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  1. I’ve held that guitar and examined it up close on several occasions. I’ve also seen it being played nearly 100 times. That NFT doesn’t look like the real deal, no matter what anybody says. It looks like a crappy 3D rendering made by somebody who didn’t actually have the guitar in their presence. Stupid idea, but just my personal opinion. I’m sure there’s one, maybe two fools who will get suckered!
  2. You guys know those “wonky tuners” are perfectly fine, right? You just need to press them back into place. Takes less than 5 seconds.
  3. I have a real CHECKERBOARD Hamer Standard. Why do I need an expensive screensaver?
  4. It actually looks nothing like that in person. This is that same finish, in a different lighting situation on my old Eclipse XII. It looked like Dutchman's Cruisebass in direct sunlight.
  5. Seriously. NFTs are pretty much dead...and for good reason. It was a stupid idea that some stupid people fell for because some scammers convinced them there was value in it.
  6. I was in Chicago/Rockford a few years ago with the family, and we had a nice lunch with Paul Hamer. He told us the REAL story behind the Pete/Abbie incident as it came to him directly from Pete's mouth. Since it may end up in a book somewhere at some point, I'll just leave it at Mr. Hoffman was lucky Pete's SG headstock wasn't a few millimeters to the left...
  7. It's the Candy Blue/Green (almost a flip flop finish) that Hamer used on several models in the '95-'97 build years.
  8. That may be the stupidest thing I've seen all week. Sorry, Rick. That's lame as hell.
  9. At a recent show in Oz, Rich reprised the infamous Keef "El Kabong" move. He was even playing the same '70s era Black Tele Custom! (Keef's technique is better, in any event)
  10. Thanks for posting, Steve! I like what I’ve heard, but think you appreciate bands even more seeing them live.
  11. I’d be EXTREMELY suspicious about that listing. The only KK Vectors that had that logo were the ones (two) made for Mr. Downing himself.
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