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  1. So do I, sometimes. But it is time for a new edition...
  2. Now that would be fantastic...! Considering the time Corona will keep us grounded - we could start the planning now and be ready when the day comes... 🙂
  3. Now thats an idea - I am all in. We discussed this, btw, a few years a ago as a location for the Europen HFC meeting we did in 2014, then in Frankfurt. Maybe we should come back to the plan when this Corona BS is over... I gues the mayor would be willing to give us an official welcome on behalf of the city... :-)
  4. So you got one more reason to come - an northern Bavarian international Hamer meeting - mayors blessing included... :-)
  5. Folks, thank to all of you for the warm messages - I will pass them on. And yes, it is mayor and not major (that would make me minor, I guess...). She will start her office/duty/job (?) in May, and we all hope that the shutdown will be shutdown until then. Hope all of you are good (the news from the States are frightening...)
  6. This is - especially in times like these - completely off topic. But today my wife was elected as major in our (population 40k) hometown. A one year battle for votes came to an end today. I am sooo proud. Had to let this out. Sorry for bothering. Best - and grounded, too - wishes from Bavaria.
  7. I know why I love this place! Thanks a lot for all the advises and expertise (and @Hbom for the list!). According to all of you I can’t go wrong, no matter what I grab... I will keep you in the loop...
  8. In the Gear2019 thread some of you praised the Lovepedal stuff. I thought my pedal hunting days were over, but the praises sounded impressive. So: Any reccomendation? Think about low to mid overdrive, classic/blues rock, no high gain, when talking OD... Thanks. oh - playing a Koch Twintone...
  9. A little late but what the heck: Win: The decision to let my Roland TDK 25 go (even it happened finally just two days ago). So more time for guitars again. Guess you can only ride one horse at a time. Loss: No purchase in 2019. But some stories here are pretty inspiring... 😎
  10. Argh! I am waiting for one to pop up for two yrs now... Good luck with the sale!
  11. Just my two cents from Germany: I purchased Bryce in 2013, and after a few hours of playing time (what a joy!) I swapped the PUs to a Rio Grande set. Don’t ask me which one (I can look it up if you want me to...), but to my ears it worked way better than the SDs. Swapping was way more easier than expected, was done in 60 minutes on a lazy sunday afternoon...
  12. Ok, I admit that I was pretty long absent here (which I regret deeply). But I was misleaded by the idea of learning drums dig deeper into photography... But we all know time is limited and you have to focus on the things that matter. So the drum kit is for sale, and I am back on the guitar... I saw a Marcel Dadi video last night, and he was not a bad fingerpicker (for a french guy... 😉 @ghamerinfrance). Any suggestions for a lets say medium level school, w/tabs if possible? Blues/Country/Folk is good, ragtime not so much... Thanks
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