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  1. What Dutchman said. The host moved us to a new server, and of course promised no disruptions, but apparently it restored to a point prior to a number of posts within the last 24-36 hours.
  2. That hurt to watch. I wasn't sure if it was Pete or my friend's crazy Auntie Joan Cusano from back in Bridgeport. Say what you will, but Pete looks WAYSTED.
  3. Not sure why you're hung up on the measurements. It's the right case for a Newport/Monaco. Hamer simply didn't have that many case options.
  4. Complete refin/re-logo. Can't tell if the serial number is still there, but my guess is...NO. Boomers and reverse headstock are cool, but not $3,300...nor even $2,500, cool.
  5. Mine lacks the boomers, but is otherwise pretty damned close.
  6. ...or until it starts pulling up from the body, like so many do!
  7. In no particular order, partially because it often rotates... 1. Tom Petersson 2. John Entwistle 3. Geddy Lee 4. Mark Hamilton 5. Andy Rourke (Crap! And Bruce Foxton, and John Paul Jones, and Michael Anthony, and Pete Farndon, and Steve McDonald, and Tommy Stinson, and Chris Murphy, and Mike Mezaros, and Mike Mills, and Gerard Love, and Phil Lynott, and McCartney, and Andy Kent, and...and...)
  8. You’re going to wear me down on that SupaTrem Jr., aren’t you? 😜
  9. Robbin sold off a LOT of his stuff towards the end. Several of his other guitars are owned by HFC member(s) as well. That one is legit, and there are buyers everywhere for these things.
  10. That is definitely the right case. It isn't a GC-1, it's not a rectangular case, a v-shaped case, and not a bass case.
  11. We were front row for Mavis’ show opening for Joe Jackson a few years back. Most amazingly, Stephen Colbert was on bass... 😆
  12. I think that would have been Pete Philips. I saw him twice on the “In Reverse” tour and the tour right after that in the early 2000s. Sadly, he died in 2015 from organ failure brought on by years of alcohol abuse. He also played with Velvet Crush and Yo La Tengo over the years. He looked a lot older, but died at 51.
  13. Speaking of TP, I've been around your old lower Sussex stompin' grounds recently and will be back this weekend. There's a Saturday night album performance of "Damn The Torpedoes" in its entirety by a group that tours nationally, not as a "dress the part, play the part, sound the part" tribute act, but one of those "nail every lick and part on the recording" bands. They're supposedly excellent, and I think I may be able to convince my wife and neighbors to join me at the Freeman Stage (Fenwick/Selbyville).
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