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  1. Thanks for the compliment, @gorch! I had indeed a few Washies over the years, most of the with help of some good souls from here. As for build quality they were not on par with the Hamers, but very, very well done. Nothing to complain about. As for playability the Hamers are far ahead (but remember, I am no shredder, so I can’t say anything about these models). So I surely speak in favor of Washburn, but only for the US build Custom Shop line. Great guitars. Do I trust them to rebuild the Hamers or bring the brand back to glory? Sorry - my name IS Daniel, but other than the guy
  2. Not sure if I missed the hint here, but anyway: https://newjersey.craigslist.org/msg/d/towaco-hamer-newport-pro-baritone/7195869355.html No affiliation, of course.
  3. That‘s a Sitek, a polish company. I bought it kind of blind via ebay, but to my taste it is a bit too fuzzy. I‘m thinking about letting it go anyway, so if anyone here is interested let me know. In case anyone wants to dig deeper in strange, unknown and funny pedals you may want to check out www.guitarpedalx.com Here you find reviews of some pretty obscure brands, well worth a look...
  4. It was yours, wasn‘t it? Glad to have it. Even if its not „on duty“ right now...
  5. Actually, I barely used that pedal so far, but I like toy around with (beside that cool name, that is). But after eliminating the Keeley chorus I wonder if the Frostbite may cloud compensate that... And the Enhance knob is killer, of course.
  6. Good memory! Monacos are my preferred models. Still waiting for a decent priced M3 to show up... so guys... 😎
  7. In case I missed it sorry for stiring up some old shite, but is it only me who sees the Amazon logo on the browser tab (Safari on iPad)?
  8. Down to 3 acoustics and 13 electrics (four of them build by myself, so do they count?). I am more into camare gear lately (shame! SHAME!), but after reading this thread I think going back to some old habits...
  9. Actually I was thinking about building a complete seafoam colored board,,,😆
  10. ... and wonder where to start. Sounds familiar to anybody?
  11. Neither did I. But I helped some guys here by buying and shipping on their behalf (as some did for me - kudos to all of you). In this case the procedure is simply. Someone buys the guitar for you and ships it over the pond. From Germany shipping is somewhat like 100 Euro to the US, shipping takes about 10 days. Dealing went down a bit with CETIS, but with that gone deals should be pretty easy again...
  12. No affiliation at all, but at Bigfoot Guitars you may find some interesting (mostly higher priced stuff) guitars. Hamers are listed at „Sonstige“ (e.g. „The rest“...). For example a 79 Sunburst. I never did business with them, but they seem to be reasonable. And if any of you needs help let me know.
  13. Welcome back to the best place in the web with the best gits in the web...
  14. Some cool stuff there - but looking at the prices I wonder if they ever move one of them... (I do not look at the website regularly I must admit). But the second hand prices on the bay (in Germany) are the half +/- of what GP asks ...
  15. So good. Thanks für sharing. PS: @cmatthes What does „verklempt“ mean?
  16. Talking about distances... We should start to think about „Hamer over Europe Mk II“ - stay tuned for the upcoming thread.
  17. I paid 2.000 Euro two yrs ago for a transblack, which corresponds to the 2.300 buck range...
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