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  1. That would take the honor for most expensive Special sold, I'd think!
  2. Has to be the picture angle. They're evenly spaced in person.
  3. He'd only have to come down if he actually wants to sell it.
  4. cmatthes

    Thunderbolt and HFC Edition Artist

    The Shark’s recollection is exactly in line with what I was originally told, but the story seems to change a bit as time goes by. I’m sticking with that one, personally. Ultimately, these are super cool guitars in person.
  5. cmatthes

    Thunderbolt and HFC Edition Artist

    The last 4 pics in the article are of the Red and then the Korina Gibson versions built in 1999. The very first pic in the upper left is a pic of Rick Nielsen's '95 Hamer Thunderbolt (pic taken from a 1997 Jpns "Player" magazine. I had always heard the story about Dave Kenney/Chris Lukasik being involved too (I ordered my first custom ordered Standard from Davein 1990), but was told by the magazine editor later that Dave Kenney wasn't involved and that the magazine guitar was built by a Brit named Tim DeWhaley, using vintage Gibson parts. Whichever version is true (there used to be competing websites solely dedicated to the Thunderbolt and variations!), they are incredibly cool guitars even if they're not everybody's cup of tea. I'm not sure about that...more mystery! A Hiroshi Kid with flamed Korina - NOT made for Nielsen, as the listing implies, but sold to another USA collector. https://reverb.com/item/2186958-gibson-thunderbolt-flying-z-korina
  6. cmatthes

    Zemaitis production guitars?

    A friend and sometimes bandmate of mine over the years had two of the Greco-built versions a decade ago. The metalfront one was cool and played nicely, but was heavy. I preferred the black with the pearl front version he had - played great and looked great too, but the neck was a bit skinny for my liking. At the time, they were pretty pricey, as I recall...
  7. cmatthes

    Thunderbolt and HFC Edition Artist

    I was hoping you'd chime in, Bob!
  8. cmatthes

    Thunderbolt and HFC Edition Artist

    The Thunderbolt is the stuff of Hamer (and vintage guitar) legend. I first came across one in Guitar Magazine (UK) back in the early 1990s (still have that issue). It was the "April Fool's" issue, but the joke about unearthing a mythical and thentofore previously unknown late 50s Gibson prototype was so well done, that many people fell for it - it even ended up in the Andre Duchoissoir book. It was basically a new build, using vintage parts and antiqued to look like a 40 year old abused relic in glorious SG Cherry. By the mid-1990s, Rick Nielsen had gotten hold of the "original" somehow, and I think there was some partial belief that it may have been a legit build. Paul Trynka, from Guitar Mag, later debunked that and told the whole tale of how he and a couple other guys created the whole thing, but pre-widespread internet access, it was definitely being talked about at guitar shows and in vintage/collector circles. Nielsen sent the one he had (on loan?) to Hamer to copy, and they apparently built it for him in 1995 (it has a 1995 serial number, but that line is mysteriously empty in the log books, IIRC). I saw him play the Hamer extensively on tour from early '96-'02, and got to examine it "in hand" several times. He lists it on the 1996 S/T (RedAnt) album and played it prominently on several tracks and TV appearances around that time. When asked about that guitar MANY times from 1997-2004, mostly at HFC events, Jol denied its existence - not sure if that's a deal he had with Rick, if he was concerned that Gibson (who built 2 of their own for the 1999 NAMM show) would come knocking, or if he just wanted to keep it shrouded in an air of mystery. I'll have to get the story from somebody I know who was there and who actually built them. Towards the late years of Hamer, a member here placed an order for one and his dealer managed to get a Korina one actually built...kind of a reissue of a guitar that supposedly didn't exist! They look very strange, admittedly, but the way they hang, make them very comfortable to play (standing, of course), and they're like a perfectly balanced Flying V. I'm not sure if the ones pictured above actually exist or not though... Regarding the Whirlpool Blue "HFC" Artist, when the Hamer Fan Club had the annual factory events in New Hartford, typically, Hamer would offer a small, very limited run of guitars that participants could order that day only. The first year, there were 5 Korina Standards, then there were a few Sustainblock "SB-77" Sunburst reissues, and the Korina Artist with 3 P-90s. Out of the 5 or 6 of those that were built after that October event, all but one were done in Antique Natural Korina finish with black P-90s and an "HFC #" imprinted on the back of the headstock. My brother ("Serial") ordered his in a custom "Whirlpool Blue" with white covers and his new son's name on the headstock. I'm pretty sure that was from October, 2000, but it could have been 2001. Probably more than you wanted/needed to know, but hope that helps!
  9. I just remember (David E.) getting the Korina Artist when all he wanted was the empty case. I think they sent him a second case...with another Korina Artist inside, and wouldn't let him return it.
  10. cmatthes

    Historic 4 digit restore.

    That one was originally black from Hamer.
  11. They're good to deal with and great if you need to return something that isn't as advertised. No hassle. They're so good, in fact, I think a member here ordered a Hamer GC-1 case from them years ago and it came with a free Korina Artist. They sent him another when he tried to return the case...unless that was Musician's Friend, I forget now.
  12. cmatthes

    #87 Super-C

    "Epic" is the understatement of the month, for sure.
  13. cmatthes

    What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    I'm gonna leave this right here...