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  1. Just my two cents from Germany: I purchased Bryce in 2013, and after a few hours of playing time (what a joy!) I swapped the PUs to a Rio Grande set. Don’t ask me which one (I can look it up if you want me to...), but to my ears it worked way better than the SDs. Swapping was way more easier than expected, was done in 60 minutes on a lazy sunday afternoon...
  2. Ok, I admit that I was pretty long absent here (which I regret deeply). But I was misleaded by the idea of learning drums dig deeper into photography... But we all know time is limited and you have to focus on the things that matter. So the drum kit is for sale, and I am back on the guitar... I saw a Marcel Dadi video last night, and he was not a bad fingerpicker (for a french guy... ? @ghamerinfrance). Any suggestions for a lets say medium level school, w/tabs if possible? Blues/Country/Folk is good, ragtime not so much... Thanks
  3. Best from Bavaria! There's always a beer waiting!
  4. Didn‘t you sell the first one (a blue one IIRC) here? I remember calling WANT on the one...
  5. Posted this beauty more than once. The most expensive guitar I ever purchased - and worth every cenr.
  6. Man, you really got me thinking about a MIII again...
  7. Guten Morgen, lange nichts mehr gehört - gehts Euch gut?

    Ich kann mir erinnern, dass Du mal über den Range Master gesprochen hast: Ich bin über das hier gestolpert:



    (Keine Bezüge zum Verkäufer)

    gruss D

    1. gorch


      Alles bestens! Wir radeln gerade den Main hinunter. Waren in Bayreuth gestartet. Sind gerade in Schweinfurt.

       Ich weiß, ist gerade bei Euch um die Ecke. Traute Zweisamkeit ist angesagt.


  8. I think I found the nighthawk you're looking for. Posted the Link in the OT.



  9. I am letting go four Washburn Custom Shop guitars and my 1981 Hamer Prototype w/ black sustainblock und Muy Grande PU... Let me know if wo could work something out or if you want some pics. 

    Hows the neck of the LP? What PUs, and is a case included?



    1. Montelovesco


      Here is a picture of my JB100, too. Pretty superstratty... ?

    2. Montelovesco
    3. Spadeace


      Checked them out and they're not really what i'm looking at, thanks for the offer though :)

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  10. Hi - would you mind to ship the pedal to Germany? If the shipping fee (on me) is not to extreme we have a deal...

    1. jisham


      Sold it already. Sort.  

  11. Wife and I got ourselfes a Nikon 7100 camera. Quite a machine. Good for US tours. And guitar shots.
  12. We got Daytona cookies over here, too...
  13. Actually, an great flamed Artist with JB SD signature pick ups. Edit to add: I got it from the HFC here. Sorry for the confusion.
  14. This is the story: I will gig with my new band on saturday, and since I rehearsed without an amp but with my MacBook/Guitar Rig (played through the PA, a friggin' nightmare, the second guitar litarelly ate parts of my frequencies) and a variety of guitars I tested the whole stable on my real amp with my board, and - what a surprise - tea Vanguard nailed it, together with the Monaco Elite and the Bonamassa Artist. Thanks to all of you who praised it but didn't buy :-)))
  15. Thats close to a movie story. And every guitar freaks deam. Thanks for sharing, and all the nest from here!
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