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  1. I thought I posted on this thread but maybe it got deleted. takamine ef 340sbg or 360 or the cool tube version tf 340 or 360 big bang for the bucks or i can recoomend a bunch of ovations.
  2. not sure if he wants to come forward. it is his decision.
  3. I have played 3 different dumbles they are really nice. but not worth the ton of cash they are going for I would prefer an old fender and put a good overdrive in front of it or an underground 30.
  4. think about it this way. Fender has never been able to sell a guitar with humbuckers. Now they tell all their goons if you want to continue getting free teles and strats you must put away the prs and gibson and play Hamer. well it could happen. I think Hamer is in a very good position here. Not so sure about others. everything I hear is it is the status quo for now. time will tell
  5. Kaman Announces Agreement to Sell Music Segment BLOOMFIELD, Conn., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- (Nasdaq: KAMN) Kaman Corporation announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its wholly owned subsidiary, Kaman Music Corporation (KMC), to Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) of Scottsdale, Arizona for approximately $117 million in cash, subject to specified post closing purchase price adjustments. The stock purchase agreement, which contains customary representations and warranties and covenants, has been approved by the Kaman Board of Directors. Closing
  6. if the music is done well and played well there is no problem and no one cares. if the band sucks then there is a problem. I say turn it up, make it feedback and kick some arse. what is sadder is the chunky milfs in their original sex pistol t shirts from the 80's trying to regain that part of their youth. If you just embrace it and realize you are older and you are having fun there is nothing wrong with it. then again there is always jazz
  7. if your question is "Is this guitar still considered new?" I would say yes. it was only a mistake albeit a big one for the dealer. think about the scratch and dent sale that goes on at guitar center every day on new instruments.
  8. the weak dollar has made the asian and especially the european market boom. austrailia is another up and commer. what you need to do is realize some things are classics 59 caddy 57 chevy and others appeal to only a small segement of the population model t and roadsters. if you buy clean documented good stuff it will always be worth money. other stuff are trendy and ride with the market. the good stuff also rides up and down but stays relatively consistent.
  9. they are probably kluson tuners. there is no way I know of to stop the decay. stew mac and all parts sell replacement. soak them in some strong coffee with a couple of cigs to get them a little dirty, then apply a hot soldering iron to the shaft of the tuner and push the new one on. some like to use superglue also.
  10. glad to hear that. I am pulling the trigger on one any day now....
  11. muidshark you forgot The Flock the incredible string band and gong
  12. dave you got any cool studio stuff? I am always looking for gear for my mythical studio.
  13. spock's beard http://youtube.com/watch?v=P9NLFpzh9d4
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