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  1. I discovered KISS when I was 12 or 13, and they were my heroes for a very long time. We lived in Berlin at this time (1978/1979), and the visual impact came via the LP covers and some magazins („BRAVO“). But you have to keep in mind that there were no chance to see them move/to get moving pics. With three public TV stations (and the SS-sign) there was NO chance. So the first visual impression of the moving/rocking band was „Attack of the Phantom“. We do not need to discuss the quality of that (though my kids love the movie, which is good, I think). But I will NEVER forget the awe when see
  2. Thanks! And frankly, there could be another reason for misspelling „wife“, but that one is nsfw... 🤓
  3. Blame it to Mrs. Ochsendorf, my english teacher in highschool... 😇
  4. ^^^ THIS ^^^ And that to all of us: „A spark in the dark“ (A.Cooper, poet and aphoristic):
  5. If you need assistance or if the seller is stubborn let me know - I can jump in and send it to you.
  6. Not mine. But maybe...? https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/lovepedal-eternity-burst-hw/1570550296-74-10590
  7. Can‘t help but it reminds me of the DSKY they used on Apollo... (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_Guidance_Computer) 😌
  8. I know 2020 has been pretty hard to all of us. But there are the good things to. Like wifes, friends - and wishes. So I start. This is what my wife put under the christmas tree: A massiv [oak] table for the music room / mans cave I laid eyes on months ago. What did you get? Musical context is not mandatory...
  9. I checked my power thingy, it is a T-Rex with 10 power outlets, 8 9V and 2 12V - bad luck if you got 9 pedals on your board which need 9 V... 😞 The Voodoo Mondo sounds like worth trying. - even found it here in Germany...
  10. I can‘t remember the brand - the board came with a road ready, heavy flightcase. Theres a kind of power station beneath it, with 8 or 9 plugs. Not enough, so I used the power outlet of the tuner. Which causes lots of extra noise. The compressor runs on battery, and the Frost Bite needs extra power, too. But beside that I am pretty happy with this. Today.
  11. So cool. There are some for sale here, too. But the prices... whew....
  12. Funny. My eight yrs old boy will get one for Christmas. Maybe they can jam together via zoom... 😌
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