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  1. Rough stuff - at leasr rougher than I expected. But definitely to my liking. @gorch @donner, CDs are en route. Sorry for the delay, I got stuck in vacation preparations... Should be there by monday.
  2. Found this in the mail today - pretty fast! Jungs, die Adressen bitte!
  3. And then there is this: https://www.promusictools.com/guitar/e-guitars-6-string/hamer/ The prices are... well... you know... I mean.... WTF??????
  4. That one started at 1850,- Euros IIRC, and it did not sell, so the price dropped. Let us know if you need help. BTW, eBay Germany and eBay Ads Germany can (!) be a good source. You may want to check the Italian site (mercantino musicale) or the French one (can’t recall it’s strange name...)
  5. Welcome to my life... 🤓 I feel pretty complete with what I got. Two exceptions: A Monaco III and - a Vintage S... 🤔
  6. Good man. I got in touch with the seller. Seems to be more the silent, Gary Cooper type of guy (T.Soprano). Pretty monosyllabic... 🤓
  7. I kinda heard that one before... oh, yeah, when I posted the build here... 😁 I built one guiter for each family member, with the name as an inlay. NI is just the short version of Aeneas... Kind of knight as well, but none of Ni...
  8. Boyz, open your wallets. Thats what we gonna do: You pay separately, and so will I (I will cover the shipping fees), and I will have the CDs delivered to my place. As soon as they are here I ship them to you. You good with this? To all other Germans who want to participate: Deadline for your order is this Saturday, 12.00 EST...
  9. Auction ended today. No bid... Online again. Same price.
  10. Actually, the FM Special is a Special with a Flame Maple (FM) top. That‘s where the name come from. But here are a lot more and better experts than I am...
  11. Welcome! Best place in the net with the best people. Period. And for the blue guitars - there is a physical (and scientifically proved) explanation why blue guitars sound better. The blue pigments react better to vibrations. There was a diagram somewhere (can't find it right now) comparing green pigments with blue and red ones. And you COULD see the difference... Really.
  12. Funny. I got this Studio ArtistCustomWhateverIalwaysmessthenamesup I gigged in July 2019 with. The gig was pretty a burden so I left the guitar in its case since then, never ever touching it. Today (and this is connected to @rugby1970 blue FM) I put her out of the case for the first time since then. Strings are corroded, but - that darn thing is still in tune...
  13. Even at the risk of waking up some sleepers... This popped up today here in Germany. Interesting - and obviously no aftrnarket - combo... ETA: No affiliation of course... https://www.ebay.de/itm/193566410221
  14. Now THIS is very good news. Sorry for being dumb here, but is has been a while since I shipped a guitar. And last time was quite a PITA....
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