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  1. No. They're just drilled for humbucker legs. They're deeper than a factory route, but should be okay.
  2. He's a member here and had posted it here for a long time.
  3. Even if he COULD remember that period, it's highly unlikely he'd remember that guitar. I highly doubt that's ever even been in the same zip code as Pat T. He's gone on record stating that he loathes Floyds, despite Pat Thrall being an early user. But by all means, Mr. Seller...just go with your unsubstantiated B.S. Funny how when this exact guitar was for sale less than a year ago, there was zero mention about Pat.
  4. Nah. That's a typical neck joint on one of those. It's still stronger than some SGs!
  5. That IS after more than 40 years of intently searching for Hamers, sometimes daily!
  6. The guy who bought it 3 or 4 weeks ago must have gotten busted by his wife or something... That's nice, but the price has gone up since it sold from Dave's back in August!
  7. If it's somebody on the 12 String Bass site, then it's probably because they're a shill for Waterstone (or even worse, MusicVOX!!).
  8. I really like the TC Electronics stuff too. Very organic/natural sounding. I pretty much HAD to buy this one, which is actually pretty decent - partially because my twin brother ("Serial") designed/conceived it, but also because I'm a Mighty Boosh fan. https://reverb.com/item/1612707-noisekick-fx-gregg-s-place-reverb-mangina-green
  9. There are - I’ve seen one Special, maybe two over the years. Also an old style Vector.
  10. I'd hop all over that one! A KKV with a 6-in-line headstock...and it's BLUE! Wonder where that order came from originally...
  11. There was one (or was it FIVE?) Special in 1981 that I can recall that got a lot of looks:
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