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  1. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/1981-gibson-cmt-the-v-2900-00-shipped.2566078/
  2. Somebody SERIOUSLY needs to snag that B-12L!!
  3. That was a dealer catalog, not actually from Hamer. I think it may have been Audio Light & Musical (AL&M) from Norfolk, VA, but am not 100% sure.
  4. I sold my mint ‘61 Slab board Esquire for $4,980 in 1997, which would be the equivalent of maybe $10k today. That was probably a bargain!
  5. Dave Kenney got the guitar from somebody in maybe 1990 from a guy who worked with/knew Charlie and had documentation. I called him and chatted about the guitar and Hamers for nearly an hour and agreed to send USPS Money Orders via Priority Mail to him and he would take it off the list. I got a call the next week that one of his shop guys sold it to somebody else even though the tag had been pulled. He was very decent about it and tried to make it right by custom ordering me a new Hamer Standard for what I had sent him for #0221. Standards hadn’t been a catalog/price list item for a while and wouldn’t be again for another 5 years, so I took him up on that offer. That Huhn guitar originally came to Dave with a set of ‘50s PAFs (and he listed it for $250-$300 less if he swapped them out for DiMarzios) which would explain the non-original solder joints.
  6. The seller is totally full of shit. A brand new Hamer Standard did NOT cost $2k in 1977 - not even a tricked out one. The LIST price into the ‘80s was @$1,250, and dealers typically sold them for a little less. Even besides that, the guy comes across as a total ass…
  7. Isn’t that the Charlie Huhn Standard?
  8. Kim Keller was the Hamer Customes Service Guru during the New Hartford era. I’m sure he has some other cool sheeyit tucked away still…
  9. I’ll branch out and say you nailed that to the tree!
  10. I’m not so sure about there only being 5 Celestial Calis - or Chaps - out there.
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