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  1. The lead lines in the outro - Ace recycled them somewhere else, just can't say where... On the Elder? Oh, yes, I know, he does this more than ones.
  2. Would you please STOP talking numbers here. I bought my MIII for 400€ and a japan built Dean in exchange. And I sold it off for 1.200 IIRC. My mother used to say: „I could bite myself my autograph in my a**“. Believe my, everytime I look at this thread I do... 🤪
  3. I discovered KISS when I was 12 or 13, and they were my heroes for a very long time. We lived in Berlin at this time (1978/1979), and the visual impact came via the LP covers and some magazins („BRAVO“). But you have to keep in mind that there were no chance to see them move/to get moving pics. With three public TV stations (and the SS-sign) there was NO chance. So the first visual impression of the moving/rocking band was „Attack of the Phantom“. We do not need to discuss the quality of that (though my kids love the movie, which is good, I think). But I will NEVER forget the awe when see
  4. Thanks! And frankly, there could be another reason for misspelling „wife“, but that one is nsfw... 🤓
  5. Blame it to Mrs. Ochsendorf, my english teacher in highschool... 😇
  6. ^^^ THIS ^^^ And that to all of us: „A spark in the dark“ (A.Cooper, poet and aphoristic):
  7. If you need assistance or if the seller is stubborn let me know - I can jump in and send it to you.
  8. Not mine. But maybe...? https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/lovepedal-eternity-burst-hw/1570550296-74-10590
  9. Can‘t help but it reminds me of the DSKY they used on Apollo... (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_Guidance_Computer) 😌
  10. I know 2020 has been pretty hard to all of us. But there are the good things to. Like wifes, friends - and wishes. So I start. This is what my wife put under the christmas tree: A massiv [oak] table for the music room / mans cave I laid eyes on months ago. What did you get? Musical context is not mandatory...
  11. I checked my power thingy, it is a T-Rex with 10 power outlets, 8 9V and 2 12V - bad luck if you got 9 pedals on your board which need 9 V... 😞 The Voodoo Mondo sounds like worth trying. - even found it here in Germany...
  12. I can‘t remember the brand - the board came with a road ready, heavy flightcase. Theres a kind of power station beneath it, with 8 or 9 plugs. Not enough, so I used the power outlet of the tuner. Which causes lots of extra noise. The compressor runs on battery, and the Frost Bite needs extra power, too. But beside that I am pretty happy with this. Today.
  13. So cool. There are some for sale here, too. But the prices... whew....
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