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  1. Folks: I just heard that Charlie lost his battle earlier this week. Many of us remember meeting him at various Hamer Open Houses, local get-togethers and jams. Solid guy, despite his affinity for Telecasters… He will truly be missed by those who knew him, and we’re somehow all better people for it. Charlie’s wife MaryAnn posted this earlier today, so sharing it here: Friends - this is Charlie’s wife MaryAnn. I wanted to share the news that Charlie’s cancer had spread quite aggressively in the past few weeks and he passed quietly at home very early Wednesday morning. He was holding my hand and Jonathan and Corinne and his dogs were all nearby. He was able to spend the last month saying goodbye to family and friends and his final decline was very quick and under the care of Hospice so he could be at home and comfortable. I’m so grateful for all of that. We are all at peace. Arrangements are still being finalized, but I will post those later today. Please honor Charlie today by giving your loved ones (including your pets 😊) a big hug today.
  2. Musikraft, like a lot of higher-end body and neck manufacturers, got hit with a double whammy last year: COVID19 and EVH dying. Everybody stuck at home was scouring the web to find bodies and necks to build their own “Frankie” tributes. I wouldn’t have believed it, but chatted with a few of the guys at MK and other places. Sure enough, they could double their prices and still never catch up. Places like MJT have chosen to go down the shitty quality, long wait times and poor customer service route as their orders for vintage-styled bodies and neck finishes loaded them up. In the wake of MK slowing down, I’ve ordered a couple of beautiful necks from Steve Parker, who was THE neck guy at MK for many years. Killer work.
  3. They were started towards the beginning of the current batch, but since they will likely be built together, things will probably get underway after the current batch heads out the door.
  4. I’ve owned two O’Connor Marbles - A kick-ass Cali Elite that I stupidly traded away for a shiny new toy, and a Chap V that I foolishly sold with a “right of first refusal”, not anticipating a tripling from my “good guy” selling price. Ah well…I’m not in the market for that guitar, but like the Catalog cover bound flame bodied Cali, that guitar has a lot of fans and is highly desirable due to the gatefold pic in the large format catalog. There aren’t a ton out there, and it isn’t as stupid looking as say, a Holoskull graphic (do you have to play that one only at Halloween, or are you in a scary band?!). I personally think that is a $3,500-$4,500 guitar in the current market where people who have never bought Hamers before think that’s a reasonable price. It’ll sell.
  5. I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen new pics here, so…
  6. My favorite JHS song/solo. Very fun to play!
  7. It’s entirely possible that when the catalog shots were taken, that was the available spacing - the photo session could have very easily taken place in late 1980 or very early ‘81. Even though Hamer did a lot of the design, layout and concept in-house for the catalogs and ads, that was so long before desktop publishing and computer graphic programs that the cost was still pretty high and things took a lot longer to get to the print/publish stage. Now, you could actually put together a full blown catalog from home in a day or two…with your phone…for pennies.
  8. I will attest to your binding skills! 😉 I love everything about this thread…
  9. Ebony fretboard was an option - available for a $105 up charge to list. I forget the list price to add the 10th fret crown, but seem to think it was either $50 or $75 tacked onto list price.
  10. Nothing is really lighting up my interest this time around. I paused at the Kalamazoo GOD, watched a few demos, then logged out.
  11. That’s my brother’s (Serial’s), and he got it shot in a Cadillac Green similar to my Monaco 3. It was originally an orange one, and he had Stike do it up right!
  12. Plenty of volutes on various Hamer Basses…
  13. Glad you scored that one, Dave! I almost pulled the trigger on it today myself, but it's probably better I was driving most of the day. Looking forward to a full report with pics.
  14. I've got Phat Cats in my Newport 12, a Daytona and a Doubleneck Daytona. Putting a set in a hollowbody Tele when I get around to getting that one finished, but that may be a while off. Bass Phat Cats are going in a top secret build as well, but that's another story. I really love them in Newports, and think that is one of Hamer's most brilliant designs.
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