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  1. The only reason I didn't sell it in the last two years is because it's my son's favorite guitar. That may change...
  2. Congrats! They’re fantastic guitars, and mine rendered my #1 Standard almost obsolete.
  3. Yes - it was done with drum wrap, shipped from Ludwig. I’m sure Mike Shishkov, Dave Brown or Kim K. could weigh in, and there was also a Hamer Workshop Blog post about it, but things like the back of the neck were sprayed in Candy Apple Red. I’ve seen the guitar up close and held it, and it’s a dead smooth job.
  4. I foolishly passed on a mint Candy Apple Red Heritage Series Vee In the early ‘90s for $895...because it had the black guard and jack disc. When I pulled my ‘83 catalog a few hours later and saw the picture, I called back to see if it was still there...it wasn’t! 😢
  5. I’m flying into Louisville this week then back over to Lex (my son’s a Senior at UK), back to Louisville for Bourbon & Beyond, then back to Lexington, then flying out of Louisville at the weekend. Catching Foo Fighters, John Fogerty, Joan Jett, etc. on Friday night, but may be heading out too early to catch Matthew Sweet in Lexington on Saturday night. Would love to catch up over a Shishkov and cold beverage sometime!
  6. Especially since Mr. Zelenski blatantly copied the early Hamers...two wrongs don't make a right!
  7. That's Ludwig drum wrap. Citrus Mod Sparkle. Bun E., Rick, and Tom all had matching instruments made with it.
  8. Indeed. That was one that my son and I worked up with Stike's killer finish work...the "Janglemaster". Great sounding and playing 12 string, and he doesn't mind the slight heft to the body - makes it balance out really nicely. Mark - was in the greater Bethany/Ocean View/Millville area over the weekend again, and was trying to remember where you guys lived down there. Absolutely perfect weather, but no beach guitar shots this time around...
  9. Interesting and good to know. I got an AMP11 in a little over a week ago and with travel, just got to check it out. The regular channel is fine, but the Boost makes a LOT of noise when engaged. A constant, unpleasant sound. It’s weird, and pretty sure, not as intended.
  10. They moved to a better space in Beltsville a few years ago - the old College Park location always had gems hidden under dusty piles of junk. ALWAYS!
  11. Atomic, hands-down. I bought a black, bound & crowned 4 digit Standard there for $499. Really good people.
  12. Those doublenecks are not really all that big - here is mine with the svelte David Brown in New Hartford.
  13. It may have been a mod that predated the last seller?
  14. "My $190 Chibson is every bit as good as my luthier's R9."
  15. My '89 PRS Custom IS Brazilian, but it's not as dark as some others I've seen and I've seen some that are much lighter or more rosy/orange streaked. Like all wood, there are a ton of variations - every tree is different, and some pieces cut from the same tree will look different.
  16. Yep. And I don't need a $1,500 extra titanium and sharkskin power cable to tell me that.
  17. In the '70s and early '80s, for the most part, Rosewood was Rosewood. The Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard mystique was not all that widespread, like it has been over the last 25-30 years. There's a certain amount of revisionist history everywhere, I guess...
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