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  1. 9 hours ago, gorch said:

    At last year’s GuitarSummit trade fair in Mannheim I spoke to the guy displaying the new Indonesian Hamers. He appeared to be a long time Hamer sales guy and said like Hamer would have been a dead brand for about 10 years. So, most people wouldn’t know them any more except for some older guys. He also mentioned that he would like to bring back a USA custom shop again if the numbers were right. Maybe he had achieved this. 

    It would certainly be great if the brand would return to life. I bet the quality would be great and the guitars would play great too. Our own @Montelovesco is a Washburn fan. As I know him, he doesn’t buy crap. Question is, would we see the late period luxury or the 90s best buy for the bug without hameritis? Would they accept custom orders?

    Thanks for the compliment, @gorch! I had indeed a few Washies over the years, most of the with help of some good souls from here. As for build quality they were not on par with the Hamers, but very, very well done. Nothing to complain about. As for playability the Hamers are far ahead (but remember, I am no shredder, so I can’t say anything about these models).

    So I surely speak in favor of Washburn, but only for the US build Custom Shop line. Great guitars. 

    Do I trust them to rebuild the Hamers or bring the brand back to glory? Sorry - my name IS Daniel, but other than the guy in bible I am no prophet...

    But the Wonderbar sucks. 

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  2. 20 hours ago, Jakeboy said:

    Indeed it was...a good pedal. What brand is that Vixen germanium booster? Is it a basic treble booster?

    That‘s a Sitek, a polish company. I bought it kind of blind via ebay, but to my taste it is a bit too fuzzy. I‘m thinking about letting it go anyway, so if anyone here is interested let me know.

    In case anyone wants to dig deeper in strange, unknown and funny pedals you may want to check out www.guitarpedalx.com Here you find reviews of some pretty obscure brands, well worth a look...


  3. 5 hours ago, HamerCustomEr said:

    I remember jonesing for a Frost Bite Flanger while waiting for the second round of reissue ADA flangers to come out in 2009.  I waited... but then I fell in love with the Foxrox Paradox.  I still have the ADA on the shelf, though!

    Actually, I barely used that pedal so far, but I like toy around with (beside that cool name, that is). But after eliminating the Keeley chorus I wonder if the Frostbite may cloud compensate that... And the Enhance knob is killer, of course.

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  4. 11 hours ago, P Franco said:

    I’ve never purchased a guitar from an overseas merchant. What are some of the associated costs?  VAT/Shipping/import duties????  
    Just wondering if a possible good deal could get too expensive rather quickly. 

    Neither did I. But I helped some guys here by buying and shipping on their behalf (as some did for me - kudos to all of you).

    In this case the procedure is simply. Someone buys the guitar for you and ships it over the pond. From Germany shipping is somewhat like 100 Euro to the US, shipping takes about 10 days. Dealing went down a bit with CETIS, but with that gone deals should be pretty easy again...

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