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  1. Hopefully, I'll be catching up with you in person within the next couple of weeks to toss something towards the new baby!
  2. That was what my first Daytona was - I had plenty of cool guitars around, but seemed to always grab the original (sadly, long gone) battered old, Vintage Orange '94 Daytona. I've probably gigged more with my Stikedelic Orange Flaked and Tronned Daytona over the years though.
  3. I just got a set of Eargasm plugs - I had them at a rehearsal a couple of weeks ago, and they helped knock down the higher frequency pain associated with standing next to a loud snare/cymbal. I didn't have the fuzzy, hissing sound in my ears on the drive home. Had them at the 9:30 Club on Saturday night for Teenage Fanclub, and although they've really got the sound dialed in well there, I brought them along. They did better than the Hearos and a few other brands I've tried over the years, but there was a little loss of the high-end "shimmer". I pulled them out slightly, and it sounded better, but I don't know if that defeated the purpose or not.
  4. I've got one I'll be selling just like that, but in Ferrari Red (no Barts and no case) if anybody missed out on that one.
  5. I think I have more green guitars than any other color...maybe blue is a second runner up.
  6. The thought of that smell frightens me...
  7. I was never a Strat guy until I lucked into a PERFECT '62 RI from the late '80s. Everything about it was better than any Strat I'd ever played before...but...I traded it for a 4-digit Standard (and got another $400 on top of the deal too) and was suddenly left Stratless. Enter a Daytona that Bob Powers had lying around...that really woke me up to getting everything I dug about the Strat sound and versatility in a really playable, all-around great guitar. I've modded a few Daytonas over the years, but still think they're the closest I'll ever come to getting something as good (or better than) THE ONE Strat.
  8. Elduave and I had an all-Hamer gig with The Tolerators on Sunday (St. Patrick's Day). He brought along both of his killer Superpros, and I had to dust off the Teal Green B-4M. I'll definitely be playing that one out more - I'd forgotten how fun that one is!
  9. My Trace 1x15H Cab is the "Grab and Go" to every gig. I was using a 4x10H, which sounded nice (especially when I was using a 12 string bass), but the 1x15 is a great all around bass cab.
  10. They also made a Standard Bass, but those (if you can find them) sell for several times what a Blitz Bass would sell for, in any condition.
  11. Remembering Dion on his birthday today. Solid, good dude, and I'll miss him.
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