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  1. That guitar is worth (easily) three times that at "good guy" pricing. A fair deal all around for something that rare and unique would be somewhere in the low to mid-$2,000s. That would sell for a considerable number north on the open market.
  2. What gauge strings are you using?
  3. Mid-70s with triangle inlays is a 4001.
  4. The original with PhatCats and Bigsby is my hands-down favorite.
  5. The Johnny Marr Jag is the best model Fender has put out in decades. It is a great guitar.
  6. Somehow, I’ve never owned one, but have had a couple loaners over the years. Played this one at a gig last week and got the itch again...
  7. Got an Elephant Man Stinger in the way sometime soon...
  8. He may have the correct logo, but if not, he can get 'em.
  9. That's one of the new imports. That's about what they sell for new. They're not great, honestly.
  10. I've got two of the above (Purple Plexi/Boost and JTM). I've been tempted to look at others, but am pretty happy. For now.
  11. I’m not sure MIke would want to build that, but who knows?
  12. An enterprising lad or lass could use this as the core of a FB Bass, if so inclined...
  13. My sons flagged White Reaper as something I should check out. They both thought WR was cool...
  14. I just saw Rhett at City Winery here in DC last week...
  15. Rick Witkowski - Crack The Sky Greg Humphreys - Dillon Fence Tim Rogers - You Am I Jon Brion Mitch Easter The more well known guys would be Johnny Marr, Elliot Easton and Nielsen, but there are tons more.
  16. I think the Vibronaut is one of the few LPs I haven't snagged yet...trying to be good...trying to be good...
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