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  1. Best from Bavaria! There's always a beer waiting!
  2. Jochen, war das am Ende meine? Did you get that one from ebay somewhat in 2012 or so? Could be my old one...
  3. Didn‘t you sell the first one (a blue one IIRC) here? I remember calling WANT on the one...
  4. Posted this beauty more than once. The most expensive guitar I ever purchased - and worth every cenr.
  5. Now this are good news. Looks like the overseas hunt (on both sides) can start again. German wurstels, chocolate, cookies - anyone?😊
  6. Thanks! Missed them completely - as so often...
  7. Sorry - I can‘t share links or pics at the moment, but on eBay Ads Germany there are at least two interesting fiddles, around 3.000 Euro each...
  8. Here you go, sorry for the crappy pic (still thinking about the best way to capture the beauty and grandezza of this piece of art). Still grateful for the deal and the instrument. However will pick up the offered one - consider yourself lucky!
  9. Thanks to all of you. It helps to know that I am not all alone with this. 😊 Good question. It is simply a project band for one gig and they went: Yes, I am in. looks like I was wrong assuming they‘d work on it.
  10. ... f*cking bandmates who had eight weeks to practice stuff like Jumping Jack Flash and come to the rehearsal two days prior to the gig having absolutely NO idea what to play. Being a short time replacement or not. Sorry. I just had to let it out.
  11. Yes, it is RIGHT! This connection DOES exist, don‘t let you tell otherwise. It is even scientifically proven. I got the numbers... Well, my bank has them. The effect goes like this: Someone innocent (say, like me) is a happy HFC member. Reading the threads, smelling the flower and so on. BUT THEN someone here mentions another brand than Hamer as „good“, „great“, „stands par to any US mad guitar“, and what happens within seconds? You got it. Off to ebay/ebay adds you go, checking the markets, looking for a steal... EVERYTIME. And at least every second time some stuff ends up on the watch list. Like, say, Peavey Firenza or Rockett Pedals or or You want a prove? You should have seen me last night, looking for Deans, chez made. Then again, the HFC judgement never was wrong... And next time: How HFC kills funds and time for every other hobby. EVERY! Stay tuned.
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