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  1. My local dealer got one the first summer those came out ('88 maybe?). It was the coolest 7-Up Green. and the neck was fantastic. It sold quickly, and he was on a long wait list for another. After a while, he started bashing them, even claiming that the necks on that model were made in Canada and felt like garbage. He was often full of shit, but that one really cracked me up. Those are great guitars.
  2. It's their "Irridescent" finish. They sprayed one (or more) metallic base coats, then a black overspray. While the black was still wet, as I understand it from somebody who was there, a black plastic bag was used to expose the undercoat. Clearcoat was later applied. "Holoflash", like Stike mentioned (the Kramer finish) was highly reflective.
  3. I don't "Twit", so missing (am I? Really? REALLY?!) this on Twitter, but the local powerhouse RAWK station(s) are promoting a show this weekend at the infamous Merriweather Post Pavillion, and there will be at least TWO Shishkovs backstage, or at least in the VIP/Interview area. Tom Morello and Greta Van Fleet will also be there, apparently... Here's an Instagram ("Insta" for those under 40) link...
  4. I had a Goldtop P-90 3 Hole Duotone - yet another one of the ones I should never have sold...but THIS ONE IS THE BEST EVER!
  5. I borrowed one of those for a few gigs back in the very late '90s. One of those basses I should have bought - it was PERFECT!
  6. Same seller is also selling this - currently well below market price... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-USA-1981-Special-Black-and-White-graphics-Guitar-With-Hard-Case/173896701952?hash=item287d0d1800:g:qAsAAOSwO~Jc0h1N
  7. Always! It looks great in Metalflake too!
  8. I was almost going to post my shots of Buddy from that show! Carlos was such a snooze fest, that we almost left. Glad we stuck around for Buddy...he blew Carlos away.
  9. I believe that the Hamer cases just used gold spray paint.
  10. I'm putting one on a project...just to give it a shot.
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