say, like me) is a happy HFC member. Reading the threads, smelling the flower and so on. BUT THEN someone here mentions another brand than Hamer as „good“, „great“, „stands par to any US mad guitar“, and what happens within seconds? You got it. Off to ebay/ebay adds you go, checking the markets, looking for a steal... EVERYTIME. And at least every second time some stuff ends up on the watch list. Like, say, Peavey Firenza or Rockett Pedals or or You want a prove? You should have seen me last night, looking for Deans, chez made. Then again, the HFC judgement never was wrong... And next time: How HFC kills funds and time for every other hobby. EVERY! Stay tuned.
  2. I am growing up. Saw it, thought for five minutes and skipped it...
  3. Not sure about the years, but after early eighties, nineties and so on the ones with bounded headstock and the V inlays are the ones which are still with me. The rest (beside a 90ties Vanguard) is gone for good...
  4. „What do I have in my pocket?“ And you?
  5. Thanks. I got them from Amazon IIRC - the typewriter is original...
  6. Or a minute... sometimes facebook comes handy...
  7. Give me a day or two, and I will repost them...
  8. I lost the last of my beloved swirly designed heavy Fender pics last week (I guess in the washing machine)... But I found a worthy replacement...
  9. Man, you really got me thinking about a MIII again...
  10. Viel Erfolg! Zu dem Preis sollte was gehen... Gruss aus Bayern!
  11. And its gone - to the man with the fancy haircut and the number in its user name.
  12. It's been a while since I posted here. I am still cleaning up my attic and found some builders stuff I'd like to give away. Don't know the english name for these, please take a look at the pics. Stuff is - this is the Hamer forum! - free. First come, first serve. If you want to give me something in return: Some plectrums, heavy or medium gauge, would do it. I keep losing them all the time...
  13. Beat me, but my knowlegde on the Hamer superstrats sucks, so I can‘t name the model. Anyway, it sells for the highest bid... Seller says the condition is good... https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hamer-e-gitarre-airbrush-von-jim-o-connor/1093663379-74-22665 No affiliation of course...
  14. I just realized that Rockett (J. Rockett Audio Design), one of my preferred pedal builders, came up with a complete fx pedal series in seafoam... A pedalboard all in seafoam must be pretty cool. Than again - how do yoi distingiush on a dark stage...?
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