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  1. Love the song, the whole record…! Never seen Bobby that relaxed… And Knopfler is like „Look at me - I am playing with DYLAN!“ 😌
  2. Thanks! So I will keep them Fenders in it for a while… Thanks for the TS tip… I am rebuilding it constantly (who isn‘t?) and I will try to make some room for a HBE Powerscreamer….
  3. This is one of the things you think you do not need, but when they come along - oh my. This T-62 popped up on ebay Germany a few months ago. It took some time to make its way here, and came just in time to be a slightly delayed birthday present to myself. Probably a little overpriced me thinks in the meantime, but hey, it is SEAFOAM (and I am a sucker for that as some of you know; maybe I should change my username). Plays wonderful, great condition for a guitar w/ nearly 30 yrs on its back. Case and candy all in, great neck wood, and Fender Custom 54 PU set on it, which seems to be a bonus to me. But the original PUs are included - any recommendations (back in or stay with the Fenders)? I never thought I‘d be friend with a strat type guitar, but this pone, combined with the Lovepedal Deluxe I got from @Jakeboy is starting to change my mind… 😌
  4. Talking about optimistic pricing: If you want buy a Miller for 5.000 Euros, here you go: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/1985-hamer-usa-miller-music-beer-usa-orig-case-vintage/1873799800-74-2008
  5. Let me look in my grandmas basement… Maybe I‘ll be rich soon… 😊
  6. Congrats to the scores (and the family too, that is!). I never laid hand on a RD, but the RD Custom makes me drool since I started playing guitar… Enjoy!
  7. Usually I don‘t do New Pedal Day posts, but this one is surely the most delayed Lovepedal Deluxe ever. I purchased this from @Jakeboyon May 22nd (Thanks for the smooth deal!!), and it took the pedal nearly three months to make it over the pond. Only topped by the Lollars I purchased here - they went to Germany and backt to the States two times till they found me after the third attempt. 🥸 Can‘t say nothing about the sound, though, since the amp is in the rehearsal room… so this will have to wait…
  8. Seller seems to be a nice guy (and offers a two weeks day money back guarantee, too). Please take into account that shipping over the pond is up too 105 Euro, depending on the weight…
  9. It is not the steal of the century, but price seems okay. No affiliation, and any help needes is hereby offered. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/1987-hamer-tle-custom-usa-amber-arztec-gold-tele-floyd-rose/1842863894-74-2008
  10. You let me know what you are up to… I am pretty sure that we can do something - be it European, be it for overseas (if shipping does not kill the project). I got some textile printing companies here nearby (no aff… 😌), which deliver a oretty good quality… Oh, and since 2014 the TTTB graphic is waiting in my dropbox to be downloaded. It is a negativ (black on white) .tiff. Grab it if you want to - but you better be fast, there are only few in stock… https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7urq5pae9s3w85i/AAAENmWxZ9tgLwaSvIwXsRyba?dl=0
  11. Just my two cents from here (Germany). I am watching the (pretty small) market here on a daily basis, and the prices went up contiually over the years. I never saw the 350 era (thank god, there are still things I am actually TOO YOUNG to remember), but in my hay days of buying I got Specials for 650 or so, the cheapest Hamer I remember was a Prototype for 400. Monacos went for around 1.000 (always talking Euros). The prices went up quite a bit over the years, for the „good“ stuff (late 70ies, early 80ties), but even a SS is offered for 1.500, which seems pretty steep to me. But the market seems to be good with that, we do not have Hamers waiting for a buyer for years. Than again, you never now what the final price really was. In the end you have to be lucky, as always. The NOS Studio Custom for 1.000 from Italy was sheer luck, the prices there (and in France) went up, too… I do not expect the prices to go down again. As @ARM OF HAMERstated: Even the dumb Europeans start to realize, what a Hamer is. Happy who bought early…
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